GFP Newsletter - 6/13/2018

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A rabbi finds himself sharing a railway compartment with a Roman Catholic priest. After some time, the priest leans forward, "Excuse me, rabbi, but is it true that men of your faith may not eat pork?" "Yes, Father, you are right," replies the rabbi. "And tell me, between priests, confidentially, have you ever tasted it?" "Well, as a matter of fact, a long time ago, I did taste some bacon." "And did you like it?" asked the priest. "Yes, I must admit, I did."

A little while later, the rabbi leans forward, "Excuse me, Father, but is it true that priests are not allowed to have any sexual relationship with a woman?" "Yes, rabbi," the priest replied, "you are quite right. It is forbidden to us." "And tell me, between priests, have you ever indulged?" asked the rabbi. "Well, as it happens, no, I have not."

"Hmm, pity," says the rabbi, "it is better than pork."



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