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Obama's Vibration

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Today for the first time, I 'picked up' the energy of President Obama. It was out of the blue, totally unexpected, and at the same time, unmistakeable. There was a familiarity to it. And joy! For he was 'not being held back' and 'he is doing what he was born to do.' Something in me relaxed, got excited and gave thanks. I write this, for I am energetically like a canary in a coal mine. Perhaps all of us are canaries here on the Galactic Free Pres!? My message is, I got my first 'hit' of 'what is to come' energetically. I like it! And it is good.


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P.S. I am apolitical. This is definitely something else!

President Obama's Situation as I See It

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Written by Wes Annac

While I haven’t been following politics very closely for what to me is a good reason, as the election is coming up in the United States we are seeing much circulated about President Obama, Mitt Romney and the outcome of who is elected president. We have heard that much is riding on this election; not for any political reasons but for reasons of steering this Earth into the Golden Age we have all been working toward.

I would like to give my two cents and my opinion, knowing that it could likely be different from yours. I don’t wish to turn this into a full-blown debate about Obama, but simply give my opinion and ask that it is respected, just as I would respect the opinion of another as long as the person expressing it is themselves respectful. I have unfortunately talked with plenty of people, my own mother included, who do not believe in President Obama.

Many people feel that he had the chance and failed, and it can be disparaging for any Obama supporter to continually meet a wall of criticism of the President; sometimes, moreso than what was given to both of the Bushes. Whenever Bush showed us how against the will of the people his administration and those behind the curtain truly are, the presidential position was automatically put under much more scrutiny.

However, Bush had the advantage of being aligned with the far-right and controlled aspects of the American mainstream media, who were much less critical of him than they have been of President Obama.

I guess I should go ahead and say that I wholeheartedly support President Obama and do feel that he should be reelected and that, as some have suggested, his reelection is critical to the unfolding of the Golden Age. This is my opinion and again, may be different from yours but all perspectives should be considered and respected.

I believe we can create change. I believe in the power of sending light, of peace and prayer.

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I believe we can create change.  I believe in the power of sending light, of peace, and prayer.
  I believe our path is an enlightened one.
There is something happening…
When was the last time you really looked around you?  I ask you this question with urgency…
Have you looked at our sky lately?  Have you seen how different the clouds look?  Have you seen or felt our Sun?  If  you haven’t, please do… Please spend as much time as you can outside…especially in the day time.
Many people are feeling it.  The earth is changing and so are we.
Independent sources all over the internet are also hinting at changes and announcements regarding Disclosure, NESARA, A Positive Change in our American Financial System, and more.
It is such an important time to be alive.  Please slow down… Please don’t miss this.
Our lives are meant to be much more than getting up every morning and going to work environments where we play roles and wear masks that don’t fulfill us.  We come home exhausted and stressed, enjoy little sleep, only to get up in the morning and repeat the same cycle over and over again.  This type of lifestyle contributes to our high rates of Depression, Anxiety, Rage, Heart Disease, Obsesity, Cancers, etc…
Don’t you think we deserve more than this?  Humans are not meant to live like this.
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