The Solar Eclipse Energies ~ A Message From Michael

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I  had a [very real] dream 3 or 4 nights ago where I was being transported along a road and up ahead there was a bend in the road that turned sharply to the left. I clearly heard Michael tell me, “Fasten your seat belt!”  Later on I asked him what the dream meant and I received that the energy of the Solar Eclipse is about delving more into the ‘past’ to clear out all that is not love, and not serving Love in this Now. It’s like a great churning that is happening….. So here is the message I received:

Churning churning churning! All that is not love is rising to the surface. It’s like churning cream to make butter. Eventually the cream separates and you get whey and butter. It’s a time of separating the chaff from the wheat. That is what’s happening now.
Once all that is not love is left behind, we are left embodying more of our sovereign nature, our greatness. And so embrace the churning. It’s uncomfortable I know, but worth it in the end. This time is teaching us to stay focused in our sacred hearts where we are in unison and communion with our higher selves and where we can feel the love and support that is there for us. Listening to the voice of ego will only cause more suffering.

I ask, how do I stay here in this world when I already feel as if I do not belong here, I feel like an alien (haha!). The people here do not think like me, nor do they behave like me. They do not understand me, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live among them. Best I think if I lived alone….but I know, no man is an island!

As always the answer is to stay in your Sacred Heart, the vestibule whereby you can receive unlimited assistance! The road is bumpy now, so fasten your seat belts!! There is only one way beloved and that is to stay within Essence, to act from Essence, from a place of love always. To speak words of love and to think thoughts based in love. All else will leave you feeling physically weak and energetically depleted.  Out of balance. There is no way back now, you can only progress forward,  towards your greatness and further enlightenment. We know you feel overwhelmed by all that is taking place now, but try to keep your eyes on the goal post ahead. It’s not too much farther to go! The worst is behind you,  although it may not seem that way to you. You have known that this journey would have its potholes and pitfalls, but you have known also when we agreed to take physical embodiment, that the rewards would be great, astounding actually! Already you are seeing this for yourself as your 3rd eye expands into greater perceptual awareness. Love and peace, joy and happiness, and all else of your choosing is yours.  Let go now of the old ways, let go of your dependency on those things that belong to the old ways of being [aka money!]. You are no longer limited by that. You must place your focus now on being who you truly are, an En-light-ened (in the Light!) Being connected to The Field of Infinite Potential, Abundance, Power, Wisdom and Love, capable of co-creating the New Earth with Gaia . Whilst you are still in the process of creating your new world, your new earth, you will still be to a certain extent bound within the realms of time and space. This serves to strengthen your trust in yourself and in your Co -creator. Never before have you had so much power Beloved. Use it wisely, use it abundantly.  Love creates miracles,  love creates more love.  And so it is.


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