5 Steps to Practice Gratitude in Action

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Gratitude is "in" these days. And for good reason. It's a joyful, high frequency emotion that can attract more wonderful things to be grateful about. 

We're told to use gratitude journals or daily rituals to increase our levels of gratitude. And these can certainly help. But they also relegate gratitude to a specific corner of our life that has little to do with the rest of us. And that, by its very nature, limits its impact on us.

In order to really reap the benefits of gratitude, we can increase our awareness and use of it in real time. This means putting our attention on the things that we're grateful for, as they occur. Here are some tools to play with over the course of your day.

The Ears That Light Up <3

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For those of you who live in the Southern California region, and for those of you who have made a visit there recently, this blog post is going to make a lot of sense. If not, I am going to have to ask you for your patience in advance: a lot of what I am going to be writing about shall be written in a way so as not to trip up the 'internet flags' that would activate the 'radar' of a certain place that is the number one employer in all of Orange County. Onwards and upwards with the story...  : )

I finally bought one of those wonderful hats, you know, the ones that are synchronized to the water show with the fountains and all the lights that is hard to get to see. (There are limited spaces for standing to watch it, and one must obtain tickets one way or another--there are several ways to get 'reservations' at the park).

As I watched all the little ears dancing with color in synchronicity to the colorful show, blinking in time to the music, I thought of how nice they are to demonstrate the Ascension Process to the visual people out there...

There is a 'Source' for the hats. It sends out a 'signal' that you can't see or hear or taste or touch or smell. But the 'ears' can pick it up, and go along with the 'signal' for 'the show'. The ears are available to anybody that wants them--they are stacked up way high on the shelves in the retail stores in the park, and also on little carts where there is generally anything available for purchase that is cute and lights up.  So as you walk through the park at night, some of the  'guests' are synchronized to 'Source' with their 'little ears on their heads' and others are not.

It is a beautiful thing to see them all together in the audience for the show, lighting and blinking in a sea of 'ears that light up'.

Ascension and The Dinner Table

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'I am a meat eater!' my son boldly exclaimed at the table, hefting a spoon full of taco meat into his mouth with gusto.

I nodded as I put the wasabi on my sushi and lifted it to my mouth. I felt peace. Why? This was the first time I made something for him that I did not partake in myself. I couldn't. I didn't want his favorite, taco meat. 

The desire not to eat meat is part of the Ascension Process. For the past six months, I have been experiencing it. But out of simple economics of feeding the family, I have had to 'keep the peace' so to speak, and make what 'everybody wants'. When it would come time to go out to dinner, it would be impossible to agree where to go. I want mexican! one would say. And my stomach would churn at the thought of yet another bean and cheese burrito, with all the fat and all the salt and nothing fresh. Let's go to Souplantation! I would counter back. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't.

Remember you are family first, and everyone's 'Ascension Symptoms' might be at a different 'rate' or 'degree' at the moment
honor your family by making the healthiest choices--grass-fed lean beef, organic free-range chicken, 'happy eggs' that are from hens who are not caged. Add vegetables! Last night was guacamole with onion, garlic, and tomato made fresh by me.

Trust that everyone is on the right path for them

A Guide to Deceased Loved Ones 101

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I just lost a close friend yesterday. Here is a message from him to you--


This is an open letter to the family, to the survivors, to the widow, from me:

Your loved one appeared to me. Just now. With a request: get this message across to my wife.

That is what I do--I share information across different frequencies to permit people to get 'one last chance with' and 'one last message' from those they loved while they were alive on earth.

Do your thing. Tell her I am okay. Tell her NOW.

I picked up the phone, and thought against it. I know what to say, what the message is, but the discernment as to what is the right time and place for a message to be taken in? That is the art behind mediumship.

What I 'pick up' is that this husband had 'nine lives', and the soul contract was up. He died a month to the day after her birthday (very important for the men, these 'dates') and after their twentieth anniversary (they were supposed to be on a vacation at this time to celebrate). He fulfilled his obligation to the extent that it was permitted within their 'soul contracts'.

The love for her is the same. And I sense a 'protectiveness' and 'willingness to guide her' through the changes that are ahead, but blurry, in the future. In the next six months. Global-scale changes that are going to affect all of us.

