How many times have I been rescued?

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You ever wonder just how much divine intervention we are in fact receiving?  Down here in physicality-land we need evidence in lieu of 5D knowing. We have thoughts and impressions as to what is happening on a quantum chanelling paradigm, but do we really know? I have yet to have what I would call a conscious higher dimensional conversation. I know many of you out there in cyber land have the same situation. Quantum chanelling is not a new concept but it does warrant some  ‘splainin.

By now most folks acknowledge that we pick up others’ thoughts. We have these etheral antennae that pick up whatever. Granted, the tuner has been basically stuck in a very narrow frequency band for at least 13,000 years, but that is not the point. Most golden-agers (as I call them) have read what is commonly called “chanelled” information. Those people that write these “channeled messages” are what I call the lucky ones. Religions call them prophets. For reasons I can only attribute to pre-birth planning, these folks have lived some or most of their lives with either a wider frequency band tuner or at least one that is more compatible with contact to other entities. They are able to get their info with varying degrees of clarity. I am not one of these, but I digress.

Quantum channeling however is the interlacing or intermingling of our thoughts with that of others’ as we ponder on whatever. We all have to develop the ability to discern what thoughts are ours or not. This happens on the fly, all the time. The point is, that I would argue that we all pick up messages from our higher selves and “others” whether or not we realize it. The ideas or thoughts are merely translated into words once we decide to tune into them.

As we all progress down our collective paths’ to ascension, we realize at some point that our lives had taken a 90 degree turn. We are all now on a parallel reality as of 12/21/12. From what I have been pondering, I was supposed to be dead by now in another reality. That one has already collapsed. The reality I am in now, I would definitely consider to be a higher possibility.  I kinda like it here with my family. Besides, I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!

It does make one wonder though, just how many times have we needed assistance from our higher dimensional helpers? Just how many miracles have been required in order to keep all of us here, in-body as we go through this never-been-done before in-body ascension? I recon its a very large number and for that I would consider myself to be extremely blessed. If you are reading this, so should you.




I have been in half a dozen

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I have been in half a dozen car accidents, poisoned, drowned, and almost murdered. I consider myself very lucky indeed. :) 

It's all part of the Plan...

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One could say truly that my life has been one Divine Intervention after another. There is no doubt in my mind that everything we experience is according to the Divine Plan. We are all coming Home.