Saviors of Ourselves

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Saviors of Ourselves

We are the sun

We are rays of light

We are one with the universe

We are the ones we were waiting for,

We remember when we wanted them to save us.

We now know we are the saviors of ourselves.

We know we are infinitely powerful.

We know we are stepping out of every program and limitation right now.

We are moving forward, sometimes striding proudly, and sometimes on all fours, crawling..

and knowing we got through those things that made us stronger.

We are strength, we are power.

We are allies in transformation.

We are informants to one another of the truth,

the truth of our own liberation and freedom, empowerment through being ourselves

passing it like a 'frequency gift' which some take and run with, and others don't even see.

Yet others give it back and keep on keeping on because it seems to scary to open

the reminder that they are free, the gift of liberation.

Perhaps you need to rest where you are for a bit, before the radical transformation comes?


You can shift your reality.

You can live your own dreamtime.

You can allow the magic to ooze from your pores.

You can let the rainbow show you the way to yourself.

You can transcribe the words of the ancients that lie within your heart space,

For the old ones gave instructions for your emancipation at this time.


It is only in claiming your full power and seeing through illusion to something deeper

that illuminates what is more profound and shows you how this reality operates,

and also how it, your you-niverse, can be hacked by your own playtime and imagination.


this cannot be explained but only felt


2017 Divine Love and Galactic Codes of Light Pouring In

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Imagine with me, this image. Imagine yourself in the crystal center of the earth. And in this image you are now miniaturized to fit on a crystal, a crystal that represents your soul.It contains the Akashic Records of your lives and experiences on earth. The end of the soul crystal is a pyramid shape, the point for you to sit on and with this it is like you are seated upon a crystalline pyramid. It is the activation of all lifetimes as one lifetime representing wholeness with all that you are, and also connected to all that is. Within this place, you access your whole souls knowing and also the earth's knowing and the galaxy's knowing. The higher knowing comes in on crystalline codes of light, through your human self now and transfers to your inner earth self, all deriving from the Great Central Sun and beyond and traveling through the earth's sun, yourself on earth, and this you that is within the crystalline core of Mother Earth, as a part of here. Receive all that is being gifted to you on the etheric level for a place of openness and worthiness of the transforming and transcendence energy to take you to a higher place.

2016: A Year of Having What You Say You Want Channeled by Jeff Fasano

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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano



2016: A Year of Having What You Say You want


From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you now that you are moving into a new year, a new year of community, harmony and equality. Your year of 2016 is a year of community, harmony and equality. Moving into states of intimacy and now beginning to have what you say you want. Moving to being open and available to the creation of your new life. Moving to the having-ness of what you say you want.


Many of you are prepared to look at what might happen, what is supposed to happen. Always bracing for the undercurrent of lack, limitation and struggling to survive life.  The question we have for you now is, "Are you bracing yourself to have what you say you want?" Are you bracing and opening to have the wonderful-ness, the joyous-ness of what you have always said you wanted?


September: Through the Fires of Transformation to the Other Side

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As energy sensitive people, we may be feeling a lot of emotions and maybe physical sensations. These past few months have been energetically intense yet also epic in the amount of change happening, especially leading up to August 8 which was 8-8 the Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal. Cosmic rays come to earth for our evolution and enlightenment all the time, but especially on these days and days leading up to these energetic portals and alignments. The year of 2012 was the beginning of the end of time, and also the end of the previous lockdown on consciousness. We herald the door of freedom appearing, and now we are really cracking it open more and more, or it is cracking open for us.

The Month of Power: September

CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report-September 2014

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT - September 2014: A Pleiadian Collective Message

So here we are again, paused at another precipice in your personal evolutionary journey. You have accomplished much in over your short periods of time, namely the last several months especially. Humanity has grown by leaps and bounds – your conscious shall we has exploded of sorts, much like pulling a lever and allowing the pinball to move in all different directions. This describes not only the impetus that you as a race have had to illicit change within yourselves, but now the rewards that you are experiencing at this time – the acceleration of awareness, the desire to clean up and clear out anything that has held you back and stood in your way. Now is the time once again, to clear out more of the garbage – true – but in a different way than before.

Being Mindful of Spiritual Materialism

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Being Mindful of Spiritual Materialism

By: David Arran Anderson

Author of ‘The Last Avatar’


Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Why have you chosen a spiritual path? What do you hope to gain by living your life in a spiritual manner; and is doing so going to make you a better person?

