GFP Newsletter - 2/23/2018

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Relax, know first who you are. In that very knowing you will know you are nothing but a part of this immense universe, and the universe takes care. Even if it takes care through you it is existence that takes care. You cannot take the credit for taking care of yourself. The ego desires that, the ego wants to be separate; it wants its territory to be demarcated. But you are so one with existence that ego is just an idea, a figment of your mind, it has no reality anywhere. And the moment you understand it, experience it - that there is no ego - you will be as happy as the birds singing, the trees taking a sunbath. All around you everything is immensely joyful.

Ego makes you sad, serious; responsibility takes away your smiles, your laughter - and to me laughter is the essential religion. The capacity to dance and sing, not separate from existence but as part of it, is the very foundation of a real religious man.



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