Medicinal Chemist Gives 3 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Vaccinate

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GFP Note: Vaccines have repeatedly been shown to be ineffective and even dangerous. There are two reasons why vaccination programs proliferated: one was to implant mind-control devices into the human population. The other was to generate income.


The good news is that, as we awaken and progress on the Path to Full Consciousness, we move beyond the reach of such mind-control techniques. Furthermore, the cabal minions are in the process of surrendering and the program is in the process of dissolving, so mind-control techniques will no longer exist. The Victory of the Light is assured. No worries!

114937, By: Shane Ellison (MS), 05/19/2013


Instead of using an unproven hypothesis to question parents who have opted out, pro-vaccine parents should be questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. With dozens of vaccines being forced on the public, some healthy skepticism could go a long way toward raising a vibrantly healthy child.


My background as a medicinal chemist taught me to rely on proven research. I learned to be less sensitive to emotional arguments and more sensitive to facts supported by reproducibility. This is one of the main principles of the scientific method. It refers to the ability of a test or experiment to be accurately reproduced. As a parent, I have a responsibility to use my training to make decisions for my family. Especially when it comes to potentially dangerous vaccinations.


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