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Full Moon Workshop Announcement for 11.11.2019

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Beloved Readers,

Daniela and I are pleased to announce another Full Moon Workshop on 11.11.2019 in which we will be clearing huge amounts of dense energy for the Planet and its Collective Consciousness. A personal clearing will also take place to assist you in reaching ultimate heights in your awakening at this time.

With the 11.11. Gateway we are expecting another great expansion to take place, and in order to make way for these new Light Codes of Perfection to be integrated, it is imperative that we clear out as much of the old as possible.

As the Masters have said, “There are many layers to clearing away the effluent produced by the human psyche. Many layers, such as those of an onion, that lead to deeper and deeper discoveries of hidden fear. There are only two main emotions – that of Love and Fear – and all that is not love is borne out of some degree of fear based energy.”

In this Workshop we assist you in a wonderful clearing through the assistance of Lord Melchizidek, Metatron and Michael and with the assistance of the Ascended Masters of the Blue and Emerald Green Flames. This is to be a healing experience on all levels.

We  invite you to attend by visiting this link:

If you would like to attend the Workshop but are unable to contribute to it financially, please do feel free to drop me an email to

Please take note of the new times as there seems to have been another shift in the time zones across the world.

18/2 Full Moon Workshop Invitation

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The Moon Goddess


Beloved Readers,

Next Week on Tuesday its the Full Moon! Before each new Full Moon Workshop Daniela and myself say "Wow this is amazing! How does it get any better than this?", and yet it does! Time and time again.
We have both been bowled over by what is coming through and it's as though the Masters converge on us with new ideas every month!

Happy Love Day!

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Dear Readers,

Every day is a celebrated Love Day in the Higher Realms!

What this means is that you can celebrate love every day if you will only elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. The higher realms are not ‘out there’ someplace, flitting about in the ethers! They are within you, right here and right now!

Yesterday, once I’d finished a private channeling for a client, I noticed my energy was still soaring higher than I’d ever before experienced. I lay down to enjoy this blissful experience which cannot be adequately described with mere words. Nirvana perhaps? Why label it anyway? It is LOVE in the highest frequency that I was able to feel at that moment, which thankfully stretched into a rather l o n g moment!

Now for the first time I understand why Lord Adama has said that when a channel has had the privilege of communing with a higher dimensional Being that for at least 2 hours afterwards, the channel can still enjoy the blissful energy of that Being by remaining in a state of stillness and openness and receptivity within. And the same goes for the client receiving the channeled messages because there is precious energy in those words!! And the energy remains there for as long as you are open and receptive to feeling it. Many clients have told me every time they read their written channeling, sometimes months later, they still feel overwhelming love and peace infiltrate into their being! The same is appropriate for live and recorded channeling.

Group Clearing Event for Gaia and for You!

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live energy clearing with angels and dragon realms

We are happy to announce this wonderful group clearing event which we will be hosting with the Dragon Realm and the Angels to bring about and restore harmony and balance within the energy body of Gaia and within our own energy field.

Daniela from Love Mind Matter and Deborah Faith from Archangels and Devas will be channeling the energy of the Dragons who are powerful transmuters and transformers of negative energy, and bringing in the energy of Archangel Michael and his team of Angels to magnify the clearing on a Planetary scale to benefit both Gaia and your Self!

Daniela is deeply connected with the Elemental Beings and will also be able to bring in a personal message for those interested during the Event. She received this message:


“Greetings, greetings, greetings!

We of the Dragon and Angelic realms have come forth as the Voice of One to assist you in a deep cleansing of wounds.

All of you, who have come together on this journey are ready to let go of everything holding you back at this time, to help you make an impressive move forward on your path towards global enlightenment, peace and harmony.

We step forward at this time to support you and heal you.

We feel very honoured and excited to help you break through the resistance that is standing in your way.”

8.8 Lion’s Gate Energy Reading

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The powerful Light codes emanating from the fully opened Lion’s Gate Stargate today is impacting on every area of your life right now and will continue to do so for the next couple weeks, up until the solar eclipse on the 21st of August, and even a few days following that event. As these powerful light codes continue to integrate these higher frequencies into your energy field they will continue to have a great impact on the level of your human consciousness, and you will find yourself moving into greater awareness of your multi-dimensional Self

It is imperative that at this time you focus on that which is loving and allow yourself let go of all that is not in alignment with this energy, not only outside of yourself, in your home and workspace, but also within your Self, as a highly evolved Being in physical service to Mother Earth. Place your awareness and focus therefore on loving thoughts that produce loving results in your reality. All else is of no consequence at this time. A loving action provides you and your Universe with the momentum to co-create the great changes you are all striving towards in your reality.

Healing the Wounded Psyche for Lion's Gate Energy

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Amethystia, the Lady Purity, Twin Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, and Mikaela, the Lady Faith, Twin Flame of Archangel Michael, team up in Soul Consciousness through their grounded aspects, Rosita Bolin in Sweden and Deborah Faith in South Africa, to bring to you an in depth view on healing your emotional wounds.

Emotional wounds can be so severe sometimes that people become so caught up in the emotional trauma that they find it difficult to overcome the hurdle.

