September brings us Our Conscious Realization of Infinity

GLR Wes Annac's picture

Hello dear friends, and welcome to September. We face now a new month, a chance to enact endless opportunities that now stand waiting at our door. The increased energies being sent in since late June have been ever increasing and we are to see these energies boosted even more here in September. August and the summer months were big months for emotional and astral clearning, and for many of us the heightened energies have helped us do just that. Wave after wave of souls have begun to discover the subtle worlds and realities that exist so delicately yet firmly within themselves, and many have found in these lands their spiritual guides just waiting to make contact with them. As we head further into September I can see more and more awakening to this knowledge.

Friends we are heading to infinity. With the realization that we are able to enter and come out of the infinite astral planes of reality at will, will come our true freedom and sovereignty. I have heard our Divine friends say that sovereignty is not an outward condition as much as it is a state of mind, a state of Living, a state of BEing. The broken up dark cabals see our conscious return to the astral planes as the worst thing that could happen for them as that return will solidify our awakening to the infinity present in us at all times. Enter fully what you term your ‘imagination’ as you will be entering your long held Divine astral planes, where anything is possible, where you are infinite at all times. Friends let me take you now on a journey into the astral planes of your mind, of your soul.

Picture the outside of your home. You can picture yourself standing in front of your house, or you can just picture your house. It doesn’t matter, just picture being outside of your home. Do you have the image in your mind? If so than you are astral traveling! Now, imagine in front of you a red car. Why a red car specifically? Because you can manifest a red car specifically! Isn’t that cool? You think about it, and it’s there. You have created, have manifested that red car. Friends, this is our infinite ability of creation our Divine friends have so long been talking about at work.

I encourage you all to play around in this land, as it is not simple imagination at play. It is not the work of your brain alone and you are not ‘imagining’ something that is not real. You are accessing different realities by using your mind! Once you find yourself fully grounded in this land you can ‘do’ anything. I’ll give you another example. While still standing in front of the red car you manifested outside of your house, take out your wallet and look inside. Manifest what you most wish to be inside that wallet, which would usually be money. Look at that! I’m sure most of you ‘imagined’ and therefore created hundred dollar bills in your wallet. You are rich in the astral planes! This exercise specifically also helps one to realize the illusory nature of money. While money and making money seems to be everything in our world, in this astral world you can manifest this pointless paper instantly! As can you manifest any product money can buy.

As the energies of September increase and see us all through this chaotic period, so will more souls realize they have access to their own infinity at all times. Continue to experiment in your newfound world, as once you get used to interacting in this place you will find yourself doing infinite and wonderful things. Flying, floating in the air, visiting childhood homes or places of remembrance, all of this and more is completely accessible and ‘do-able’ at all times. With the energies coming in and clearing our physical/emotional/mental/astral bodies of the long held negative energy, comes our conscious realization that what we have been referring to as ‘imagination’ has been our expressions of infinity all along. Tap into it dear friends!

Much Love, Wes Annac :)