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Greetings Love Beings, WOOHOO... We have an intense next 7 days ahead of us. We will have CME"S Hitting the Planet as we Enter a Solar wind Stream at the same time, We have Obama at the site for Jesus Last Supper?  Global Meditation On March 19th, and the Equinox and who knows what could occur between these moments with World Contact DAY. It will Be Exciting. You can Join us In the Higher Energies Today begnning at 1:30pm Pacific At this Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart


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Love The Earth Allies

A Message from the Earth Allies~ Going through The Eye of The Needle~





Greetings Love Beings, To Make it Completly to Complete Awakening You have to walk through the Void, or The Eye of the Needle!! This can be a very challenging aspect on the Journey and many when they get to this Place they stop cause its too difficult. We are here to Reheart YOU, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! We are Here for You! KEEP GOING!


~ Many might have had an expectation that this process was going to be easy. We and many others have shared, that indeed, this was not an easy task. Easy in choice, but not easy as you make your way out of unconsciousness or darkness.~



~There is a Light at the end of the tunnel, as this is Guaranteed for those who are on the Path of Ascension. Keeping your Eyes and Your Focus on the Prize so to Speak will assist you through any challenging moments. What is the Prize? Your Ticket out of duality, illusion, all the pain and suffering, and to the Complete Experience of Heaven on Earth. We cannot make the walk for you. You must do the walking.



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Sananda'sEagles Obama is blocking!


It has come to my attention, that we Sananda's Eagles are ready to GO.


Obama is blocking, this.


Therefore His free will is hereby revoked, or more aptly overuled, since God the Creator is here in this reality, and HE has the power to do this.


The Word has been given.  For the Highest Good of All. 


Last time in meditation I tried to do this and I ended up at the Vatican, yes that light came from where???










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~ We Love You!~ Love The Earth Allies



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~Schedule one of these Amazing Life Changing Sessions!! Today~


~Humanity we are Here for you for your Real Awakening~












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Re~Post: Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks in Spirit Cave Hear New Sounds



Source: YouTube.com
Uploaded by MrAstralwalker on Apr 10, 2011


Sounds from the Hollow Earth. www.paneandov.com
Citizens of Shambala are releasing powerful vibrating energy. It sounds like a extreme combined energy of healing mantra sounds.




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SOLAR ALERT ~ Incoming Direct CME From M1 Flare


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~ Family Movie Night~ You can Join us Beginning at 4pm Pacific



You can Join us at 4pm Pacific Today for Family Movie Night! We are Hosting Angels In the Outfield. You can Join us Live At this Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart


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Osho - The Long, the Short and the All - Chapter 3 - Religion and Education: Part Three


Osho : Part Three




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Sananda's Eagles-Debt Forgiveness. Eradication.


Under the current non-causal reality all debt forgiveness is appropriate, whether known or unknown, due to the Stress environment of Control. This is the codex of 5:1 to ensure Guilt and Shame.  This codex is null and void. It no longer has any framework of operation. 


The financial system currently in operation violates the Galactic Law of One. 


Master St Germain is in embodiment, and Is now known as Koothumi the new world leader, that for a time shall work with Jesus to effect the Turnaround.   He is an adept at instigating the new financial framework. His work has been two fold in this lifetime, having responsibly led a very succesful financial company understanding all aspects of the economic and financial world, and I am an adept at mind control inserts and love.  Together we are a formidable team, and we have healed the injured energies of Mother/Father God of the Great Central Sun.  Our love and devotion to each other and our service to duty is immense and knows the infinite love of God. AS Jupiter he is your new sun effected of 100% pure love from creator source , here to bring in the changes and restore all.  He is also firmly now anchored within the Great Central Sun and has restored this Sun with pure codes.


We have anchored in the Twin Flame energies of mother father god, of oneness and shall multiply this forth in all that is.  All shall become known in due course.



That is all.











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The Lightworkers...by Anastasios.


What is Light?

Light is a form of consciousness. It is the eternal energy that connects everything in the universe. Is synthesized from higher vibrational frequencies. Light is unconditional love.

At times, enlightened souls incarnated on earth to help humanity to move towards better times ...


Enlightened souls with special abilities, who voluntarily incarnate to help humanity to heal from the effects of fear ...

