Gifts of Technology

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Who Truly Owns and Controls A Natural Resource From Higher Realms?
From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel, Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Dear Beloved Human Sisters and Brothers,


We of the Archangelic Realm of Uriel come to you once again at this essential pathway position within your soul plan and destiny; to speak to you about our gifts of technological communication advancement.
Several of your Earth years ago, we came to you through this channel to foretell the coming and gifts of technical communication achievements of which many of you have now. We told the purpose of this was to assist you in transforming and freeing you from the many structures in your governments, religions and corporations that continue to control you.  Through fragments of his soul plan and synchronicity, this present channel created a communication endeavor to introduce the personal computer to humanity.  This is an update and continuation of our contacting humanity at this time.
As in previous advanced civilizations on our planet, there are currently imbalances and abuses of our gift creating, corruption, greed, and separation; which was never the intention of the gift. This reveals   deep wounds continuing worldwide within humanity needing healing. Through revealing these wounds, not judging them, we are here to assist in creating frequencies to assist you in healing the imbalances within yours emotional and mental selves.. As in all healing this is a process of inside out (not outside in) creating a breakdown followed by a break through. Much of what you are experiencing throughout your lives and world is a breakdown of your controlling systems. It may appear things are getting worse. They are not. They are in process and our technological communication gift is part of the solution, not the problem that many are creating from it, dear ones. There have been and will continue to be teaching and tools from our realm and others to assist you. The endeavor known as The Angel News Network and others are  also dedicated to the advancement of your species and world.
There are individuals, corporations and governments who have hijacked our technological gifts for their own greed, profit and gain. Each complex step in technology is another profit center for them.  Even your privacy is ever being invaded.  As with many natural resources (air, water, oil, gas, minerals, etc.), including cyberspace, on our planet, they are continuing to attempt to own and control what they did not create. Dear ones, humanity cannot control nor own what it does not create. When will you master this cosmic truth? We of Uriel are in service to the forces that create you and maintain and sustain everything within and upon your world.
As with most of your natural resources, many are abusing your planet, and yourselves; what was intended to be respected in balance and freely released throughout your 3D world, is now worldwide creating separation, lack and limitation and addiction. Dear ones, there is a karmic consequence for such behavior. The universe knows quite well how to clear and cleanse itself.
Much of youth is forgoing their ability to emotionally connect, communicate, and creating a true lack of intimacy through their addiction and misuse of the gifts of which we speak. Comfort zones and ‘addiction frequencies’ are attaching to the individual not unlike drug, alcohols and sexual addictions. Our gift has become a vehicle for governments and corporations to spy upon the very people who support them.  Each technical advancement  appears to be an opportunity for more profit for the few from the many. Let the communication gift we have given you continue to reveal the truth, and find ways within yourselves to stop supporting the deceit and denial of the deceit.
Dear ones, these intuitive technological ( the true IT)  gifts are merely a way showing  you to becoming telepathic which is your divine destiny. It is your destiny to become directly connected to one another and Source, at no expense.  Freely, mastering cyberspace through mastering yourselves is your first step to telepathy. See the loving support structures such as the LIFE MASTERY teachings from our beloved Archangel Michael as a vital tool in freeing you from you.
Wake up and take your self-empowerment  back and apply the new technologies to  truly support your higher selves and good. Allow these advancements as a way to free yourself from human dense structure that has imprisoned you far too long… rather than allowing it to imprison you further!
Each of you is an unique expression of the Source that created and maintains and sustains you. Your talents and gifts are vital to the process of which we speak. The technology that we gift you is the means and ways for you to serve yourself and your world.
Please remember Dear ones, when civilizations like Atlantis decided it could use our gifts not for the good of all, and disregarded the consequences, they no longer existed.
As soon as humanity shows it is ready for even more advanced knowledge, it shall be forthcoming and it will amaze and delight you. But right now it appears many cosmic secrets are best kept secret.
 Dear ones,  this particular energy/consciousness of archangelic frequency assists humanity in your relationship with your emotional and mental bodies in order to better distribute the power of cosmic universal flow. Again, there are many tools available to support you in this truth. When the student is ready, the teacher appears…
As you have been taught by other higher realms we are also asking that you examine your emotions and thoughts that create your reality. In this particular teaching, your relationship with our gifts of technology and your self-empowerment to use it for the highest good of humanity, not someone’s bank account.  Remember the natural resources on our planet belong to the forces that created them.  It is a privilege for you to use the in balance, not own nor control them. When you are ready to honor and reconnect with the Source that created ALL THERE IS , you will be ready for your final golden age.
Beloveds it is your destiny to master self and the universe/multiverse, alike. Know and honor this truth and the mysteries of creation are yours…
Archangel Uriel