GFP Newsletter - 9/10/2018

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The false and the true cannot have a mixed existence. There is no compromise possible; either you are true or you are false.

Your whole personality is false because it has been given to you; it is not a growth. It is like plastic flowers - you have put them on a rose bush. They are not part of the bush and they don't get any nourishment from the bush, although they can deceive people.

One thing is strange, that the false is more permanent than the real. The real is almost like a river, a continuous change. Springs come and go, nothing remains the same. But the false, plastic flower is permanent; whether spring comes or goes does not matter to it. It is not alive, it is dead. Because of this strangeness humanity has depended more on the false, because the false is more reliable - tomorrow also it will be the same.

The real is unpredictable.

One thing can be certainly said about it, that tomorrow it will not be the same. It must have changed, because everything living goes on changing.



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