The souls are awakened slowly, out of the vicious circle of desires for "material goods" that pervades our world. Realizing the particular qualities with which they are endowed (telepathy, power of thought, healing abilities, etc.), move and live in love and light and through teaching, healing, prayer, writing, public discourse and crowd other ways, and try to influence other people to do the same.

Realize that their mission is to help their fellow human beings to feel the true meaning of love and to learn to love, after becoming the first same as shining examples of selfless love ...


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Sananda's Eagles - The Media


Thank you for the Galactic Press allowing the messages.


The Media shall also have their free will revoked in all that is against the highest good of Gaia and her inhabitants.  First Contact and Disclosure information flow IS allowed under the terms of Gods Will. All those against this shall have their energies frozen. No fear shall ensue.  The opposite of fear. Love shall be.


The end of the FEAR program results.  All redundant energies shall be frozen.


Sananda's Eagles have Free Will under the remit of the holy of holies to use all and any methods at their disposal to inform Gaia's inhabitants of the Truth of all. 


It is done.













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Sananda's Eagles - America and Health Insurance


Due to the non-causal reality currently existing, it is deemed inappropriate that those suffering ill health are unable to afford this. This further induces stress to already stressed indviduals and does not assist Gaia at all. 


Interim measures shall prevail that health care is affordable to all, and shall be free shortly to all.  AS the healthcare industry operates against Galactic Law, I impose, any words, thoughts, deeds, vows and contracts that exist against the highest good of all shall be frozen.


Free will is denied that go against this command.


Medicare shall extend its coverage accordingly.


The financial basis of the Healthcare system is built upon corruption and all energies pertienent to this again shall be frozen.


Gaia's healthcare is free from God.  Therefore so shall all experience this until all dis-ease is eradicated.


Homelessness Poverty and Hunger must also be attended to immediately, relevant to Healthcare. 


And so it is.












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In Order To Incarnate To Earth You Had To Master Manifestations




by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Julia Cannon, daughter of past life regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, explains how we not only chose to be here in this 3rd dimensional reality, but in order to incarnate to this planet, we all had to be 'master manifestors'.

Julia paraphrased from Julie Hanson's book, "Awakening To Your Creation" the following:

"This is the densest, most challenging planet of all of the planets in the Universe to live in and live on.  This is the most challenging universe of all of the universes to live in and live on.  So right there, you know there's something special about this little planet.  It's not by accident, it's by design."


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A Special Message and An Excerpt from The Return of the Bird Tribes




WE are The Bird Tribe, and Humanity's Awakening is Truly inevitable. Father God= Great GrandFather is "Great Spirit", The Creator, and I, Mother God, am "White Buffalo Woman"=Great GrandMother or spiderwoman from the Hopi Prophecy, The Mother of Creation. We Are Here Present with you on Planet Earth=Heart~


Planet Earth=Heart is Immersed in Pure Light and Love!! Enraptured in the Wings of White Buffalo Woman[Mother God] and Connected Directly to The Sun[Father God].


An Excerpt of "The Return of The Bird Tribes" By Ken Carey


From The Chapter "White Buffalo Calf Woman"



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A Message from The Earth Allies~ ~We The People~



~We The People~ May these Words Ring Your "Liberty Bell"~



WE Are Here to Speak for the Human condition, and address it with Greater Understanding through Self Education, and the Awakening of The Divine Intelligence from Within with Unconditional Compassion. The Reason that We Are Here, Is Because We sent Our Prophets into Awaken Humanity, and They usually came back to Us with holes in Them. So Now We, From The Big Leagues Have Shown Up on this Planet bringing Humanity's God~Hood into Complete Awakening. We are not here to start a revolution. We Are Here to Advance Evolution.



The Real Constitution shares that it's the People who own this Government, not the corporations. We Are Here to Shine the Light On this Truth and stand with Humanity as they understand this Truth and together walk out of the prison and Home into Where Love is Everwhere Present.



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3-15-13 Bill Ballard ~ Call for Global Light Meditation 3-19-13 7PM UTC ~ Pt 3


Published on Mar 15, 2013


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CME IMPACT: As expected, a coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on March 15th at approximately 0500 UT. The impact was weak, but conditions for geomagnetic storming could develop as Earth passes through the CME's wake. High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras on March 15th and 16th. Aurora alerts: text, voice.


