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Mexico City Just Passed A Landmark Dolphin Captivity Ban

By: Good News Network  

Mexico City is finally taking a stance on dolphin abuse.

A bill recently passed by the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City has banned the captivity of dolphins for entertainment, performances, therapy, and research.

The bipartisan legislation, which was hailed as a “landmark ban” by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, took effect earlier this week.

The law was passed in light of the organization’s “Ten Worst Tanks” list of abusive cetacean facilities. Mexico City’s Six Flags park, which is renowned for housing the late ora from Free Willy, is ranked at number 6 internationally.

Though the fate of the two dolphins and two sea lions currently at the park is still unknown, In Defense of Animals is encouraging their retirement to an aquatic sanctuary for rehabilitation.

“This landmark ban will spare generations of animals from cruelty and sends a clear message that the public increasingly rejects dolphin captivity,” said Dr. Toni Frohoff, Cetacean Scientist for In Defense of Animals. “We thank Mexico City officials for recognizing our Ten Worst Tanks list and acting swiftly to end the abuse. We urge Six Flags to retire the dolphins at a seaside sanctuary where they may recover.”

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Wildlife Center Helps Turtle Walk Again By Using Electro-Acupuncture

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

This turtle had no motor control and her back legs due to an injury. After one week of electro-acupuncture, she was able to walk again.

Never underestimate the power of alternative medicine modalities. When a 10-year-old gopher tortoise was found along the side of the road in Florida, she had a deep crack in her shell that left her with no motor control in her back legs. To some, she seemed like a lost case. To the staff of the South Florida Wildlife Center (SFWC), however, she was a prime candidate for an innovative treatment: acupuncture.

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This Turmeric Lemonade Treats Depression Better Than Prozac

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

Not only is turmeric anti-inflammatory and an anti-coagulant, studies have shown it benefits arthritis, cancer, heartburn, and depression.

Feeling down? Before you reach for a prescription drug to help remedy your depression, consider making this anti-inflammatory turmeric drink that is side effect-free and tastes delicious.

In case you didn’t know, turmeric is incredibly medicinal. Research has shown that not only is the root an anticoagulant (slows and prevents blood clotting) and an anti-inflammatory, it aids cancer treatment and is an anti-depressant, due to curcumin which studies have shown is more effective than fluoxetine which Prozac contains. Research has also concluded that turmeric can benefit conditions such as skin cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heartburn, jaundice, diarrhea, and gallbladder and stomach pain. 

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Scientology Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Captive Inside

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

Two Scientology centers in Tennessee were closed after law enforcement workers discovered patients being held and medicated against their will.

Two psychiatric facilities which are operated by the Church of Scientology were closed this week after police followed a tip and found patients being held and medicated against their will in both centers. The Cannon Courier reports that tiny cabins and a double-wide trailer were searched and shut down after a call was received from inside one of the facilities. The prisoner who made the call was ultimately found imprisoned in a locked cabin.

Police told the press that after receiving the call, they proceeded up the hill and through a gate which had a makeshift paddock secured by a steel latch. One of the facility’s caretakers allowed the police entry, and it was shortly after that the caller was spotted through a Plexiglass window.

“He [was] locked inside the cabin with no way to remove himself from the building,” the police report stated.

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22-Year-Old’s Ocean Cleanup Project Receives $21.7 Million, Will Launch This Year

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

The foundation can now begin large-scale trials of passive plastic capturing technology in the Pacific Ocean.

Remember Boyan Slat, the ambitious teenager who founded the Ocean Array Plan, a project capable of removing 7,250,000 tons of plastic from the world’s oceans? Now twenty-two-years-old, Slat is still dedicated to the endeavor, as well is the CEO of The Ocean Cleanup. Yesterday, the foundation announced that it has raised $21.7 million and can now begin large-scale trials of passive plastic capturing technology in the Pacific Ocean.

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Plastic-Eating Caterpillar Could Help Solve The Globe Waste Crisis

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

The wax worm has a special compound in its digestive tract that biodegrades polyethylene plastic, converting it into a form of alcohol found in antifreeze.

At present, landfills around the globe are full of polyethylene shopping bags, an item which takes approximately 100-400 years to degrade naturally. Not only does plastic slowly leach chemicals into the environment when it is discarded in nature, it is not uncommon for wildlife to ingest plastic bags or other items, harming themselves and in some cases, dying.

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UN Just Elected Largest Oppressor Of Women, Saudi Arabia, To Woman’s Rights Commission

By: Jack Burns/The Free Thought Project) Saudi Arabia isn’t known for gender equality. In fact, the Saudi government’s idea of fair play among the sexes is ensuring women their husbands can only have three more wives. Saudi women truly have zero rights in society. Ranking Saudi Arabia among the 10-worst-countries for women, the Toronto Star wrote, “In oil-rich Saudi Arabia, women are treated as lifelong dependents, under the guardianship of a male relative. Deprived of the right to drive a car or mix with men publicly, they are confined to strictly segregated lives on pain of severe punishment.” So, imagine the surprise and dismay the world is now exhibiting with the knowledge the United Nations has elected Saudi Arabia as a member of its Women’s Rights Commission called the “Commission on the Status of Women.”

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Report: Trump Held 190 Private Meetings With Corporate CEOs Since Inauguration

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

Despite promising to "break-up the special interest monopoly in Washington,” records of Trump’s private meetings in his first 100 days in office show that he has not only invited those same special interests into the White House but has allowed them to strengthen their choke-hold on the American political system.

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InfoWars Host Alex Jones In Custody Battle For Kids, Admits He’s A Fraud

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

Alex Jones' attorneys are saying that he's a "performance artist."

The infamous host of InfoWars, Alex Jones, is currently in the middle of a custody battle for the three children he shares with ex-wife Kelly Jones, whose divorce was finalized in 2015. Though the original divorce settlement determined that Alex would have custody of the children, ages 14, 12, and 9, with limited visits with Kelly. However, Kelly is now pursuing joint or full custody because she claims that Alex is “unstable” and that the persona he uses on his radio talk show is genuine.

Surprisingly, Alex Jones and his attorneys beg to differ. His attorneys are reportedly using the argument that Alex’s persona is just that. Randall Wilhite, his lead attorney, stated in trial,

“He’s playing a character,” and that he’s a “performance artist.”

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New Leaks Show NSA Hacked Crucial Infrastructure Of Middle East Banking System

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

A new release from the hacking collective known as the “Shadow Brokers” has revealed that the National Security Agency infiltrated essential infrastructure of the Middle East’s banking system, affecting several financial firms based in nations supposedly allied with the U.S.

After Trump took unilateral military action against the Syrian government, many of those who had voted for him lashed out, accusing the President of bowing to pressure from the Military-Industrial complex and other pro-war interest groups that – overtly and covertly – direct U.S. government policy.

Among those criticizing the President were the hacking group known as the “Shadow Brokers,” who emerged last year after claiming to have stolen extensive amounts of information from the National Security Agency’s (NSA) cyber-espionage division, known as the Equation Group.


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