GFP Newsletter - 8/19/2017

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In meditation, you are one with your consciousness, so it doesn't function and exist as a mind. You are one - there is no division. When there is no division and unity comes in, all self-consciousness disappears. Let me repeat, because you can misunderstand it. It is not that the Self disappears, just the self-consciousness disappears.

And remember, you will not be in a state 'of unconsciousness; you will be perfectly aware, but not self-conscious. You will be perfectly aware, fully aware, but there will be only awareness, no division who is aware of whom - no subject, no object, simply a complete, a total state - a circle of awareness. That awareness in which self-consciousness is not is egoless. And that awareness has a grace, a beauty, a beauty that doesn't belong to this world.

Even an ugly person will become beautiful in that state; ugly as far as the criterions of this world go, but suffused, illuminated with something from the Beyond. The body, the shape may not be beautiful, but it is filled with some unknown grace. And then you forget the body; the grace is so much that you simply cannot attend to the body - you feel the grace.



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