Humanity and Gaia Release of all old Patterns, New downloads

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October 20, 2012

Today all old patterns were released and dissolved for Gaia, Humanity since the creation of time. (of old energy of consciousness, fantasy, fear, illusion, illusion of power)


Clearing of Gaia Chakras', etheric body of Gaia, of all karmic slug, and cleansing and purifying.


Gaia was given downloads for:

  That she knows how to ask for help unconditionally.

  That she knows how to receive it unconditionally.

  I am impervious to evil.

  A choice to have free choice.

  Removal of all old patterns, kept lessons learned, release of  

  emotional, physical trauma. Restore Gaia

  Gaia knows how to,when to, what it feels like to receive unconditional love


 Removal of cords, hooks, attachments, enties for Gaia.


Portal Opened for: 

12 Fountains of Abundance were opened for Gaia, Humanity - only one was open before.


 LynMarie and Tom G.

Set up System to Release of geology pressure of Rio Grand Rift - Which covers States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,Nevada, and Utah


Blessing were given to all to receive upon completion of work.