SanJAsKa: "You Have Shown Incredible Skill and Patience in Manifesting Ascension"

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Dear souls, I AM SanJAsKa. I come to you on this most beautiful of nights to share my perspective of Love and Wisdom. We wish for you all to know that you are entering a critical stage in your evolution, one that will require you to be sharp in mind and pure in heart. It is now time to let the earthly patterns you have been used to go, as they are a part of the old that is breaking away and cannot venture with you into the higher vibrations. Many of you as of late have been feeling somewhat held back, this is due to your continued dependence on material things to sustain happiness. Please do not think in any way that we are judging you; we wish you to do what makes you happy at all times, and take part in activities that resonate with you if they bring you Joy. However, we are now entering times where many of you are growing out of what you are used to, ascending past those things that used to give you so much comfort. This is all a part of your ascension process, and one we have alerted you to expect.

This is a very good thing, as it means you are lifting yourself up away from the lower vibrations you have for so long been used to. We wish you could understand how wonderful it has been from our starships to watch you all make such incredible progress. You have undertaken and come out of every feat on Earth, and you are now so much stronger for doing so. You have all been manifesting in the sleep realms your New Age on Earth, and now is the time for that manifestation to come to fruition. While the ones you brand the Illuminati think they can stall until the end, we have informed them countless times that it will not be so. You have shown incredible skill and patience in manifesting this goal of ascension, and it simply wouldn't make sense for all of your efforts not to manifest miracles. We cheer for you daily, as you are making more of a difference than you can possibly conceive of at this moment!!

Again, the time of clearing old patterns away is now. You will feel so much Lighter, so much stronger and more energetic after brushing away the last bits of earthly materialism that are holding many of you back. Indeed, many have already begun to notice the Divine effects of their venture back to the higher vibrations; many of you have felt strange yet wonderful sensations and feelings that you cannot ignore, and that cannot possibly be explained by anything other than your personal ascension. You are assimilating the higher energies every moment, and we are quite glad to see you all taking notice of this finally. Many have begun to harness their own Divine powers lost so long ago, and we are delighted to see so many of you once again declaring your Love for and use of the Sacred Violet Flame.

When you anchor Love to Mother Earth, you are anchoring the Violet Flame of Love and Light. It is wonderful that so many of you have once agin found this ancient and powerful tool, and the resulting affects of your use of it have sped up worldy matters and transmuted so many lower energies that ascension has been aided a great deal. We ask you to continue to partake in the Violet Flame, and we wish you to know we have increased the scope and purity of the energies being sent through the Violet Flame. Where before many of you were already reaching your own personal new heights pertaining to these energies, now we have turned it up quite a few notches as your transmutations have cleared your etheric bodies to assimilate these new energies, at much more pure levels.

In these times, more souls than ever are learning the truth about your world, about ascension and about spirituality. Many schools and 'gurus' have come forth preaching messages of the Divine, and many of them are what you would consider 'legitimate'. There are many spiritual institutions out there that are working for the Divine in very clear ways, but we must caution you that like everything else, souls with a lower intent have corrupted the idea of spiritual institutions and of gurus. Many have claimed to know the secrets of the world and how to make Life work in your favor, but sadly enough much of the time these teachings have been false and used for personal gain of the soul running the institution. Other kinds of places have deliberately churned out false teachings as a way of gaining control over their followers, in this case we speak of many cults and religious institutions. Some may not be able to understand how these two truths can coincide, as they see them as seperate subjects when in reality it is not so. Many of you don't understand how two sides of the same story can be tue at the same time, as you are still kept under the illusion of polarity. You will come to find in the times ahead that there will be many issues with multiple sides of truth, and a lot of new information and truth is to completely flip around what you used to know as 'normal'.
I AM SanJAsKa, and together with the Pleiadian Council of Nine wish you all to know that real change is on the horizon. We know this has been repeated several times, and we wish you to know that it will continue to be repeated. There are many things we tell you multiple times as a means of really letting it soak in. Many of you miss important points in our messages, so we feel we have to remind you, to get you thinking in the most beneficial direction for your spiritual development. We Love you all more than can be expressed with words, and we await seeing you in person once again.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.