POSSIBLE EARTH-DIRECTED CME: A magnetic filament snaking around sunspot AR1692 erupted on March 15th at about 0600 UT. The slow explosion, which took hours to unfold, produced an M1-class solar flare and a bright CME. SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) captured the CME just as it was leaving the sun:



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Christina ~ Spiraling Up: Insights For Our New World Rising




Golden Heart Dialogues March 13 2013


There Is No Time But The Present

It takes courage to move through daily life, transmuting the old and integrating the new. We are being called inward to flush out that which no longer serves. The planetary clock reminds us that there is no time but the present. As we free ourselves from the old, defunct ways, we align to the truth of who we are.

We are here to raise our vibration as one immense, collective body. Stay tuned; there is more to come. Seek out transformational tools to implement in your daily life. Prayer, meditation and intention are beneficial.

We are living in a time of manifestation at the highest level. Through our intention, we are providing grounding for others to come. We now have the newfound capability to ground who we are as we navigate through our new world rising. The light radiating on the earth at this time is in support of our unfathomable efforts towards our wholeness.


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Southern Calif. Coast Sees Deluge of Sick Sea Lion Pups


Weather.com - 3/15/13, Dana Feldman



LAGUNA BEACH, California -- Sick and malnourished sea lion pups are stranding themselves on Southern California beaches in some of the largest numbers seen in over a decade, perplexing scientists and leading one care facility to declare itself near capacity.


Animal rescuers believe adult sea lions are again foraging deeper into the ocean this year, but the reasons are unclear. What has been evident is the poor health of the many sea lion pups stranding themselves on beaches.


For info on this story click: Sea Lion Pups



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Large fractures observed in the Arctic sea ice


The Watchers.com - 3/15/13, CHILLYMANJARO



Large fractures in the sea ice were observed off the north coast of Alaska and Canada, from near Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic to Barrow in Alaska, during the end of February and continuing into early March.



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Monarch Butterflies Drop Ominously in Mexico


Weather.com - 3/14/13, Mark Stevenson 



MEXICO CITY -- The number of Monarch butterflies making it to their winter refuge in Mexico dropped 59 percent this year, falling to the lowest level since comparable record-keeping began 20 years ago, scientists reported Wednesday.


It was the third straight year of declines for the orange-and-black butterflies that migrate from the United States and Canada to spend the winter sheltering in mountaintop fir forests in central Mexico. Six of the last seven years have shown drops, and there are now only one-fifteenth as many butterflies as there were in 1997.



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Together We Can Make a Difference



The Most Exciting Inspiration

I hold a very stong conviction that my broad network of connections of wonderful people hold a deep yearning for the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.

We can bring about a world wide transformation if we all become aware of this incredible window of opportunity.

On Thursday March 21st there will be a huge influx of positive energy. It is said that “All will experience it, not all will care”.

Because of the world wide web we have the way to communicate with everyone we know and care about.

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, to discover just how many like minded people there are around the world.

If we all actively choose to become as aware as possible of the significance of focussing on the most positive aspects possible for as much of that day as we are able to then we have the chance to raise the vibrations planet wide and bring about the shift from the 4th dimension to the 5th and herald in the Age of Aquarius and bring about Universal Oneness to All Humankind


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Your Birthday/Solar Return and the Cosmic Gateway (Spring Equinox 2013)


Another Cosmic Gateway opens upon your Spring Equinox, on or around the 21st of March 2013. This moment is akin and most alike to the "planetary birthday" if you will, and represents the first higher Cosmic Gateway within your new Fifth Dimensional Earth.

Images c/o Stock.Xchng and Catzmagick, motion graphics c/o motionbackgroundsforfree, music c/o Kevin Macleod. Video edited by Catzmagick Productions.


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Pre~ First Contact Information~





Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Many Magical Synchronostic Events, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Amazing Wonder, as You Are Present in the Moment of Now.


With the Highest Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and From Galactic Central~Center. We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, and Beyond...We Are the Ground Crew For First Contact, Your Earth Allies, and Representatives for the Upcoming Events! We Are Here in Service To You, ALL of Humanity, and To Mother Earth. We Love You Unconditionally.



~ Letting go of all belief systems~




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Anxiety Amplifies As It Prepares Us to Bloom




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Ancient Pyramid In Alaska Is Real Says Linda Moulton Howe


Source: BeforeItsNew.com - 3/12/13

Some say the pyramid in Alaska is a hoax while others maintain it is real. 


