More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 2

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-Hello all. This is part two of my latest contact with my personal guides. If you have not read part one, I strongly advise you do so before reading this part two. In part one I speak with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Hatton. In this part two, I speak with Solara, Adama and Archangel Wesley. Much Love, Wes-

Me: Now, I wish to speak with my guide Solara. I have much confusion to clear up with you Solara. The last time I spoke with The Ascended Masters, they told me I feel a very strong connection with a soul known as Solara An-Ra. Now initially I thought they were speaking of an ascended aspect of RA, to discover they were speaking of a soul currently incarnate on Earth. In later discussions I was told that I was drawn to this soul specifically for the spiritual training she is putting out on the internet. Even still, I have felt very close ties to you, this ascended guide of mine known as Solara. Is the soul on earth known as Solara An-Ra, an earthly aspect of yourself as I assume myself to be? Also, were the Ascended Masters trying to draw me to you, or to Solara An-Ra?

Solara: Dear One, this is a very deep question. Your Ascended Masters were not drawing you to anyone, rather they were getting you to draw yourself towards me, and towards the soul you know as Solara An Ra. You and her are indeed aspects of myself, as is Archangel Wesley. I resonate in the sixth dimension, and I AM a part of the ascended memory complex known as RA, but still I retain my own individuality for the purpose of helping those on Earth whom originate from RA. You see, when the call came out to help those of Earth by incarnating upon Earth's surface, there were many from RA who could not resist. As a result, many from our social memory complex dropped their vibrations to that of the fifth density by creating an extension of their sixth dimensional Christed Consciousness.

You then dropped your vibrations further by creating yet another extension, an extension of your fifth dimensional Christed Consciousness to be incarnate upon Earth. The one you know as Archangel Wesely is the fifth dimensional extension of your sixth dimensional Christed Consciousness. I hope I am making sense to you dear one.

Me: Indeed, it does make some sense. It is quite an intricate and complex subject, but I have felt the increased presence of my fifth dimensional self, Archangel Wesley. Thank you for chatting with me Solara, and thank you for the guidance you give me daily.

I now wish to speak with Adama. Adama, I have to admit I have not yet gone back and read your words concerning drugs and the lower astral planes, but what I did read has been quite absorbed by me and I have been giving much thought to it. What I wish to know tonight is, what connection do I have to you and is it in relation to my connection with Agartha?

Adama: Indeed dear Wesley, your connection to me is very similar to your connection with Agartha. You see, down here in Agartha you sometimes reside in what is known as your 'Pleiadian Homeland'. You have been there recently, consciously with some Pleiadian friends, and you do presently carry memores of said experience. You came with your current physical family to Agartha from Erra some decades ago to settle and enjoy the harminous nature and Life Force that is provided by our Divine lands.

Me: Does this mean that I left Erra to come live in Agartha?

Adama: Not quite Dear One. You see, an ascended soul resides in very many places at once, as it is many different aspects of creation. Am I making any sense Dear One? I get the feeling I am. At one time you can be on Erra, at the Pleiadian Homeland in Agartha and in the Ascended cities that sit upon the clouds. In fact, right now you are in many different places at once talking to all of your different guides! I dearly wish you could remember the emotional goodbye experienced by you, me, and many more from Agartha and from the Pleiadian Homeland when you left for your venture into the lower vibrations. If you could fully remember that, our reuniting would be a much bigger victory for you than it is right now.

Me: I have to say Adama, I do feel a bit of what you are talking about. Thank you for communicating with me, and tell Dreamwalker I said hi. (LOL!!)

Adama: Tell Troy the same for me Dear One.

Me: Will do dear friend. Now, last but certainly not least, I wish to speak with Archangel Wesley. Now, I have learned much about you and I simply from this channeling session, I feel compelled to ask you if what Solara told me is indeed true. Are you the fifth dimensional aspect of myself, extended from the Oversoul that is RA? And if so, why are you at Archangel 'status'?

AAW: Solara is indeed correct my dear friend. I, and by extension you, made the conscious decision to drop down to the fifth and third dimensions to help those of Earth ascend. I AM at Archangel 'status' because of our ties to both the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels, and the ascended cities in the sky. We have done much work for the Light in these respects, and I wish you to know that as of late I have been anchoring myself fully unto your being. It has been a difficult process, but Dear Soul you have been so resilient in enacting the required disciplines to bring us together! I have 'consumed' much of your personality, and through the process of surpassing your ego have helped you to mould back into the soul you once were, the soul you have always been, and this soul is me! Once you ascend back to the fifth dimension you will become me, and I will become you. Together we will ascend back to the cuffs of the seventh dimension where the rest of our social memory complex that is RA is currently at. They have been so dearly awaiting our return!!

Me: Thank you Archangel Wesley, and thank you dearly to all of my guides whom have spoken with me on this night. I have learned more about myself simply scribing this message than I have any other way. Words can't express how grateful I AM to all of my guides, even the many who's words I haven't scribed. I strongly encourage all who read this message to begin real personal contact with their own guides, I promise that you will learn so much about yourself and about your past. I had no such memory of a 'Pleiadian Homeland' in Agartha, but already memories are beginning to resurface, and I haven't even finished this message yet!

Much Love to all, Wes