Through their higher Consciousness, Rosita and Deborah offer guidance to help you gain a deeper and more meaningful perspective from a Spiritual point of view, on how you can move past the pain of your deepest emotional wounds. Once a deeper and Spiritual perspective and understanding is gained it becomes easier to accept the wounds and let them go so full healing can take place within the Body. The result is emotional freedom, and a light-ness in Spirit, Body and Mind.

Open the door to Love and Abundance Consciousness!

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Opening the Door to Love and Abundance!

We had a wonderful and successful Fellowship Ring this past Saturday on the subject of Abundance. The call lasted almost 2 hours and I’m sure we could have spoken for much longer on this subject.

The message on Abundance is a simple one, and one that we are all familiar with at this stage of the game. It’s simply a matter of putting what we know into practice.

Our main point of focus must now be IN our HEART and BE’ing in that space, because we are now embodying more of our True Nature than ever before. So if you think about it, then it makes perfect sense why the old ways of manifesting are no longer working. We now have to be CONGRUENT and in total alignment with our True Nature, which is Love!

Love is all there is!  And our Higher Self, whom we are becoming and embodying more and more of each day, IS DIVINE PERFECT LOVE. And, it is INFINITE and all powerful in its Divine Nature. And it is perfectly ABUNDANT!

So what does this mean for you and I? It means that we have to BE PRESENT and in the space of ALLOWING Love to be made manifest within us at all times.

And how do we do this? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that when we allow Love to be made manifest, we are allowing our Hearts to rule. We basically give free reign to our Higher Self / True Self / God Self / Greater Self etc., whatever label you wish to give your Higher Consciousness.

And then once we have given our Greater Self free reign, we are to LET GO and ALLOW our lives to unfold by staying IN THE VIBES of Love or above.

Attention Energy Workers! Who does this energy you are feeling belong to?

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Attention Energy Workers! Who does this energy you are feeling belong to?

Taking care of your energy is one of the daily responsibilities of energy workers ie Light Workers. Everyone is empathetic and some more so than others. Your sense of empathy is linked to your willingness at an unconscious level to take on the burdens of others. Some people are unaware of how much they are dong for others, even to their own detriment. If you are feeling very tired or very heavy ask yourself, “Who does this belong to? Is this my energy?” And most likely the answer will be No. Then all you have to do is call in the Light of your Higher Self and Source energy to fill your energy field and High Heart, and then transmit the Light to whomever this energy belongs to. You may want to say something like, “I bless whomever this energy belongs to and send them unconditional love and blessings in return.”

If you suddenly feel pain in your body, do not be shy to ask your body who it belongs to. The body is very willing to oblige you with an answer right away. Most likely again the answer will be that it is not yours. Again, send the Light of Love into the area that is experiencing pain and ask that the energy be released back to the person it belongs to.

I asked the question of Archangel Michael whether it was acceptable to be sending this energy back to the person it came from, and his answer was that we are only responsible for our own energy. He also said that it is in our power to send the person the negative energy came from our unconditional love and blessing and to ask the Archangels to clear and transmute the energy for them into unconditional love and light.

Revealing The Hidden Diamond Within

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Revealing The Hidden Diamond Within

Dear Readers,

This morning as I was sending out an email to someone Michael sent to me to receive the Trinity of Blessings, I found myself writing more than I usually do. And then I found myself wanting to share some of this with you and perhaps more will come through now, let’s see!

My own history of the Trinity of Blessings began in early 2013 when Michael led me to the website of Theresa Helton, the woman who had worked with Michael on the original attunement. I knew as soon as I found it, that I had found something that would change my life. I felt within me a burning desire to receive the attunement.

At the time I had only $5 in my PayPal account and so I had to wait a couple weeks before I could buy the attunement for $20. As soon as I had the money I went back to her site and purchased the attunement.  Since receiving the attunement my life has changed in a profound way. At that time I had no means of an income either so it was through selling the attunement myself that I was able to pay my rent and buy some food. I believe that this is Michael’s way of supporting Lightworkers who are in need of creating a little income as they set themselves upon the pathway of Enlightenment.

In the email this morning I found myself writing these words:

A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

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Archangel Zadkiel is one of my guides and he comes forward today with this message which is a perfect reminder for me in this Now. Maybe for you also!

“Soften your heart with respect to this situation, and all the people involved, including yourself.”

This energy is taking us deeper into reckoning between our ego/lower-mind consciousness and our higher dimensional consciousness. There is no getting away from it! There is also no going back, so forward we go into previously unchartered territory, into the unknown we go as faithful warriors of the Light.

We are being moved into situations that are bringing to Light all the hidden shadows we didn’t even know were there. The best is to accept that they were there and move on. Turn the other cheek if necessary. Dwelling on them is not helping you. Blaming yourself for being so out of alignment with your true character and nature of being is not helping you either, so let it all just go!

The sooner you can accomplish this, the better it will be for you. Archangel Zadiel guided me to this wonderful article:

Develop compassion when dealing with those who are still caught in the web of illusion. This may be difficult, but remember that you were once there yourself.

You cannot change another, you can only change yourself. Live by example and those who are ready to make changes in their lives will do so.

Always remember that no two of us are alike and we are all on our own journey. Whether people realize it or not, makes no difference. There is no right way, or wrong way. All roads lead to the same destination and that destination is powered by the energy of DIVINE LOVE.


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