 Linda Moulton Howe first reported on a high strangeness finding in Alaska: an apparent buried pyramid about 50 miles from Mt. McKinley, according to Whitley Strieber at Unknown Country. He reports that 'the object is apparently very old, both built and buried by unknown parties" and is larger than the Pyramid of Cheops



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Live Session~ Flying With FatherGod Begins at 2pm Pacific




Greetings Love Beings, Father God will be Live With You for a Chat Session Beginning at 2pm Pacific at this Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart


SEE You THERE On The Grid


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David Icke ~ Non Comply ~Together ~We Have The Power


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Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)


Dailymail.co.uk - February 3, 2009,  MORAG PRESTON


An estimated 100,000 people in Britain have Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), which leads to hallucinations. These can include visions of miniature people

Following his wife's death six years ago, David Stannard has become accustomed to spending quiet evenings alone at his home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. 

So it came as a surprise to the 73-year-old when he looked up from his television one evening to discover he was sharing his living room with two RAF pilots and a schoolboy. 


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NESARA or bust?


It seems like, while all the talk among lightworkers lately is about NESARA, there has been a lot of talk in my immediate household about money recently as well. Generally, I have never found myself without the resources to get through my life. I have always had a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, and enough to spare for entertainment, vacations and spirituality. I tended to keep very good track of my finances as a child, and was taught good money managing skills in school and by my parents. All of this came very naturally to me and I was never quite the impoverished student that I was expecting to be at some point. In fact, I generally managed to do quite well for myself.

Being unemployed, in a foreign country, and dependent on the good graces of people that I am still getting to know has put money in another perspective. One of the them is currently dependent on parental aid, and the other is about to be between careers and considering going back to school. Additionally, socioeconomic discussions appear to be a major stress factor. I considered a recent entertainment only purchase and wondered if it had been a wise investment. It appears that the stress of others' finances was starting to get to me. Just them I looked down on the street and found a $20 bill.

This is the second time that I have manifested $20 when I have been feeling stressed about money. It appears to be the denomination of choice when spirit wants to send a message. I walked home feeling just a bit lighter. I don't know when the current finacial system will end, but I do know that GOD will not forget about any of us. :)




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Major Snowstorm Slams Russia and Central, Eastern Europe (Video)


AccuWeather.com March 16, 2013; 5:40 AM

A major winter storm was ongoing Friday over eastern Europe.

Snow was falling from the western Ukraine and Slovakia northeastward into Belarus and western Russia.

Snowfall blanketed Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Thursday and Thursday night while more than 6 inches of rain fell in the lower elevation capital city of Podgorica to the south in Montenegro.

To read the rest of this story and view the video visit AccuWeather.com



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Bringing the Extinct Back from the Dead


The Weather Channel Published: Mar 15, 2013, 10:01 AM EDT

Stewart Brand, one of the founders behind de-extinction, poses for a portrait during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

What if you found out that using the DNA in museum specimens and fossils 200,000 years old could bring species back?"  

That was the question Stewart Brand, a founder of the idea of de-extinction, posed at a TED talk in February 2013.

To read the rest of this story visit The Weather Channel


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Re~Post: Out of the Blue - Full HD UFO Movie



From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs and was directed by celebrated filmmaker James Fox. The films producers traveled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record. Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.


This film features Governor Fife Symington, Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Russian General Leonid Aleviev, President Jimmy Carter, Cosmonaut Major General Pavel Popovich, UK Admiral Lord Hill Norton, Physics Professor Dr. Brian Greene, President Gerald Ford, Astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper. White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, and many more. Presents an International Scope, Quality Testimony, and Scientific Perspectives. OUT OF THE BLUE provides a Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon.
"The weirdest thing about the documentary OUT OF THE BLUE is how weird it isn't." - TV Guide


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Scientists Say They've Discovered 'God Particle'


Weather.com-3/15/13, Associated Press


This undated image made available by CERN shows a typical candidate event in the search for the Higgs boson, including two high-energy photons whose energy (depicted by red lines) is measured in the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter. The yellow lines are the measured tracks of other particles produced in the collision.


