GFP Newsletter - 7/15/2017

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That is the difference between a sect and a religion. Religion is never part of any society. It is universal, it is existential, and very, very dangerous. You cannot find a more dangerous man than a religious man, a more rebellious man than a religious man, a more revolutionary man than a religious man. Because his revolution is so absolute that there is no possibility for any compromise with him.

And because he knows what he is doing, he is so absolutely certain, that you cannot convert him.

And he is infectious. If he is there he will spread like a disease, he will infect many people.

Jesus had to be killed. Christianity can be accepted, but not Christ. What is Christianity? Christianity is society's effort to replace Christ. Christ is dangerous, so society creates a Christianity around him.

Christianity is okay because it is a social phenomenon, a social politics. The Church is okay, the priest is okay - the prophet is dangerous. That's why three hundred religions exist on the earth.



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