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Non GMO Food Companies With Printable List Of Brands

Silver's picture, By: Caryn Talty (B.S.Ed., M.A.), 05/17/2013

Need a list of non GMO companies? We’ve put together one and include tips on where you can go to buy non GMO products. In many cases these non GMO companies sell products in your local box store. Some of these products are naturally gluten free, and some are not.


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Medicinal Chemist Gives 3 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Vaccinate

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GFP Note: Vaccines have repeatedly been shown to be ineffective and even dangerous. There are two reasons why vaccination programs proliferated: one was to implant mind-control devices into the human population. The other was to generate income.


The good news is that, as we awaken and progress on the Path to Full Consciousness, we move beyond the reach of such mind-control techniques. Furthermore, the cabal minions are in the process of surrendering and the program is in the process of dissolving, so mind-control techniques will no longer exist. The Victory of the Light is assured. No worries!

114937, By: Shane Ellison (MS), 05/19/2013


Instead of using an unproven hypothesis to question parents who have opted out, pro-vaccine parents should be questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. With dozens of vaccines being forced on the public, some healthy skepticism could go a long way toward raising a vibrantly healthy child.


Vermont senator continues fight for GMO labeling, defeat of Monsanto Protection Act

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Nydailynews, By: David Knowles, 05/28/2013



Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders may have lost a few battles, but he’s not giving up the war against Monsanto. Less than a week after the U.S. Senate defeated Sanders’ proposed amendment to the food bill, which would have given states the right to require that manufacturers of GMO foods label their products accordingly, the Vermont Senator said he remains unbowed.


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First major hemp crop in 60 years is planted in southeast Colorado

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The Denver Post, By: Steve Raabe, 05/13/2013



Springfield farmer Ryan Loflin on Monday planted the nation's first industrial hemp crop in almost 60 years. Loflin's plans to grow hemp already have been chronicled, and Monday's planting attracted the attention of more media in southeastern Colorado and a documentary film crew.


Hemp is genetically related to marijuana but contains little or no THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana. Hemp has dozens of uses in food, cosmetics, clothing and industrial materials.



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Food Companies Seeking Ingredients That Aren't Gene Altered

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Nytimes, By: Stephanie Strom, 05/26/2013



Food companies big and small are struggling to replace genetically modified ingredients with conventional ones. Pressure is growing to label products made from genetically modified organisms, or “G.M.O.” In Connecticut, Vermont and Maine, at least one chamber of the state legislature has approved bills that would require the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, and similar legislation is pending in more than two dozen other states.


This weekend, rallies were held around the globe against producers of genetically altered ingredients, and consumers are threatening to boycott products that are not labeled. And so, for many businesses, the pressing concern is just what it will take to gain certification as non-G.M.O.


Monsanto shares fall as South Korea joins pause in wheat imports

Silver's picture, By: Steven Mufson, 05/31/2013



Investors drove down the price of Monsanto shares by 4 percent on Friday as South Korea joined Japan in suspending imports of U.S. wheat after an unapproved strain of genetically modified wheat was discovered in a field in eastern Oregon. The strain of wheat, designed to resist harmful effects from Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, was never commercially developed by the St. Louis-based agriculture giant in large part because wheat growers did not want to risk retaliation from their biggest export markets.


Fields used to test new crop varieties are burned and checked for surviving crops. So the mysterious appearance of the Monsanto wheat has raised questions about how the strain traveled there and whether it is lurking in the commercial wheat crop.


The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World

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Naturalsociety, By: Christina Sarich, 05/29/2013

nature hands 263x164 The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World


If you’ve already been through an economic collapse, you might know a thing or two about how to feed your family with little money. More importantly, you might know how to do it without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seed. On a total of about 20 million acres managed by over 35 million Russian families, Russians are carrying on an old-world technique, which we Americans might learn from. They are growing their own organic crops - and it’s working.


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Monsanto Panics as Oregon GM Wheat Scandal Spreads Worldwide

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Sustainablepulse, By: Admin, 05/30/2013

GM Wheat

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced Wednesday that test results of plant samples from an Oregon farm indicate the presence of genetically engineered (GE) glyphosate-resistant wheat plants. Further testing by USDA laboratories indicates the presence of the same GE glyphosate-resistant wheat variety that Monsanto was authorized to field test in 16 states from 1998 to 2005.


APHIS launched a formal investigation after being notified by an Oregon State University scientist that initial tests of wheat samples from an Oregon farm indicated the possible presence of GE glyphosate-resistant wheat plants.


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Food is Free: The Story of the Food is Free Project

Silver's picture, 05/30/2013


The Food is Free Project is creating a repeatable model of growing food and community. It is our vision and wish to empower you with the knowledge and know-how to transform your block and neighborhood step-by-step. Using salvaged materials we are building front yard community gardens for all to share. Imagine walking down a block lined with fresh produce ready for the picking. Neighbors not only growing food together, but becoming friends and supporting one another.

Monsanto website downed as Anonymous claims hack

Silver's picture, 05/30/2013


Hackers from the Anonymous collective claimed to have infiltrated the website for the biotech giant Monsanto, which has been the subject of recent international protests.


The cyber-attack was carried out as part of #OpMonsanto, an attempt to demonstrate against Monsanto’s reach into every aspect of the food industry, from nature to farmers to consumers. The corporation’s main website,, appeared to have been briefly disabled Wednesday night.


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