GENEVA -- Scientists working at the world's biggest atom smasher near Geneva have announced they are confident that the new subatomic particle discovered last summer is a version of the long-sought Higgs boson. The particle bears key attributes of the so-called "God particle" that was theorized nearly a half-century ago as fundamental to the creation of the universe. It took thousands of scientists from around the world to hunt the particle in the atom-smasher operated by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

What Exactly is the God Particle?

Everything is made of atoms, inside of which are electrons, protons and neutrons. And those, in turn, are made of quarks and other subatomic particles. Scientists have wondered how these tiny building blocks of the universe acquire mass. Without mass, the particles wouldn't hold together - and there would be no matter.



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Heavenletter #4495 - What is the Hullaballoo in Life All About?


Heaven Letters Published on: March 16, 2013

God said:

You choose in life what is important to you and what is not. Your mind keeps a list of high importance and a list of lower importance underneath. You live that list, beloveds. You tag some activities and thoughts as priorities and you tag some as less than priority.

It’s good to take a look, to look at your priorities straight in the face. You have your lists, yet you may never have consciously noted your list. You could surprise yourself.

Many would say God, family, and country in that order. I wonder.

Where is money on the true list? And where is family and where is survival and where is love and where is amusement?


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The manuscript of survival – part 283


aisha north March 16, 2013


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The Oracle Report Saturday, March 16 - Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Oracle Report

Crescent Moon Phase - Moon in Taurus

The energy to ground limitless possibilities enters this weekend.  Over the past few months we have undertaken a vision quest to gain wisdom.  We've been integrating new insights, awareness, and understanding.  This weekend we want to lift ourselves above ordinary awareness and look at things a different way.  Is there something you haven't considered?  Are things taking an unexpected turn?  We know that the more we ground ourselves with the Earth, the higher the perspective we can gain.  We ground ourselves by taking care of our basic needs and maintaining simplicity.  The mental zone of simplicity allows magic to occur.


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Synchronicity


Angel Wisdom Saturday, March 16, 2013


The signs are there



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Anup Declares Peace on Earth! Have You Declared Peace on Earth Today?



Thank you for standing up in
LOVE and LIGHT, Anup!
We LOVE You!



Have you declared Peace On Earth today?

If you haven't already sent in a clip declaring Peace on Earth, please do so today.
If you've already done that, then please get out and start filming your friends, family, neighbors, and people you don't know yet!

It's simple. Just create a short clip like Anup's

and then email it to




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6 Super-Foods that Fight Cancer and Prevent Cancer


Waking Times September 11, 2012 | By admin Lisa Garber


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The Heart Song for March 16th 2013


The Heart Song for March 16th 2013 is
The link does not say who the author is.
The song is "Friendship" from the old Cole Porter musical, "Anything Goes!"

Artist: Lyrics
Song: Friendship Lyrics
You know, Reno, we should have teamed up years ago.

We're two of a kind, all right.


Through thick and thin!

Night and day!

Right or wrong!

If you're ever in a jam, here I am.

If you ever need a pal, I'm your gal.

If you ever feel so happy you land in jail,
I'm your bail.

It's friendship, friendship,
Just a perfect blendship,
When other friendships have been forgot
Ours will still be hot!

If you're ever down a well, ring my bell.

If you ever catch on fire, send a wire.

If you ever lose your teeth
When you're out to dine,
Borrow mine.

It's friendship, friendship,
Just a perfect blendship,
When other friendships have ceased to jell
Ours will still be swell!

If they ever black your eyes, put me wise.

If they ever cook your goose, turn me loose.

If they ever put a bullet through your brr-ain
I'll complain.

It's friendship, friendship,
Just a perfect blendship,
When other friendships go up in smoke,
Ours will still be oke!



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Volcanic Activity Worldwide: March 13 - 16



GFP Note: Due to recurring issues with the VolcanoDiscovery.com website, we have not been able to report on several updates until now. Please click on the links below for the latest information.



Etna Volcano. Lava fountains during lst night's paroxysm.

Etna volcano current activity: new paroxysms from New SE crater


Volcanoes Today, 16 Mar 2013: Colima, Dukono, Reventador, Tungurahua, Ambrym, Galeras, Nevado del Ruiz, Sacabaya



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Latest Earthquake Activity - March 16, 2013


Source: USGS.gov
Follow the link to see quake
activity for the past seven days.

