Shifting Accords

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The processes which are utilized daily by intergalactic associates can commemorate to better expenses of our galactic cores energetic waves which can assimilate formations of our conscious grids as for dispositions towards greater fluctuating fields have concurrently governed factions outside the Earth's orbital fields for advances in Earth's historical moments, as we attain hyper transmissible routes which should sustain the accords with these beings while coalescing greater reuptakes by individual forces which may come in contact with us for attendance and maintenance on the galactic cores progress as for we initially have bypassed one of the inherited codes which had subliminally linked Higher Octave Chains which heralded concepts which had been aboriginal from our genomes receptive capabilities.

As to give new Intelligences which imparts on substantial things as the grid type ratios… Should contend to memorizing extents of universal laws which have been attained by simply connecting into the higher grids which disposes the energetic assembly lines to compose and receive the formulations which extracts the right commands for us to attenuate to dispensations within the universal laws.


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Metamorphosing The Primal Sound