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We are all designed and destined to be channels of the higher realms, communicating with frequencies and consciousness beyond the human mind and bringing that wisdom into humanity. In fact, it has never not been that way. All of our past golden ages be they Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Mayan or otherwise were all supported and created by higher realms support beyond the human experience. Entertain the thought that the human mind is a receiver of this higher wisdom. We have never been alone. In the past this was common knowledge. It is time for this to be common again.

A message from Amira, January 27th 2016 - Becoming Whole.

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Welcome beings from all over the Earth. What I wish to speak to you about today, has implementations which will allow you to become whole again. In meaning we shall allow for a communion with us, through reading of these words, corresponding to my partner which I will name Ueymaex'oe.

Now by all means let's begin Ueymaex'oe. It seems that far back in time, we allowed for a grand agenda, which was displaced on your Earth, by societies which would come in communion with us... By all means we are simply letting the flow of your evolution, skip a beat, if ever we would come to terms with you humans again.

The precipice, of awareness, in which we utilize extra sensory perceptions, allows for communion with a guidance, interior guidance, assembled from visions and intuition, as to allow our formulations to be acquired by the beings with whom we want to or do our work with. In worrisome matters some of your "governments" has been able to acquire technological leaps by taking down extraterrestrial crafts, by all means we supplice you with data in acquisition to the world of affaires in the known nexus of commands, graded throughout cosmoses, enabling telemetry between systems of evolution that became absolute after we had attendance on programmable charts, in this universal language, codex in lineage to star systems that have become (absolute) we allow for complementary excess in fabrications which changes the interior brain's processes which allows for better commendable, and supremal activity which confines the direction in which we precipice the cords of vocabulary knowledge.

How many times have I been rescued?

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You ever wonder just how much divine intervention we are in fact receiving?  Down here in physicality-land we need evidence in lieu of 5D knowing. We have thoughts and impressions as to what is happening on a quantum chanelling paradigm, but do we really know? I have yet to have what I would call a conscious higher dimensional conversation. I know many of you out there in cyber land have the same situation. Quantum chanelling is not a new concept but it does warrant some  ‘splainin.

By now most folks acknowledge that we pick up others’ thoughts. We have these etheral antennae that pick up whatever. Granted, the tuner has been basically stuck in a very narrow frequency band for at least 13,000 years, but that is not the point. Most golden-agers (as I call them) have read what is commonly called “chanelled” information. Those people that write these “channeled messages” are what I call the lucky ones. Religions call them prophets. For reasons I can only attribute to pre-birth planning, these folks have lived some or most of their lives with either a wider frequency band tuner or at least one that is more compatible with contact to other entities. They are able to get their info with varying degrees of clarity. I am not one of these, but I digress.

Understanding the Role of Being a Messenger for the New Earth

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Since the beginning of my pathway there have been many new discoveries that I have encountered.  I always took the high road to my spiritual growth and attainment.  It is with this understanding that I share how this has affected my life and the world that I inhabit as it molds who I Am.

First I want to say, that since the onset of the Unified Whole Command writing the Frequency Updates, it seems that myself with Mike Hayden of Walking Terra Christa have become the messenger of Oneness for these amazing Beings of Light.  I was introduced to a man called, IAM, that was the messenger for the Unified Whole.  I am eternally grateful for the day that I met IAM, a young man that would change the way in which I communicated energies to others.  IAM was very special and he shared to us about the Unified Whole Command which was overseen by Master Thoth and in which all masters that wanted to release their pantheons of the past and join the track of Oneness would be invited to join.  He also asked me as Meleriessee to be an additional messenger of the Unified Whole Command as there were no others that could tap into this frequency.  I, of course, accepted my role and Mike and I were inducted as Earth Members into this amazing group consciousness.

A Channeled Letter to the Newly Awakened

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Dear Fellow Traveller:

Welcome to this Journey of the Light. You are in the process of waking up from a long sleep, the Illusion of Life which you had agreed to experience for the betterment of your heart.

All is not what it seems. Here are ten simple steps to let yourself know that  you are truly on the correct path. The Spiritual Progress that you make is allowed at your own pace, this is 'self-study', and you will have forever if you wish to be completing them.

1) You shall notice an inexplicable connection to Light

2) You shall experience changes in friendship based on a common Light Level--you will attract those into your life who are of a Higher Vibration, and release those who are of a Lower Vibration.

3) As you Learn you shall experience this 'Step Up' process repeatedly.

4) You will start wanting to have Healthier Pastimes, Diet, and Exercise.

5) Your connection to Gaia and her Living Creatures will take on a new depth.

6) In your Mind you will begin to Question, your Heart shall become an important detector of Truth (what is Right for you shall 'resonate' strongly with you).

7) Others will become drawn to you for your Light. Unfortunately, some from a Lower Vibration might find it uncomfortable to be near a Newly Awakened One, and will go.

8) Your Heart will begin to 'pick up' on the intent of others, just by being in their Auric Field, and Presence. This is normal as you begin to experience this.  Normal in every way.

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