Visit Live Earthquakes Map
for live quake reporting.

10-degree map showing recent earthquakes

Map of the 4.9 mag quake at INDIAN OCEAN TRIPLE JUNCTION

All quakes with magnitude 4.5
or greater are highlighted.

March 16




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Scaffolding Rises on Washington Monument


Weather.com - Brett Zonkger, 3/15/13Washington D.C.

Workers erect scaffolding around the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, on March 13, 2013. The scaffolding is being put in place so that repairs can be made to the monument after it was damaged in an earthquake in 2011. (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON -- Workers have started building scaffolding around the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument to make repairs to stonework damaged in a 2011 earthquake.

The scaffolding being built by workers was slowly rising from the base of the monument Thursday.

To read the rest of this story, visit Weather.com.


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4MIN News March 16, 2013: Solar Storm Arriving Soon




Source: YouTube.com

By: Suspicious0bservers



Published on Mar 16, 2013


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NSDIC: Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Extent, 1979-2012 animated maps


Source: The Watchers - 3/16/13, By Chillymanjaro

 NSDIC No related posts.


In October 2012, National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) released an animated map of 2012 Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent shown side-by-side with 1979 – 2009 climatology.





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Ongoing increase to toxic algae risk in Ruamahanga River


Voxy.co.nz - 3/15/13


Toxic algae coverage and it associated risks continue to increase in the Ruamahanga River as the hot, dry weather continues.

Toxic algae coverage is HIGH at the popular recreation areas the Cliffs and Kokotau Bridge in Carterton District and MODERATE at Te Ore Ore in Masterton District.

To read the rest of this story, visit Voxy.co.nz.



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Sinkhole opens up in Washington and jaded humor emerges


Reuters.com - 3/12/13, Deborah Zabarenko


(Reuters) - Washington is used to being the brunt of jokes, particularly those centered around the action, or lack of it, on Capitol Hill.

But on Tuesday, the focus moved to the Adams Morgan neighborhood, where some saw a symbol of Washington - a gaping sinkhole in the middle of a bustling sidewalk.

To read the rest of this story, visit Reuters.com.


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Message from The Earth Allies~ “Life Is A Party”


We have shared with You before that the mind is an infinite loop. Humanity has been spinning round and round in circles, going nowhere. The infinite loop is just like a computer program, that tried to make Humanity into slaves for the illuminati. Now, Love Is Here and where there is Love, there is no illusion. Love resets the program back to the Original Source, a dream come True, instead of a nightmare.

Love Is the Truth of Who Each of You Are and getting out of the program is very simple. Be Present in the Moment of Now and Allow Love to Catch YOU! Being Present is the illuminati's worst nightmare, because when You Are Present, no longer are you feeding them energy. Being Present in the Moment Is Pure Consciousness and the Reconnection to Source. It's so simple, but you have been bombarded with distractions to keep You from Being Present. They did not want you to know this Simple Truth. They also wanted to make sure that if You did Hear this Simple Truth, you would not believe it, and that's where most of Humanity is. This is why sharing Our Information with Others is so crucial. The More and More that Awaken Right Now, the quicker the illuminati minions lose power.

The illuminati masters have left, it's just the minions that are now on the Planet, and they are attempting to continue on with the illusion, because they are just a program. The Quicker Humanity disconnects from them, BY SIMPLY BEING PRESENT IN THE MOMENT OF NOW, the less and less they will have any power at all.

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Your Family of Light


By Earth Ally Will Harader


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Alien Creature Swims Past International Space Station? 2013 1080p Available


Incredible footage of a translucent type entity caught briefly on NASA's live stream of the International Space Station. The footage cuts off due to NASA pulling the plug on the transmission and replacing it with the infamous static bar screen. If this is genuine footage then it proves yet again that NASA have failed to inform the people of the world that life exists outside planet Earth, albeit in this case, a possible proteus life form or invertebrate. Footage submitted via my website by Henry Grantham.

ADG Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-D...

Follow ADG on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ADG_UK



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Planetary Update ~ March 2013


Every month, Jim Self "takes the pulse" of the energies currently affecting us and the planet.

