GFP Newsletter - 3/19/2017

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People are afraid of life, not of death, because life is a problem to be solved. Life has thousands of complexities to be resolved. Life has so many dimensions that you are continuously in a worry ... is the dimension you are moving in the right one, or have you left the right one behind?

Whatever you are doing, this question mark never leaves you: is this the kind of thing you really wanted to do, or are you really destined to do this? Everybody is in constant turmoil because of life.

People are afraid to live, so people try to live as limitedly as possible. They have made life a limited concern.

They try to create a fence around their life. They don't want to live in the wilderness of life - that is very fear-creating. They make a nice fence around their house, they make a beautiful British garden inside - everything symmetrical, well-cut, groomed - and they think this is life. This is not life, this is just an effort to avoid life.

Life can only be wild.

It cannot have fences, it cannot be like the British garden. It is not Victorian, everything symmetrical.



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