Those who are sincere in their aspiration to walk the spiritual path often encounter a great deal of confusion, misunderstanding and expectation, so it’s necessary to be aware of some of the dangers. Spirituality is very subtle process; and it’s easy to get sidetracked, which leads to a distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality.

We often deceive ourselves into thinking we are developing spiritually, when instead we are only strengthening our ego through these spiritual techniques.

This fundamental distortion is called Spiritual Materialism. It is the belief that by becoming spiritual you will receive some kind of reward, or blessing. Another is to believe that you will become a better person. In both cases, when we can achieve an awakened state of mind, we let go of all the obstructions and garbage we’ve been taught. Then we can see that many of the beliefs we have are not necessarily true.

          The awakening process is not about gaining more knowledge. Instead it’s about loving ourselves and releasing the past; and cutting through all of the clutter we have accumulated throughout our lives. In this “Age of Information” we live in, our minds are much too crowded, mostly with ego, and with constant chatter.  

You may think that you are spiritual because you live on a small budget, or eat vegetarian meals; but the mind is still saying, “I want, I want, I want.”


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Whenever I see the blooms in my Buddha pond, I marvel at the perfection of the universe.  I see it in the hummingbirds darting around the trees, the Big Dipper at night and endless marvels of our planet.  And I delight in all of it.  It is a thing we do too little , to delight in the small, but miraculous, details of our lives.  When you tap into your being and delight in life, your frequency soars and so does that of the planet.  Many people carry a heavy load of grief, anger, guilt or sadness.  Connecting with the miracle of creation can lighten the load and move humanity on its evolutionary path.

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I believe certain popular films and music make their way into our consciousness to awaken us or shift us.  I have seen this over decades and see it right now with the song Let It Go from the most popular animated film ever, Frozen.  The song is so popular, it’s being sung in 25 languages by artists around the world.  The universe, God, source is not asking us, it’s telling us to let go.  To let go of the past, whatever anger, resentment, guilt, doubt and sadness we are carrying in our so very heavy personal baggage.  LET IT GO.  Such a perfect message.  We have shifted into a higher dimension, energy and frequency.  We need to let go of the dross, the density and move to a higher vibration of love and light and we will find a new way of being.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SEE MORE.........

Transformation, Freedom,Creativity, Shape shifting, and Soul Evolution

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Dear Beloved’s, today is a day of transformation, freedom, creativity, shape shifting, and soul evolution.

Today was a great day for integration of all  aspects of self and knowing that the God within is on schedule.

Take note of the most important issues that are confronting you at the point in time. What state of change are you in regard to these issues?

These powerful messages remind us of the butterfly, when born it goes through the smallest of hole to birth itself. So beloveds, you are doing the same.

To the Native American’s the butterfly is believed to carry Joy! This is a dance with the nature, and to take things a little more lightly, not so seriously. Medicine for the dear souls that you are.

Get up and move, have the courage to fly past your limitations. The divine in all of you will know how far and wide you can travel.

When it is time to move to the next level we must let go of yet another layer of emotional, physical, mental, thought forms , keeping us from our most precious goals.

It is imperative if we as a people keep our thoughts lofty and confident in the light, we can move mountains and hold steady the light grids that hold us and our Planet together.

Each of you is like a Chrysalis structure, which is forming above you, for the full formation and activation of your thirteen spiral systems or Chakras. This Chrysalis like structure will encase you with the light codes needed to fully activate your divine blueprint and bring forth great healing and release.

Take time to rest and breath through these healings and integrations. The next stage of your spiritual evolution depends on it.

Taking Risks, Letting Go and Embodying Freedom

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Originally posted:

It is important to keep a healthy and positive train of thought when carrying out your vision into a shared reality. This includes your thoughts towards others, at all times.

By now you should have realised that your dream involves engaging with others in a way that benefits others, our environment and of course yourself.  If you are making an important decision that will affect the lives of others it is in your best interest to make sure that no one is harmed while the decision you make manifests into the shared reality.

This is often thought to be a difficult thing to do, but with the right approach and a mature and positive attitude it is relatively easy. You must respect the fact that the way you feel, think and act creates endless ripples that affect the entire universe, beyond your current capable perceptions.


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