President Obama's Situation as I See It

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Written by Wes Annac

While I haven’t been following politics very closely for what to me is a good reason, as the election is coming up in the United States we are seeing much circulated about President Obama, Mitt Romney and the outcome of who is elected president. We have heard that much is riding on this election; not for any political reasons but for reasons of steering this Earth into the Golden Age we have all been working toward.

I would like to give my two cents and my opinion, knowing that it could likely be different from yours. I don’t wish to turn this into a full-blown debate about Obama, but simply give my opinion and ask that it is respected, just as I would respect the opinion of another as long as the person expressing it is themselves respectful. I have unfortunately talked with plenty of people, my own mother included, who do not believe in President Obama.

Many people feel that he had the chance and failed, and it can be disparaging for any Obama supporter to continually meet a wall of criticism of the President; sometimes, moreso than what was given to both of the Bushes. Whenever Bush showed us how against the will of the people his administration and those behind the curtain truly are, the presidential position was automatically put under much more scrutiny.

However, Bush had the advantage of being aligned with the far-right and controlled aspects of the American mainstream media, who were much less critical of him than they have been of President Obama.

I guess I should go ahead and say that I wholeheartedly support President Obama and do feel that he should be reelected and that, as some have suggested, his reelection is critical to the unfolding of the Golden Age. This is my opinion and again, may be different from yours but all perspectives should be considered and respected.

I understand the wall of negative comments that could result from me writing this article. Laundry lists of accusations and questions of the integrity of my character for supporting the President could be a result of simply expressing my opinion, and what I’ve noticed is that some seem to really want everybody to be convinced of their opinion.

Besides simply stating my opinion on this matter and getting it out there, I have no desire to convince you of how I feel; simply to display my perspective and give my personal reasons why I believe in Obama, knowing that I am unwavering in my faith and in this particular belief, and knowing that those who wish the most for all to think and ‘know’ that Obama is a puppet for the cabal or is somehow aligned against the people, are just as unwavering in their belief.

I have no desire to take that belief away from them, nor do I desire to have mine taken from me.

A strong hint as to the controlled opposition against the President that I’ve noticed, has been the circulating of clearly-racist photo shopped pictures of the President or his wife. People on spiritual forums who I would have otherwise considered completely credible have spread such types of photos around, perhaps not realizing the extent of the racism and hate employed in such pictures but simply doing so out of their own contempt for the President. I’ve literally seen pictures of Obama with a grill in his mouth and a drink in his hand, circulated by people making fun of him while giving their opinions of his alignment with evil.

I do not think that spreading such hate around is helpful in attempting to convince others of one’s opinion on this matter, and yet I have seen it happen with many people, on many different websites who are aligned against the President for their own reasons.

Much of the disdain for and disappointment in President Obama has been his seeming ‘left turn’ in enacting much of what he said he was going to do as President. Obama has been one of very few Presidents who were not in line with the agendas of the elites from the beginning, and the clear, large network of propaganda in the mainstream, alternative and spiritual media seems only to be a testament to this fact.

In my view, the unfortunate part is that Lightworkers have believed the propaganda imbued within the mainstream, alternative and spiritual media, and a part of this has to do with the aforementioned increased scrutiny against the President as the people have begun to awaken to the misdeeds [to put them lightly] of Bush and of the cabals in general. The people are not taking corruption anymore and are scrutinizing the President, whoever he may be, now more than ever.

The problem is that many of us have naturally assumed that the President has the most power as we would expect him to, based on how the American governing body is supposed to be but alas, the President holds much less power than we realize. Obama didn’t quite realize the enormous, worldwide power network he was taking-on with his many decrees and presidential ambitions, and it is my view as well as that of many others that Obama immediately met a wall of hate from those he had vowed to bring down in various different forms.

What Obama has been able to get done so far, we often don’t hear about and if we do, we usually hear about it in a critical or at the very least, speculative light. The hatred and contempt held for Bush has carried-over for a lot of people, especially many people who voted for Obama and expected the promised change in his first term, not knowing that the hidden establishment running things in Washington were and have been the real deciders of actions that are taken.

