Open the door to Love and Abundance Consciousness!

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Opening the Door to Love and Abundance!

We had a wonderful and successful Fellowship Ring this past Saturday on the subject of Abundance. The call lasted almost 2 hours and I’m sure we could have spoken for much longer on this subject.

The message on Abundance is a simple one, and one that we are all familiar with at this stage of the game. It’s simply a matter of putting what we know into practice.

Our main point of focus must now be IN our HEART and BE’ing in that space, because we are now embodying more of our True Nature than ever before. So if you think about it, then it makes perfect sense why the old ways of manifesting are no longer working. We now have to be CONGRUENT and in total alignment with our True Nature, which is Love!

Love is all there is!  And our Higher Self, whom we are becoming and embodying more and more of each day, IS DIVINE PERFECT LOVE. And, it is INFINITE and all powerful in its Divine Nature. And it is perfectly ABUNDANT!

So what does this mean for you and I? It means that we have to BE PRESENT and in the space of ALLOWING Love to be made manifest within us at all times.

And how do we do this? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that when we allow Love to be made manifest, we are allowing our Hearts to rule. We basically give free reign to our Higher Self / True Self / God Self / Greater Self etc., whatever label you wish to give your Higher Consciousness.

And then once we have given our Greater Self free reign, we are to LET GO and ALLOW our lives to unfold by staying IN THE VIBES of Love or above.

So instead of continually knocking on the door marked ‘Money’ and getting no reply, we should really be opening the door to ‘Love’!

I know I’ve been harping (excuse the pun…) on the benefits of being attuned to The Trinity of Blessings, but if you’re experiencing lack of abundance in any area of your life, then this attunement, given by Archangel Michael, will align you with the energies of Love, Joy and Peace perfectly and set you on the pathway to living an abundant and fruitful life.

The door to Joy and Peace is through Love. There is no other Way!

So the message is to focus on being in your heart as much as possible. As soon as you find yourself moving into the awful energy of  lack and limitation, make a choice to go back into the vibration of love immediately!

And then to help you to stay there in the higher vibes, DO whatever brings you JOY! If you need a reminder of what JOY feels like, simply ASK your Higher Self to give you the experience of how it FEELS to be in this frequency and I promise he or she will gladly oblige. Remember there is nothing you cannot ask for!

A close friend of mine in California started making faerie gardens quite by accident (or not…) and now she is in 7th heaven! She loves it and it brings her so much pleasure that she simply forgot to worry about money! She was telling me the other day that since she no longer worries about money, she is now attracting more clients into her healing business… as if by magic!

So no more worrying equals no more hurdles and no more roadblocks, because you are in the space of ALLOWING the flow of abundance to do what it does best.

So start today to do whatever brings you JOY! Dance, sing, paint, play music, go mountain climbing, swim with the dolphins, go bungee jumping, plant a herb garden, join an arts and crafts club, etc. Whatever it is, JUST DO IT!! And forget about the rest.

Can you do this?

Can you afford not to??

At this stage of the game there is no way we can go back to being who we used to be. The Way forward is UP and by that we mean UP in frequency, so that we are embodying MORE and MORE of our Divinity.

So, in the last week I have started practicing the Trinity of Blessings again to bring me back into the vibration of Love, Joy and Peace. And guess what? It’s working! I’ve stopped worrying and I’m ALLOWING whatever the Goddess has in mind for me to unfold with ease and grace.

[Note: If you have already received the Trinity of Blessings attunement through me and would like to be re-attuned, please do send me an email. We will gladly re-attune you to these awesome blessings at absolutely no extra cost!]

This coming Saturday we will be focusing on the Art of Blessing in our Fellowship Ring. Do join us, and remember, don’t allow the lack of money to stand in your way!

We leave you in this Now with our Unconditional Love and Blessing for a MAGICAL week of Love Joy and Peace!



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