Mastering Alchemy (sign up for free membership and access to Jim's free webinar series)

Mastering Alchemy Facebook Page

Jim & Roxane's Book - What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? Why Now is the Time to Release Who You Are Not and Remember Who You Are
- Also through Amazon
- Barnes and Nobles

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Ann Albers ~Message From Ann And The Angels


annalbers2Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of “willfulness.” You will is a great gift. You can use it motivate yourself when your heart is willing but your mind is weak. You can use it to create movement in spite of life’s obstacles. However, you can also use it to rebel against your hearts, much as a child can rebel against those in authority when feeling out of sorts.

The question you must ask yourself regularly is, “Am I using my will to align with my heart, or am I using my will to stubbornly resist that within me which I know to be true?” A will aligned with God, aligned with good, aligned with your own hearts is a powerful force! A will aligned with all your “shoulds,” preconceived notions, and other conditioning is also a powerful force. One leads you to heaven. The other prevents you from accessing the very same.


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Becoming the Witness 24/7 and Embracing the Unexpected!



From the end scene of the move Avatar


Boy was I knee deep in a lesson all day yesterday that I didn’t even recognize as a lesson until I was on my drive home from the cancer center.  I have also fully realized, being a (human) witness in readings, is 10 times easier than being the witness in your own life.  My day started out dysfunctional and remained that was until I left my house for my follow-up appointment.  First I ran out of time to finish the complete story in my blog, so I published half the story.  (Hey, I had at least that part written, why not publish it!! lol)  Then my appointments started going a rye thanks to the sudden change to daylight savings time and skype using the cloak of invisibility!  We won’t even talk about my cell phone dropping an international call each time I attempted to dial it.  By this time, I was already frazzled because during one reading, my propane man showed up.  I put my guy on hold while I ran outside to ask my propane guy whats up with my tank.  I filled it full of propane back in July or August and here it is March and I am still showing 80% full… that has to be wrong.  He thought I was cheating on him and getting propane elsewhere… I assured him, I don’t cheat!! (smile)  He went to the tank and gave it a huge thump… my needle dropped to 5%.  Well just shit!!!


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…much has been learned and nothing should be regretted. – channeled by Ron Head


Oracles and Healers March 16, 2013

roller coaster



Today let us consider your current situation and help you to feel a bit better about it.


Remember that your current situation is the moment or moments prior to your next situation.  It is the time in which causes have been made, and are being made, which will yield later results.  It is also the time in which your thoughts, decisions, and intentions are the real power of which you have been so often apprised, and which you find so hard to understand.


This moment, this moment, is one in which you could actually be celebrating what you have done if you could see what it truly contains.  That is because, unless you change your minds, the work to produce the next moment has been done.



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Sheldan Nidle interview #1 childhood and lightworker information


Who is Sheldan Nidle ? He claims to have had direct communication with Sirian extraterrestrials throughout his life. As a small child Sheldan was "gifted". He would turn on and off lights when his mother tucked him in at night. He and his family would witness blue lights and Sirian ETs appearing in his room. When the Sirians would take Sheldan aboard ship, he would receive teaching/learning sessions and the Sirians revealed to Sheldan his mission for this lifetime.

DisclosureHub.com was so curious about Sheldan's story they spent several days with Sheldan and interviewed him.


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Sarah Varcas ~ An Eclipse Season Approaches ~ 16 March 2013


Solar System AstrologyWeek Beginning 18th March 2013: An Eclipse Season Approaches

by Sarah Varcas

With Mercury having stationed direct at 7:59 p.m. GMT on 17th March, ending its three weeks of retrograde motion, we begin this week with a feeling of renewal and an opportunity to begin making progress again! The past few weeks have given us opportunities to recognise just how deeply we are connected with all things and everyone else, and how our energy systems entwine to create either conducive or obstructive patterns in our lives. Sensitivities have been very high, with a planetary emphasis on the sign Pisces, and there has been much to process in the world of emotions! The good news is…. things are now beginning to shift, and a movement of planets into the sign of Aries signals that new beginnings and fresh energies abound in the coming days.


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Jennifer Farley~ The Burning Bush….



Take some time and think about this; there is an accumulation of miracles in your life so subtle, so minute that you barely take notice. Then, at the precise moment you are ready to experience the full force of these miracles, there is a shift in your awareness and you will often stand in awe in how you missed this before. My dear child, The Universe no longer needs a burning bush to get your attention. YOU are the burning bush. ~ Creator



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