The elite’s plan was solidified from the beginning. They were likely very surprised that neither of the people who their separate factions were trying to get elected actually won in 2008, and they probably worked very quickly to devise a plan against the President that would entail threats against his Life among other awful things, and a continual blocking of every agenda he wished to enact under the guise of the Republican party blocking such things only for the interest of their parties.

Obama’s many attempted actions have been blocked for much deeper reasons than that but the separation-boasting system of Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative has been used by the cabals as a shell of a reason to enact or block any type of agenda and to use separation-based mindsets to divide and distract the people on miniscule issues, so that an agenda can either be pushed through or blocked without the public realizing the broader implications of either agenda, be it for or against the interests of the people.

Propaganda through a heavily-controlled mainstream media and a slightly-controlled alternative media would reinforce views against the President and all of that fuming hatred of Bush would, after a while of Obama being in office, fashion into disappointment and hatred of him, and the awareness of the people and our expression of such an awareness would be aimed toward somebody who really has been trying to help us all along, rather than who it is to be duly aimed at; the real perpetrators of this illusory and unfair system we have in place at present.

The elites would have their Republicans block maneuvers the President makes to get various things done, while the mainstream and alternative media continually reinforce a rhetoric that the President is fulfilling nothing that he said he would, which would of course light the alternative media afire with conspiracy theories and assumptions that the President has been in-line with the agendas of the elites all along and that his campaign of hope and change was a farce. This is pretty much an assumption within many people at present, and some think Obama supporters downright crazy and ‘blind’ because we don’t resonate with what to us seems to be clear, orchestrated propaganda against the President.

The elites would gain an advantage, having their more far-right mainstream media pundits harshly criticize and attack the President nearly as soon as he took office. They would play-upon the awakening that is occurring within many on our world at this point, by issuing routine conspiracy theories themselves against the President, again, on their own far-right mainstream ‘news’ networks.

Do you ever wonder why far-right pundits almost seem to be in agreement with ‘alternative’ news-based conspiracy theories against the President? When Alex Jones and Fox News are agreeing with each other, something isn’t right.

By now, the majority of the people should have been against the President and make no mistake, a lot of people are. Many conscious Lightworkers who are very insightful and filled with important knowledge for humanity to assimilate, are aligned with the belief that Obama is not a Lightworker and we’ve all seen a plethora of vicious and sometimes petty arguments about the integrity and intention of the President.

I think that even beyond all of this, the President is under much more pressure and stress than we all realize. I have heard that some pretty awful threats were made to the President and there is likely much more to the story of his Presidency than we will yet know; even those of us who search and search for the truth endlessly. We are seeing now, the result of four years of orchestrated propaganda against the President and we are now and have been witnessing the absorbing and believing of this propaganda by many well-meaning, intelligent souls.

In my view, this is unfortunate as I believe that despite the clear purposeful blocking of the President’s plans [in various different forms] to help usher humanity into an age of peace and prosperity and despite what seemed for a long time to be his own submission and perceived defeat, it seems that there could be another round for President Obama.

It can be disheartening to see some well-meaning individuals including my own mother, who are very staunchly against the President and are more in favor of Mitt Romney for President.

Again, politics aside, I feel that Mitt Romney is and will be an instrument of the cabals and the interests and agendas of the cabals. I have my reasons for feeling this way and even many who are against Obama would likely agree about Mitt Romney, and he has especially made it clear to his billionaire-donors that he does not believe strongly in government aide; much less a redistribution of wealth.

I can also remember Ben Fulford telling us quite a long time before Romney was the presumptive republican nominee, that he had been chosen by the cabals to be President. A while after Fulford’s ‘prediction’ was given, the mainstream was indeed alight with the news that Romney was the presumptive republican nominee.

It can be difficult to watch Romney pretend to genuinely care about the American public when he speaks, knowing that as soon as he would potentially be elected, he would immediately give-in to the agendas of his donors and those who decided he would run for President. For some who are against Obama, they may feel the same thing when hearing the President speak but I find Obama’s words and intents to be genuine.

