Message from Yeshua ~ 2.16.12 ~ Be One

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Message from Yeshua ~ 2.16.12 ~ Be One

As channeled through Fran Zepeda


From time beginning there has been evolution in your souls. No matter the age, there has always been growth. Dear ones, the times you are standing in now know no equal. There is no precedent, no yard stick, so to speak. You are all winging it, shall we say.  Appropriate words, since the transformations in your physical and light bodies are of the stuff made in Heaven. No one is the same anymore. Many changes have happened. You can feel the lightness and the lift in your souls.


It is time to search your inner guidance every day as to how you wish to focus your intentions so as to make the most of every particle of light-encoded information entering into your light bodies. You may want to be in meditation more in order to absorb all the information being downloaded as we speak. Notice the subtle changes in your body and how you look at things. You are getting a taste of what living in the 5th Dimension entails.


It is time to discard any thoughts that no longer resonate, but are there purely out of habit. Pay attention to those. Allow them to make way for new thoughts, thoughts of cooperation, and perceptions of what would be the best for the whole community and the world at large. You are beginning to think as a part of the macrocosm, as a part of the whole picture.


My dear friends, there is so much in store for you. Many of you have already gone on board a fast moving train to Ascension. Your old lives seem to be whipping on by as you look through the windows. Old baggage is being thrown overboard. A clean, clear perspective is remaining, a lightness that reflects the transition from the old paradigm.  You are arriving, dear ones, faster than you think. Take many moments in your day to relish and appreciate the changes in your bodies, in your hearts and all around you.


You are indeed a cherished part of the living breathing organism of All That Is, dear ones. You are finally recognizing the Divine in you and the Divine in every other being that makes up this Whole, of Oneness. Claim your rightful place amongst all Divine Beings that you are, and swallow the Love in gulps, fanning it out in ever-expanding beams of Light. Feel the Peace in your hearts as you do this and watch the transformation of your glorious planet! Be One!


Your loving brother, Yeshua


Thank you, Yeshua

Fran Zepeda


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