GFP Newsletter - 2/17/2018

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Your witness is asleep inside you; you have to wake it up. So while you are dancing, singing, allow your own witness to watch your body clapping, moving, dancing, singing; allow your own witness to stand aside and see it all. Slowly, slowly, you will be able to witness all the contents of your unconsciousness, and this is the miracle of witnessing: If you witness, anything that has been repressed in the unconscious will disappear, will evaporate.

Once your unconscious is clean, unrepressed, you will have a dignity that you have never known, you will have a pride of being human, of being an individual, that you have never known.

You will have a joy, because now there is no fear, not even the fear of death; you are aware of something eternal running like an undercurrent in your consciousness.

That eternal, that immortal is your real self, is your reality. To know it, is to know all. Not to know it, you can be burdened with all the knowledge of the world, but still you are ignorant, because deep inside you, there is nothing but darkness - and in darkness, only death is hidden. Your witness will bring light, and when you have looked into every nook and corner of your being, you will be surprised: there is nothing to be afraid of - not even death, because death is a lie; it has never happened.

Life never dies, it only changes forms and goes on and on until it recognizes itself as totally awakened.

It goes on taking new forms; once it is fully awakened, enlightened, it merges with the universe, with the whole. That merger is the greatest ecstasy man has known. There is nothing higher than that, there is nothing deeper than that.



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