This all being said, I would like to present my personal view of President Obama’s situation as it stands at present.

Watching the orchestrated propaganda against the President, as well as what to me seems as a willing buying-in to this propaganda by many within the Lightworker collective, it seemed very recently as if the President had given up. It seemed as if he had lost the will to fight, and even many who still support him could likely feel that he was unable to move freely as President and express his true motives and agendas, while his agendas were painted continually as anything but being in the interests of the people.

He seemed to have given up, to have realized his inability to make a change while within a limited position that we have been taught is much more of a powerful position than it actually is. Just looking at the President, it seemed as if he was in a calm yet deflated state and it seems to me that this has changed very recently.

I think that Obama is on a fast pace to making a ‘comeback’ of sorts and I believe that this election is crucial to his ability to bring-forth plans that are in the best interests of not only the United States, but of all of humanity as well.

Most people would assume by this point that voting is not important as many assume the elections to be rigged and controlled completely, but in my view the successful election of Obama the first time displayed that the will of the people can decide an election despite the attempted rigging by the cabals. I think that especially now, voting is more important than ever and we can get the will of the people enacted.

To express a bit of a gut-feeling, I feel that Obama’s reelection will signal a real beginning of the diminishing of the elite’s power structure, and I think that they know it. Jon Stewart raised a good point during his recent interview with President Obama; that is, how do we know that the far-right is not going to be just as resistant in a second term is they were in Obama’s first?

In my honest opinion which is based on my view of Obama being one of the ‘good guys’; it is better to have a President who will work to enact the will of the people and meet opposition, than one who will act completely in alignment with the opposition. I understand that many believe Obama is one such person working for the opposition and that view is respected; it is simply not my own.

Watching the President recently, I feel that he has bounced back from his instated slumber and he is coming out boldly and brightly during his campaign. I’ve been following his campaign to a detached extent while trying to stay away from politics and divisive issues, as even Obama has had to play-in to some of the more illusory aspects of politics and while I feel that he had no choice in such matters, many would point to that as a seeming reason that Obama must be on ‘the dark side’.

I think that we are going to see the President shining in the time ahead and I think that his campaign will be successful, but only if we who truly support him show the initiative to help him reach a second term. I do think that voting is more important than ever at this time and will be registering to vote for President Obama. My faith in him remains solidified, though I too went through a phase wherein I thought/assumed Obama was a cabal-puppet and I can remember sending him much hatred during that time.

I support this President, and believe he has met much more resistance than he expected. He temporarily allowed this to bring him down but now that so many things are happening that serve to lead us ever-closer to the complete end of the cabals’ control of the citizens of this planet, Obama is finally seeing the wiggle-room he has always needed and rightly deserved as President of the sovereign United States of America [as opposed to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation] and will begin working much more easily and strongly in a second term to help bring forth the change that many of us have worked to bring to this lost world.

Wes Annac – Contributing to the fray



President Obama's Situation/Wes Annak

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It took 8 years more or less, for the dark agenda to institute its plans for the control of the masses. Then a hick-up occurred. A hick-up, they didn't expect. So, they thought, 'there's more than one way to skin a ....." and they according to Wes...:" worked very quickly to devise a plan against the President that would entail threats against his Life among other awful things, and a continual blocking of every agenda he wished to enact under the guise of the Republican party blocking such things only for the interest of their parties." Now, if you would follow my anology, please. If it took you 8 years to dig a hole, how could you possibly expect to fill that hole, given the fact that you were held back everytime you took up your shovel, in 4 years. People need to keep things in perspective. The same old techniques that the Bush cabal used, namely skewering the electronic voting counts, are going to be tried again. Aparently, Mitt Romney's son owns the company that counts the votes. Wake up, people!! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I hope something big happens soon, that will railroad the dark agenda, and kick them out once and for all! Just my opinion! 

AS You Wish!

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As You Wish beloved Ra-Raela. And So It Is, and So It Is, and So It Is, Beloved "I AM."

Candace of

kabniel's picture

Candace of thinks Obummer is a Cyborg.

Did you see that scar on his head..? She thinks there is a computer

processor in that head.


