Short Update~ Whats Really Happening~ The Bigger Picture

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Greetings Love Beings, and again the energies increase and intensify.....!!! We intend Humanity will be able to keep up with all this Light coming in which is preparing us for many events ahead. As a result many more will be shifting off the Planet as this acceleration period continues. The end of July, we feel will be a huge victory and turning point for the Light. Expect the unexpected! This energy is Now arriving as intense waves....where we are receiving the incoming energy then it subsides and then a whammy Again. Truly Humanity is here to accomplish the Incredible and we are here to see this Through to completion. Everyone can Join us today in a Live Discussion about what is really happening on the Planet from the bigger picture standpoint beginning at 10:30am Pacific At this Link:

We Would Like to See all 7  Billion People join us in this ROOM! Then We Would Really Lite Up the Planet!

Topics of Discussion Today :

Lions Gate, Rare Astrological alignments, New Mayan New Year and Day out of Time [Celia Fenns Latest Information about this and what this all Means for you] and July 29th

Why is July so Important for the Victory of the Light

What is this Tiny Chat Room and Why is it so Important to the Divine Plan Unfolding?

The Importance of not running away from the Light

Why is their Mis and Dis Information out there, where does it come from? and why?

Implants, what these are and How You Dissolve them

Discuss Sheldan Nidle's Latest Post which alot of it was in alignment with Our Last Update

Cobra's Daily Meditations to Be Preformed in tc Daily?

How Many Channelers and Bloggers are Now All on the Same Page, this is How the Light wins, Syhncronsitic unfoldment is how it all will unfold

Crop Circle's

Earth Changes Events and the Elements

We would also love to discuss any topics or questions You Might Have for US!

See You there Love The Earth Allies

 ReHearter: BINGO! Author: TheFlashRon  

I used to cringe whenever someone would say "It's all good". I would say to myself "it's not possible for it all to be good".

Well guess what? it is possible, and John Smallman's message for today is a good example.

We are so blessed to be in the presence of such Love, let's simply open our hearts to it and let it in! Yes! I can feel it! Let's let this beautiful Love radiate out through us and into the world! We CAN and WILL do this and it will spread like wildfire! It will change everything. We can and will do this!

Love and Blessings to All Ron


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Thank You for Honoring our 24 Hour service and Dedication to the Divine Plan, without All of your Support We would Not be able to Be here for All of You! Way to Go, Victory for the Light Here We come!