More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 2

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-Hello all. This is part two of my latest contact with my personal guides. If you have not read part one, I strongly advise you do so before reading this part two. In part one I speak with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Hatton. In this part two, I speak with Solara, Adama and Archangel Wesley. Much Love, Wes-

Me: Now, I wish to speak with my guide Solara. I have much confusion to clear up with you Solara. The last time I spoke with The Ascended Masters, they told me I feel a very strong connection with a soul known as Solara An-Ra. Now initially I thought they were speaking of an ascended aspect of RA, to discover they were speaking of a soul currently incarnate on Earth. In later discussions I was told that I was drawn to this soul specifically for the spiritual training she is putting out on the internet. Even still, I have felt very close ties to you, this ascended guide of mine known as Solara. Is the soul on earth known as Solara An-Ra, an earthly aspect of yourself as I assume myself to be? Also, were the Ascended Masters trying to draw me to you, or to Solara An-Ra?

Solara: Dear One, this is a very deep question. Your Ascended Masters were not drawing you to anyone, rather they were getting you to draw yourself towards me, and towards the soul you know as Solara An Ra. You and her are indeed aspects of myself, as is Archangel Wesley. I resonate in the sixth dimension, and I AM a part of the ascended memory complex known as RA, but still I retain my own individuality for the purpose of helping those on Earth whom originate from RA. You see, when the call came out to help those of Earth by incarnating upon Earth's surface, there were many from RA who could not resist. As a result, many from our social memory complex dropped their vibrations to that of the fifth density by creating an extension of their sixth dimensional Christed Consciousness.

More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 1

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-Hello friends. If there are any that were worrying my last ‘Contact with my guides’ message was too short, worry not! This latest message is so long I have had to divide it into two parts. This is because I am channeling six different beings. Now, I wish all to know, the content of this message is mostly relevent to my own Life and past. Disclosure, First Contact and extraterrestrials are not really discussed, and being that I am contacting my personal guides, the message is for the most part centered on myself. Even still, I think the information presented here is very interesting, and some of what is said can apply to others. Much Love, (Galactic Love Reporter) Wes Annac :)-
Me: I wish my guides to be with me at this time, I wish to have a conversation. All guides who are with me, if such is your intent please state your names.

I AM Archangel Michael

I AM Archangel Gabriel

I AM Archangel Hatton

I AM Solara

I AM Adama

I AM Archangel Wesley

Me: Friends, is there anything you collectively wish to share with me?

My Guides: Certainly Dear Wesley! We wish so dearly that your presence in our cloud cities could be more frequent, as you have much training to continue now that you have re-discovered us. Now is the time to fully come back to us, back to your Divine and Inner roots. As you do so, so will the world. You will see what we mean very shortly. Now Dear One, we know you have been through many struggles, and it seems to you that many bad things just happen out of nowhere. Are we right on this Dear One?

Me: You are correct. I have felt from time to time that random negative events seem to manifest, and a lot of the time it is when I am attempting to give Love or meditate or channel, you know some form of Lightwork. Where are you heading with this Dear Masters?

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