Message from The Pleiadian High Council, 8-26-11

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-Channeled by Wes Annac-

-Hello friends, you may notice there is no SanJAsKa update in this message, I intended to chat with her as well but the depth of information I was receiving from the Pleiadian High Council resulted in quite a long message. Worry not however as I was assured the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa were communicating with me along with the Pleiadian High Council. I will most likely communicate soley with SanJAsKa and post it sometime soon. Much Love!-

The time has arrived for a major shift in the way the majority of those on your world think. Many have been trained to accept that they are much lower beings than they actually are, and that they have no control over their own reality when in fact they are the creators of said reality. You have all shown remarkable skill in being able to surpass the dark’s illusory teachings and rise above the lower influences many of you are surrounded with daily. We wish you to know that your efforts are paying off more than you can imagine, oh dear friends the wonders that await you! We ask you to truly ponder this when we tell you that you are to have your sovereignty fully restored, and you are to reclaim your rightful powers as Divine Gods. The lives you currently have are to be changed quite dramatically, we again remind you that you will be very surprised at the speed of the changes despite that some of you feel things have taken too long. Dear souls, the Divine works in wonderful and unfathomable ways, you are to see the scope of our Divine power once we get past this last stage.

The future holds infinite possiblities. Many of you on Earth have quite the spiritual background, you have worked to free countless worlds and souls from the grip of the lower vibrations. We wish you could understand the full scope of your efforts on Earth, as if you could see things from our perspective you would have absolutely no doubt of your newfound knowledge. You have experienced countless awakenings whilst on the Earth sphere, as all of your lifetimes run in sync together. Dear Ones we understand this may be a little hard to fathom, but as has been said before we do not experience time in the heavenly planes, every thread of reality and what you would call time is flowing together in sync. It is only because of your belief in seperation and polarity that you experience opposites, and this is also the reason you experience time in a linear manner. It would be too much for your current selves to fathom if you had access to the true nature of everything, as you have been led astray by false teachings that have been so very far from the truth.

Dear Souls we ask you now to regain confidence and faith in yourselves, in your Divine power as it is unique to you and can’t be matched. When matters get underway the common man will once again be looked to to run this world, the governments upon it and everything in between. We ask you all if you are now ready to truly take back responsibility for the state your world is in. Many of you recognize and complain of the matters of injustice that occur daily, in governments or otherwise, but what too many dont realize is that these matters were created collectively by you all; your individual actions of the dark over time hath combined and rotted itself into your collective consciousness, which naturally manifests negative events as you are all the creators of the reality you find yourselves in. It is a beautiful connection with those parts of yourselves that many choose not to acknowledge, and for many being able to blame the problems of the world on governments or government figures makes them feel a little bit better about themselves, puts them under the false impression that they are not any any way responsible. Dear souls we tell you now this absolutely is not true, you are all manifesting what is going to happen on your world every second, every moment, we ask you now to be aware of what you are creating constantly, so you can begin to manifest those things in Life you truly wish for and deserve; mainly First Contact with your space family and the release of the long supressed teachings for all on Earth to share.

As the exposures of the Illuminati get underway, many will be tempted to give those souls their long held negative energy of regret and blame. We wish you to know that these times are about forgiveness, and we wish to remind you that many of the darkest souls on your planet who have held the most power, are actually Divine souls who came to Earth to help you all ascend in the way of manifestation of your negative actions. Please do not think that this excuses them in any way from their actions or from attempting to assume total control over your world, as it does not. Even still, holding them in contempt for what they have done will only be feeding the dark entites whom they serve. For you to better understand the method your dark ones used to balance out your collective issues, we wish for you to think about the subject of Karma. Many of you are familiar with the Law of Karma, in a nutshell what you do to others, you are doing to yourself, and the actions one performs pertaining to others is usually returned to one in a unique way, so one’s Karma is balanced out.

