M-Theory: Deciphering Your Reality

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"The only thing that's real is experience, that's it. Everything else in that sense is simply a symbol, a reflection of experience. The only thing that's real is experience; Physical reality is not real empirically unto itself. There is no OUT THERE.......THERE IS NO OUT THERE, that's the illusion. It's all here, it's all now. 




In my last blog Consciouly Unconcious: Exploring The Quantum RealityI talked about reality as it is shown to us by our brain. What we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear are only in fact electrical signals, THAT'S IT. In other words, the world we EXPERIENCE is all occurring in our brain! However real this holographic world may seem, it exists no further than our minds. One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, has a quote that speaks beautifully to this concept: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Although the world we see around us is very convincing, it is only an illusion of our mind.

Everything is about vibrations, that's all anything is. Despite what we may THINK is solid or real, everything is in a constant fluid state. Here's the best part: We can control what we experience by understanding OUR vibrations, and picking the world we want to experience.

This video brought up some serious mind bending concepts that, as is no surprise, is challenging for the rational brain to grasp. To further make it difficult, we live in a society that for the most part has a scope, and focus for that matter, on solely rational and materialistic perspectives. From the time we are born we are socially influenced and conditioned to discern what's "real".  Again, I turn to Albert Einstein: "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."

What may appear to be hard for our brains to grasp is very plausible however, to modern quantum physics. Do not think that quantum physics is above your comprehension in anyway, it is simply a science to understand what makes our physical reality work on a very small, or quantum level. While it may involve some very complex mathematical equations, there are some very important concepts it presents that EVERYONE should understand. After all, it is the science of what IS.

One important concept, for example, is string theory, or more recently, M-theory. If you have time and interest, this is in my opinion the best video series to explain them:




To understand the first video's seemingly abstract concepts of alternate realities and different vibrational Earths, we turn to M-theory (string theory refined). While it may seem like science fiction, these alternate realities and dimensions are actually an accepted part of m-theory, and are a result of precise and harmonic mathematical calculations.

While crunching the numbers, physicists found that in order for reality as we know it to function, the tiny filaments that create it must have 11 spatial dimensions to operate. This allows them more "degrees of freedom" which is a fancy way of saying more independent directions they can move. The more dimensions, the more they can do.

As a result, physicists discovered membranes.The fundamental energy that makes up matter, the strings, can individually expand to the size of a universe in the form of a membrane. These membranes are responsible for the alternate realities/parallel universes. Our universe is but one membrane.

One helpful way to visualize this concept as is explained in the video series, is to picture  what could be called all of creation, or the "bulk" by physicists, as a loaf of bread. When sliced, each piece of bread represents a membrane. There are an infinite amount of membranes, each with their own 11 dimensions, and each it's own reality. Further, these parallel realities exist all around us, and according to some theorist they are right next to us, within a millimeter away!


What is the difference between the membranes? You guessed it, VIBRATION. So in the first video when the gentleman points out there is an infinite amount of parallel Earths separated by VIBRATION,  this grandiose concept is actually mathematically provable based on the framework established in m-theory. So by changing our vibrations, we can change the reality we experience. As with everything else, our vibrations are in constant flux, thus moving in and out of different "realities" simultaneously.

To give you an example, think of the so called "alternate realities", including the one you subscribe to, as different radio channels. Just like the different membranes, the only difference between each channel is a matter of waves aka vibrations. You have the freedom to choose which station you tune into, and you knowingly or unknowingly exercise this freedom every second. So although there are multiple parallel realities, membranes, all around us, we are only privy to the one we are currently resonating with, thus the reason we can not see them all. 

To reiterate here, no matter which "reality" you tune into, it is only a perception of the brain. There is a great quote by Rhonda Byrne I would like to share in this regard:

"For thousands of years great philosophers have clamed that humans exist on more than just a physical, we also exist, on a mindful plateau. Quantum physics really begins to point to this discovery. It says that you can't have a Universe without mind entering into it, and that the mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived."

When you look out your window and see a bird that appears to be a half a mile in the air, the truth is the perception of distance is just a PROJECTION coming from a certain part of your brain, in this case the occipital lobes.

Do not let the concept of "alternate realities" scare you. It is not so hard to imagine if you can grasp that what we see is all taking place in our minds to begin with. With that in mind, no pun intended, understand the differences between realities is nothing more than changing how you USE your mind.

This leads us into the law of attraction. The law of attraction says whatever vibration you PROJECT, you attract to you. In other words, we will attract experiences based on our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Thanks to Dr. Masaru Emoto's work, we are able to see the power these three facets of the mind wield.

M-theory takes the law of attraction one step further and suggests we do not attract vibrations that we put out, rather we tune into the ones we resonate with, aka parallel realities.  If, via your thoughts/emotions/intentions, you are projecting love, you will then resonate with that vibration and literally change the reality (membrane) you take part in.

Our minds are the antennas of actuality, and have the capability to be tuned into the station of our choosing. To change our minds is to change the reality we experience.


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