GFP Newsletter - 8/18/2017

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Whenever you are ill, you become body-conscious. You are weak, you have a fever, something is wrong in the body; you become body-conscious. It hurts - you become body- conscious. When the body is absolutely okay, healthy, in a state of well-being, you are not conscious of it; not that you don't know that you are healthy, but no self-consciousness is needed. You are simply healthy. A state of well-being surrounds you.

But in this state, there is no division between the state and the knower. You are one with it. It is not that you FEEL well-being, you ARE well-being, so who will be conscious of it? There is no division, so who will know about it? Only in disease does the division come in. You are totally one with the body when the body is healthy. When the body is ill, a rift happens; you are broken asunder. You are not together. The body exists somewhere, you exist somewhere else.



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