If you are a survivor, and have lost a loved one, take comfort in the following information:

Living Life with Porpoise ; )

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Ever watch the way dolphins swim through the water? How they come up for breaths, and go back under, up and down, up and down,  almost like a wave of themselves as they swim? That breath at the surface that they are taking is voluntary; in fact they have to will the blowhole to open, not like us where the breathing is automatic. In water, open blowholes would take water in on dives, so everything is forceably blown OUT, and then quickly breathed IN. This way of swimming is called porpoising, as there are no other creatures that swim quite like this.

Dolphins live in two realms: beneath the surface of the water, but also some time is spent above in the process of getting air and breathing.

Humans are like this also. We have Spirit that we need to take in, and is a part of every cell in our body. Think of it like oxygen but like the life-giving gas, Spirit is something essential that we need and also cannot see. When we breathe, Spirit is coming in to us just like air. I am not sure exactly how our light body and our Vibration processes it, but it is so.

Like the dolphin bound to life in water, humans are bound through the body to life on Earth. We need food, light, shelter, and our society to survive. Dolphins have a highly evolved social structure too.

The point of this blog post is to emphasize the importance of play. Dolphins are seen swimming, breathing, hunting and eating but always having fun. If you look at them they are always smiling!

Remember to bring genuine pleasure and play into your daily activities. Not the 'fun' like going to the movies and a club. But real fun, like the way Weird Al Yankovic raises his eyebrows at the camera to make us laugh.


Something to Add--Reiki Explanations on Raising Your Vibration

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Last night I read an article in the magazine, Whole Living. It was the January/February issue, titled: All in a Day's Work on page 54. The writer is Alice Oglethorpe, and I think she did an excellent job putting it together.

The article guides us to make healthier lifestyle changes at our place of work. For example, straightening your desk, or having a local farm bring boxes of produce in for people who are too busy to shop right.

I feel that as a Reiki Practitioner I can explain WHY some of these tips are helpful in an energetic way. Let's go over them one at a time:


the article says--Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that when people had good relationships with their office mates, they were less likely to die in the following two decades than those who didn't have a strong workplace connection. A study at the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, says a lack of unity at work increases your risk of becoming depressed by sixty percent.

ReikiDoc says--of course. Your energetic systems interact with others at work through daily events at the office. Your auras combine to form the collective 'consciousness' of the workplace. MBA's call this 'team spirit' and come up with exercises to build it. They find it gives synergy and people are more productive when they are happy. Energetically speaking, when you are with people with  a like vibration, you will not be as stressed because nobody and nothing is sucking the life out of you energetically. It builds!

PUT A PLANT ON YOUR DESK (read more at:

Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ You Are Love ~ May 22, 2012

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Greetings, Souls of the Earth, my beloved Lightworkers, and all of Creation!


There is much said about Love. Love is the highest vibration. It makes up everything, it is in everything, it is of everything.


You know this, but have you stopped to observe it in action in your World around you? It is in the beautiful song of the birds in your garden, and in the forest or woods where you walk and enjoy the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth. It is in the delicate petals of the fragrant flowers you so love to enjoy. It is in the beautiful sunsets all around your World.


Most of all, it is in you and it is of you and it is You. Love is You. It has never left, dear beloveds. It is being uncovered and discovered everywhere inside and around you. You know this, but do you take the time to feel it in your hearts constantly? Do you breathe it and stoke it like embers in a fire, and do you see how much the warmth can color your whole reality? Take the time now to breathe it and stoke it and spread it throughout your heart like a furnace ignited with all the good that is in you.


My dear friends, you have made so many changes in your World already. You feel it in your hearts, and in your bones and it is in the air around you, that magnificent yet sometimes subtle fragrance of change that some do not yet embrace with as much Grace as we see many of you doing. What a wonderful spectacle it is to see from our perspective!


A Closer Look At Consciousness

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In previous posts we have established our mind plays a huge role in determining how our “reality” is played out. Lets go a little into the process. Why, for example, can I hold thoughts and intentions (vibrations) to be rich and have the perfect job, and it doesn’t happen right away? Why are there some people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc. that seem to already have that wealth consciousness? All three were school dropouts, in the case of Richard Branson high school dropout, yet they still were able to become some of the most rich and successful people in the world. Why not me?


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