GFP Newsletter - 4/15/2017

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Christians have condemned pagans; they had to condemn them because either the pagan can exist in the world, or millions of Christians - and they have destroyed the pagans almost completely. Now there are very few pagans in the world. They too have to live a double life. Just on the surface they have to show they are Christians, they are Hindus, they are Mohammedans; and underneath, underground, they have to live life as they would have loved to live it openly.

These Christians have made the whole of humanity schizophrenic. They have divided every man in two, one thing on the surface and just the opposite underneath. And the life you live underneath you

cannot enjoy fully; in fact, you feel guilty about it, you know that you are deceiving God. You know you are going against religion, you know you are not following the holy scripture.

So even those who are living something true and natural, underground of course they are not living joyously; the guilt poisons everything.



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