Obama's Vibration

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Today for the first time, I 'picked up' the energy of President Obama. It was out of the blue, totally unexpected, and at the same time, unmistakeable. There was a familiarity to it. And joy! For he was 'not being held back' and 'he is doing what he was born to do.' Something in me relaxed, got excited and gave thanks. I write this, for I am energetically like a canary in a coal mine. Perhaps all of us are canaries here on the Galactic Free Pres!? My message is, I got my first 'hit' of 'what is to come' energetically. I like it! And it is good.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I am apolitical. This is definitely something else!




Dear Nageeta

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I WISH I had thought of that word! It's perfect! Electifying! Gracias! Have a good day!


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I recently had a dream about Obama... i'm actually a walk-in, pleadian, apparently... needless to say, i have a rather pronounced intuitive nature, which at times connects through things like Live TV and phone calls... I've felt Obama's nature through the television a few times... in this dream, he had his head in his hand, apparently stressed... i told him he better be sticking to his guns and doing what's right, rather forcefully (Sorry Obama)... Not sure what to make of the dream, it was brief... i feel connected to him through some sort of contract.

Wow! that must have been

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Wow! that must have been amazing! i've always felt drawn to helping people through healing, being a paramedic has crossed my mind a few times, although i take a more spiritual approach these days via Reiki, Therapy, etc. Glad you enjoyed my response though! (: ... thank you for your post as well!... i had more of a Soul-exchange experience... it happened when i was about 2 years old, and ever since that time i've remembered everything that has happened to me, almost like i see it crystal clear... i can remember my 3rd birthday party, sitting on a stool, waiting for my friends to show up, and wondering where the first 2 years of my life had gone, and being aware of reality as a strange sort of thing i was experiencing... very odd indeed.


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I appreciate what you do as a reiki practitioner. But please do consider that first responders, EMTs and others are also spiritual beings. In fact, the person down the street who doesn't pick up the dog poop is also a spiritual being. We all are.

When we are about three years old, a major advance in development takes place and many of us do not recall much about the first two years of our lives. I am not sure what you mean by "soul-exchange experience."

I recall having many, many near-death experiences, beginning at a very young age, but it was always me inside - and sometimes outside - my body. I saw some amazing things at times, but my soul is my soul and my body is its physical vehicle.

We need to be cautious when we begin to think of ourselves as "more spiritually advanced" than others. The truth is that we are all ONE. We are all interconnected and we need to love and respect everyone.

Love, Astreia

Thank you Astreia

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Dear Astreia,


I love all of your writings that I see on this blog! That you would take the time to respond to these posts and comments is an honor! You are right about all of us being spiritual beings, even the ones that 'don't pick up the dog poop'. And I thank you for giving me the words to describe things I really do not have the vocabulary to discuss on some of these perceptions. As a side note, in the last two days, the O.R. is like another PLANET! My coworkers are so more 'open' to 'me' and 'my work' that I used to keep 'quiet' about for 'fear of losing my job'. I even had a request to 'work' on someone's neck pain from a coworker in the nurses' lounge! People are interested in the blog, Doctors With Reiki, people who used to be so 3D just one week ago, are 'starting to wake up'. And they seek ME. I had no idea it would ever be like this! And I love being 'there' and 'ready' at this time! 


Is anyone out there picking up on things like this too?


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Glad these wonderful things are happening for you!

Love, Astreia


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This issue of "walk ins" is thorny. I do not doubt that you perceived this, but the interpretation is not precisely accurate.

It may be that the spirit you saw entering the body was merely a higher aspect of the spirit you saw leaving. We each receive our bodies when we are born, or at some time while we are in the womb, and we can leave them and return to them, but if the "silver cord" connection is broken the body dies.

i greatly appreciate your comments on Obama! On that issue, you are definitely tuned in to the truth.

Love, Astreia


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Walk-ins are fairly common and take place as agreed between the two spirits. The "switch" has been agreed on in advance. It happens when one spirit wishes to leave before his/her time and another spirit can use this vehicle for the time left. How do I know? I have taught the non-physical sciences, and also been a Ghost Psychologist rescuing Earthbounds, for aover 35 years. 


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I, too, have rescued earthbound spirits in the past, did that for several years. But they were NOT in someone else's body.  Some of them tried to glom on to mine...

But eventually I felt it was more effective to send light and love to certain areas of the world where traumatic experiences were or had been taking place. In that way, many earthbound spirits can be released at one time. And there is no personal contact with any of them.

You certainly may believe in walk-ins if you like. But I personally do not. The idea of a spirit taking over someone else's body creeps me out. What happens to the spirit who "leaves before his or her time"? That spirit does not complete his or her contract. You state that the "switch" is part of the contract, but if the original spirit "leaves before his or her time" it seems very sad to me, and not at all fulfillment of the contract. It is as if you are saying that the two spirits involved in this kind of agreement are making some sort of unholy pact, as if the original spirit is committing "suicide" without killing the body, and the other spirit is waiting in the wings to take over that body. Anyone might say "Oh, I am a walk-in" in order to avoid responsibility.

That's just my opinion, but many agree with me.

Love, Astreia