If somebody murders somebody else in one life, in the next life that former ‘murderer’ could incarnate with the life plan of eventually themself getting murdered in a similar way, as that balances out the soul’s Karma so said soul can continue on their Life path. Now, Karma is not just served out individually, you all collectively work up Karma as well, on what you would call the ‘world stage’. Now, many of you are familiar with the fact that Earth’s recent history is littered with unspeakable acts of horror and cruelty, which is why Earth is such a difficult planet to incarnate on. In past lives you have all committed unspeakable acts of violence and hate, it comes with the experience on Earth. Keep in mind that many of you chose to go through these experiences so that you could come out of them much more learned beings, and become much stronger in your knowledge and Divinity. While under the ‘spell’ of the lower vibrations, many of you haven’t realized the scope, the magnitude of the negative deeds you have committed. This is due to the overall state of your collective consciousness. If the overall consciousness of everyone around you is lowered and adjusted to the lower vibrations, negative acts and ways of Living actually seem quite normal to everyone that is a part of said consciousness. Even still, the negative acts that were committed so frequently had a very real and damaging affect on your planet and on your collective consciousness.

For the longest time you were all kept in a state of mass imbalance, so much so that it threatened your planet in deadly ways. This is where your ‘dark ones’ come in. Many of your dark ones originate as christed beings of the higher densities. These heavenly beings created lower dimensional extensions of themselves to be incarnate on Earth for the purposes of occupying positions of power as a means of balancing out your Karma. They knew this role would require them, or rather their extensions, getting cozy with the lower vibrations of greed, lust and control for power. Even still, they underwent this dificult task as they needed to occupy positions of power for the purposes of waking many of you up, and the reason they had to occupy positions of power to do this goes back to the Law of Karma and your ties to it.

Many of you are familiar with the saying ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’. This saying can in many ways describe the truth about your collective consciousness. As was said before, many of you as a result of the lower vibrations were committing lower acts daily, all the time, though you didn’t quite realize the scope of what you were doing. As a result of this, your built up Karma required that you be awoken to the lower deeds you were committing in much the same way, in a way that wasn’t fairly obvious to you as the scope of what you were doing was not fairly obvious either. For the longest time many had questioned the motives of governments, but until recently for the most part nobody had fully realized the scope of the injustice that has been done to everyone. This is Karma being played out. So you see, that was the reason those of the dark had to occupy positions of power and get you to trust them, as your Karma required it to be so. We exaggerate not when we tell you that this is the only reason your dark are in power, or should we say were in power. They have more than fufilled their role with a vengeance, and while we wished for them all to ascend with you back to their original Christed Consciousness, it seems that many of them will be going to much lower astral places as a result of their continued greed and stalling of matters.

When it was realized that the extensions of those beings who incarnated to help balance Earth’s Karma had gone rampant and tried to cling to power, many more advanced souls from all levels of creation dropped their vibrations to incarnate into the Illuminati families to bring Light to some of the darkest aspects of Earth. There are quite many souls from the Illluminati families who are of the Light and who incarnated to help the Earth in wonderful ways pertaining to ascension, but many of them don’t realize their higher potential as of yet, many have but would never admit it for fears of reprisal. These brave souls have been subject to many dark rituals and illusions that have left them with deep senses of emptiness, lonliness, loss and regret. The ‘heads’ of the Illuminati have used the bodies of those in their families as puppets, to commit unspeakable acts, though the Karma does not tie up with the soul who’s body the dark ones temporarily steal as it was not the soul that committed the act, it was the dark being that was inhabiting the soul’s body due to the dark rituals mentioned above. It is a bit of a difficult subject to get into, but nevertheless it is one subject of many that will be brought to Light. Again, despite what you learn pertaning to the Illuminati and other dark oriented families, we ask you all to avoid feeling hate or bitterness of any kind, as it will only feed the very vibrations you are now ascending away from.

We are The Pleiadian High Council and The Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we give all who are connecting with our energy by reading our words our purest Love and Light. We ask you all to open your hearts and feel this connection, feel our Love pulsating through your auric fields and energetic bodies. We Love you all so very much, and you are to be once again seeing us very shortly.

Thank you to The Pleiadian High Council and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.