New world order in a positive way

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Please forgive the mistakes in the informations given down. if i am wrong at some point please correct me so i can correct my mistake.



New World Order (In a positive way)


Hello friends. I want to share with you all my newest realizations.



this morning i was once more watching Matias De Stefano's video.( if some of you don't know about him; short info: he is a young enlightened person who is on earth

for preparing humanity for the evolution in a positive way. he answers the biggest questions of the existence history) . I will try to explain what i realized by using one of his examples.


subject: Learning trough hard way or easy way

info: we are all on earth for evolving to oneness by getting wisdom trough our experiences.

subinfo: there are angels and demons (you feel or not, you see or not. they exist for helping humanity in their evolution. they lead us to the experiences that we have to experience for getting wisdom out of them. both the angels and demons have their own way of leading.


His example for learning by hard way or easy way:


You are always using the same road for going to your work. On this road, in a street on the left hand there is a library and in the library there is book with a title which will triger something in your mind, which will lead you to getting awakened, which will lead you to find the purpose of your life and your reason of being on earth.

Your guardian angels and guiding spirits try to lead you to this particular book. they leave signs in front of you. for example a road block on your way which will make you to use the street on the left hand. or 2 beautiful puppies playing on the corner of the street, or your attention drawn to left street with a noise you hear from there.

However you might be a very shallow minded person (like many others) who can not see and understand the signs. at the end your guardian angels will ask the help of the demons to take your attention. when you are crossing the road a car will crash you, you will walk to the street on your left unconsciously with blood on your face, you will collapse in front of the library, a man will run out from library and will bring you in, while people trying to make you drink a glass of water your eye will see the book on the shelf, may be the name of the book is : Angels and demons.


so you have choosed the hard way of learning. with blood on your face.. but there you are with the book in your hand.. you begin reading and get the inspiration for finding your life path.


(ok i added few little things from my imaginary world to this example. Hope Matias does not mind)




so why i shared this information and example: as i said i realized something. but before telling you what i realized i will explain another subject which Matias shared.

I will try to explain it my own way. (Hope Matias don't mind)


Mother Earth is very similar to 1 human being. very similar to each of us. She has a spirit. she has chakras and she has kundalini.


(p.s.: if you do not have knowledge about 7 chakras and kundalini snake please make a short research and have a general idea about them. )


every human being (Actually all beings) have 7 main chakras (energy centers) in their energy body and also a kundalini. Kundalini is the power snake situated in our energy body. when the kundalini snake is awakened it travels trough all your chakras, purifies your chakras and connects you to divine power, makes you enlightened. in an other word, this action evolves your spirit to a higher energy being.




mother earth also has a spirit and chakras and kundalini snake. as far as i understand from Matias, kundalini of earth moves every 26 thousand years and leads the mother earth to evolve to higher energy. so all beings on earth evolves altogather.


if you evolve offcourse your sub atoms evolve too..


consider your self as sub-atoms of mother earth. when she evolves so you do too.

(we are one with mother earth)


there are subatoms in your body (which are energy particles rising and dying trilions of times in a second).. you are sub atoms of mother earth with other beings like minerals, plants, animals... mother earth is subatom of our galaxy, our galaxy is subatom of a bigger system, which is subatom of universe, and the universe as we know is subatom of the system of other universes, and all is the subatoms of pure love. GOD. gOD IS PURE LOVE AND WE ARE PART OF IT. love is the source of life.

we will evolve altogather to oneness.


Evolution history of earth as we know is like this:

nothingness to matter (material), matter to life (earth and beings) life to consciousness (homosapiens-thinking creatures), consciousness to higher consciousness(which is not happened yet), higher consciousness to oneness


so where are we in the evolution cycle. we are approaching to step of evolving from consciousness to higher consciousness.

when will it happen : it already began. (could we discuss this subject 10 years ago?) but peak day of this evolution will be 21 december 2012. because this is the 26th thousand years since last time Earth's kundalini awakened and traveled trough her chakras.

the earth spirits are already excited. they already began moving. our mother earth is about to evolve to age of higher consciousness so we do too as her sub-atoms.


our understanding and beliefs and life styles will totally change.


now!!!!! NOW!!!!!


things can go to hard learning way


things can go to easy learning way


evolution comes with experience and learning process.

will mother earth and all of us evolve hardly or easily?


we are very powerfull beings. we determine the future. what is in our mind becoming our future.

in other words: future is manifestation of present time.. becouse all in our minds.


if we are positive, future is positive for us.

if we are negative future is negative for us.


but no, not that simple. we are all connected to a mass consciousness. it is the total consciousness of all of us. so every being living on earth are feeding this total consciousness ocean with positive , natural, or negative food.

the evolution of the earth will go to easy or hard way depanding on the positiveness or negativeness of this consciousness ocean.




there are light workers on this world. we are light workers. we are feeding the ocean with positivity. our duty is to influence people in a positive way. our duty is to awaken others.. our duty is to heal the world and help her give the birth to new life.


there are other workers on the other side. they are feeding the ocean with negativity.






1 positive person feeds the ocean of consciousness 10 times more than a negative feeder.




at the end.. my realization:


last 3 years of my life i was almost obsessed with NEW WORLD ORDER.

it was good that all those researches made me understand the reality. there are some dark powers leading the world and they do work hard. my country, your country, every country.. almost all countries are leaded by a sum of negative power.. few people ahead of them.


all those videos i found and shared from you tube...screaming like: wake up people wake up, you see all painted to dark!!


now i realize that; i was not aware that these information were also given from the same dark sources. learning the truth is good however information given in such a hypnotic way that you talk about the negative side of the truth all the time. you think negative side of the truth all the time. so you create more and more negative thoughts. and you feed the ocean of consciousness with missery, with fear, with negativity. you feel like there is no hope..


now i realize that; yes we need new world order. but not the new world order of them. we need a new world order of the rainbow.

we have to shaken each other, and guide each other to positive thoughts. we have to feed the ocean of consciousness with positivity, hope and happiness.


change is good. change is coming. a very good change is coming.

new world order of the light workers.




lastly according to my findings from different sources ;


after evolution we will have higher energy frequency. our frequency will not change magically at one time on 21 december.

it allready began.

higher beings, forces of god are sending higher and higher energy on earth everyday which are increasing our energy level, and slowly preparing us for the new age.

everyday more and more people are getting awakened.


keep your self open for receiving.


my advices to my friends:


be positive,

pray for mother earth,


love mother earth and each other


radiate love from your heart


keep saying: i accept the incoming energies, i accept them to my body

keep saying: i accept the information raining from skies

keep asking: who am i?

keep asking: why am i on the earth? what is the purpose of my life?


accept help of the angels. they are real and allways around you to help you to guide you.. watch for their signs.


accept that nothing is coincidence.


let the love and angels control you and guide you


keep saying: my guardian angels i give you full permission to guide me and interact my life for teaching me.


keep hugging each other


hug to trees

hug to animals


love love love love love










till you turn in to pure love


till you feel being one with god.


i love you all.


with this msg i am praying to Archangel Gabriel to be guide of every reader on their spiritual jurney.


peace love harmony



Wow! What a powerful post, I

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Wow! What a powerful post, I feel so connected to you because I like you have been passionate about 'The New World Order' thing and our ascension.  You have the guts too - to write about it. Thanks so much and I love you!x

Thank you

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Thank youuuuu :)


i love you toooo


if you can share this blog entry in your facebook i will be very much happy.

we have to share and we have to grow.


share more-grow faster and bigger.


peace and love my friend