Kryon, in 2008 said that Obummer's soul is about 100 feet away from him.


I think his soul went AWOL.


I think that your opinion is biased towards the opinions of those you channel.

Not much of a thinker, are you. ..?


Are you aware that Obummer is in the service of the Cabal...?

And that the Cabal owns the US of A...? That this government is NOt

the government of the People, For the People ad By the People.

The government we have now is a corporation . Illegal and fraudulent.

See Drake's and his militia. This is all about that.


Are you aware that Obummer has gutted the US Constitution..?


I am aware that we all have soul contract with the Divine at this time.

He  indeed holds a very important one.  


We were supposed to ascend in 2000. But you all were very busy watching TV.

So, we asked the Divine to wake you up. You saw the 9-11.

Today, only 20% are half awake. 1% of that 20% are fully awake .That is 144,000

souls.  The vanguard , the ascension specialists.The remaining 80% are still somnambulating, lapping everything that guy

says with his teleprompter.


Where does he fit in this picture..? He was tasked by Heaven to kick your balls until you

double up in pain and ask Heaven to wake you up from your nightmare. Isn't that what he is doing now..?


His job does not end there. There is an earth parallel that will descend in consciousness.

Called post-nuclear armageddon. Remote view it. The Cabal built  a large numbers of DUMBS  (deep underground military bases) to house themselves and their reptoid masters . In this reality, your DNAs will be cut to one strand and the situations will be extremely barbaric.  His job is to help harvest as many souls  into this reality.



This is what the Divine asked him to do.

He is in the service of the Light....just like you and I.

The Divine is not into right or wrong. Not into

good or Evil.   We are closing this epoch, and these have to be done.


I suggest Wes, to channel only the highest part of your being the 11th dimension where you can get the HIGHEST TRUTH from the widest perspective. Insist on this.

And..........think with your heart.


I also suggest to the readers to be intimate with your Spirit and

keep your attention to the Ascending Parallel Earth.  You are already connected.


If you are in fear of what I said, ask your Spirit to harmonize your energy field and remove the fear vibrations.


In the service of the Light,







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I agree with you---my thoughts---those who have faith and believe in our President believe in life on Terra Nova/New Earth.....those who have faith and believe otherwise, will believe otherwise..Earth 2 (worlds spiritually separating)?  No judgements, IT IS WHAT IT IS....

As You Wish Wes!

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As You Wish beloved Wes. And So It Is, and So It Is, and So It Is, Beloved "I AM."


3d trap

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As a system buster , a renegade member of the family of light we are here to take down as fast a possible a corrupt ,poison, death machine being used against the world !Its a political system so corrupt ,dark and 3d no enlightened  being would give it power by legitmizing it in any way, let alone have a candidate or vote to be lead. A enlightened being understands and knows a simple test to tell if a system,person,ET is of the light . Light is freely given, honest,open knowledge .Dark hides knowledge ,twists it ,keeps it  from you in order to have power over you, Ego demands this. Light empowers you to be free, self directed sentient being of light with no need to be lead,why because an enlightened being takes full responsibility for his or her life .You would like a new world of 5 d ? Time to wake up and understand it can not be created by working to keep
3D up and running by supporting duality and its system ,by the way the banking system runs the political system in the US and the rest of the worlds as well. All your current politicians are criminals and are looked on by all Beings of the light , Galactic,Enlightened Humans, true Starseeds,Wayshowers,Lightworkers as Dark.
If you want to move to planet love ,have a peaceful, abundant,healthy
new paradigm first you must stop supporting and creating what you don't want!!
Peaceful noncompliance is the pathway filled with light.I trained life time after life for over 100000 years to be here and destroy this 3d political prisons system, a system so many who say they are awakened lightwork cling to and recreate over and over again with a vote, while it kills 20000 childern a week from starvation alone.As  system busters our roll is to destroy all the dark has put in place to hold you in fear,time is now to let go ,i say to all ,take back your power and ownership of your life and planet .We are going to win!!
I tell you know now we already have won  and the criminals have been removed .
 Peace and Love  from a Renegade member of the family of light.....