~The Sun is On Fire Awakening Hearts~

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Greetings Love Beings, The Sun Is Alive as Solar flares Earth Directed are now bombarding the Planet. This is Exciting The Atoms of energy which is what we are all made of and assisting us right now into a Full Planetary Awakening! This is The YEAR Everyone! We Love You, Love The Earth Allies

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January 9-10: Earth-directed CME (Coronal Mass Ejection): expect “Geomagnetic Storm Conditions”


Exopermaculture.com - January 8, 2014

One of the biggest sunspots of the past decade is now directly facing Earth and has the potential to do much damage.



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Questions for Jim - What is the Role of Women and Children During this Shift and Upheaval?

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Published on Jan 7, 2014


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AdaptingToGrace ~ Eileen Meyer ~ My Answer Is Yes, What Is Yours? ~ 8 January 2014



eileenmeyerThe conversation is happening. This is what I LOVE! I wanted to share a response that I wrote with one of you wonderful beings that has engaged with me and this little community “project”. It helped me to clarify my own intent. So thank you Respondent #28! Which reminds me, when you write to me, if you feel open to having something shared here or on the Facebook Page: Coming Out as a Contactee, please indicate clearly that you agree to share who you are and what you say. I want this to be about us.



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~Humanity is Here to Accomplish the Incredible~


~Love Letters From The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth=Heart~

~Blessed is the Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally, Within US ALL~




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~Another Wave of Awakening is Coming by Anna Merkabah~


I had a very interesting experience in meditation the other day. I’m being told that a huge wave of people is going to awaken again shortly and all of us who are here to guide and transmute the negative energies should prepare as it will be quite a hectic few weeks for all of us lightworkers who are focused on cleansing the human auras and energy gateways.


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~ Creator Writings~ Free Your Conciousness



There are moments of meaning (that free your consciousness) and those of no consequence (ones that do not). The first is a gentle path of expansion and the other keeps you static. By standing by and repeatedly attaching yourself to the small pains and digs of your Earth-plane existence, you effectively stop your growth. Which do you choose to embrace? ~ Creator


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~Transitions in 2014~ Everybawdy is going through it... Time to get to it!

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Everybawdy is going through it... Time to get to it! ~ With Grandpaw Peter Koyote & Friends...





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~Space Weather Update~ STORMY SPACE WEATHER, X, M and C Flares


ROCKET LAUNCH FOILED BY SOLAR ACTIVITY: Orbital Sciences Corp. scrubbed today's launch of their Antares supply rocket to the International Space Station in response to an ongoing solar radiation storm, described below. A launch at 1:10 p.m. EST Thursday is possible if the storm subsides. [more]


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WakingTimes ~ Julian Rose ~ You May Wake Up, … But Will You Get Out Of Bed?



waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Another right on message from Julian Rose … a call to reveal Love through Truth and action, along with finding your Divine life purpose:

You May Wake Up, … But Will You Get Out of Bed?

by Julian Rose

Each one of us came here with a purpose.


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~Greetings and Participating in 2014 by Meredith Murphy~




As we begin in this new year, it feels like a very different landscape is emerging and available to us because of all the ways we've revised our own energy field. Of course we experience this when we allow ourselves to notice what IS presenting, without having predetermined ideas as filters.


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Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Grand transformations are happening


OracleReport First Quarter Moon in Aries: take action, step out, expression, growth / Ruling Mahavidya: Kali



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~Unity and Service~



Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

It’s time for every race, nation and person to see the importance of coming together and respecting one another. It’s time for instated division to be replaced with unity and an understanding of the crucial role we all play in creating a positive future, and it’s time for us to revisit ideas that aren’t as accepted as they perhaps should be.


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Lisa Gawlas ~ You Are The Light Of The New World And Soooooo Powerful Too!!



lisagawlas2Holy wonderland batman, what an amazing slide in the 2014 I have had!!  Of course, it all started just before midnight on New Years Eve.  My son had a wonderful New Years Eve party here at the house, Indie Pro-Wrestlers everywhere!  I do believe I got myself a full helping of pure testosterone to last me all year long!! (smile)  Something strange started to happen in my body that I knew couldn’t be blamed on the one, over sized margarita I was enjoying…


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Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies


By: Aisha North, 12/08/2013


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Astrology Forecast for January 7, 2014

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Published on Jan 7, 2014


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Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 7th January 2014

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S0 News January 8, 2014: Star Storms, Spaceweather

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Eckhart Tolle - Acceptance and Surrender (video)

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Uploaded on Jun 19, 2011


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A major turning point in humanity’s spiritual evolution has been reached.



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~Breaking News~ M4 Class Solar Flare after our X class Today



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Guidance From The Angels ~ Loving Yourself Unconditionally ~ from Archangels and Devas



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Idaho to take back control of privately run state prison


By: Associated Press, 01/03/2014


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Snowden Has More U.S.-Israel Secrets to Expose: Greenwald


By: REUTERS, 01/06/2014


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LightWorkers GO Beyond....


~~~~Hands for the Light-

Remove the Darkness

Find Peace within so much LOVE

That is from Self DeEPly Embedded…

Never forget the skies from which you came

Always remember Galactic/Angelic/ other Beings

 of Light are Always with you…..

Gifting us all with Unlimited POTENTIAL…

With Unlimited Consciousness… 

 with the ways to become even greater,  

to become One with All of LIFE—to see the Truth,

to Know our Animal, Plant, Tree,                                                                         

Human, Galactic Friends,…on Every Level….

That even those who say it is Impossible

to Co Exist on Gaia without Harming any Being

Can/is Becoming POSSIBLE….


That those who say that we cannot have a Golden Age-      


 A world of Peace for All Beings everywhere…..

We say we CAN! 


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Crazy Huge Sinkhole Swallows Entire Block!

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Published on Jan 7, 2014

This is one Monster Sinkhole! This thing took out multiple houses,buildings and streets!

This Event took place in the slums of Rio in Brazil on 1/7/14


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Sharing my Story of Awakening


Four days ago a shift occurred in my inner reality.  I have struggled with the words in which to describe this change.  Let me start at the beginning and share the experience with you.  You know how I love my experiences and how I love even more dishing about them to you.


So I have been taking this Hypnotherapy course which I absolutely love.  I am learning how to slow my mind down and how to drop at will into different states of consciousness.  Every Thursday evening I meet my guide online and my mind is filled with glorious knowledge.  I drink it in like a dehydrated plant.  This past Thursday was no different. 


That is until we rearranged an aspect of my mind.



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~First X-Class CME of 2014~



Because my head is hurting like crazy and the pain is traveling down into my spine, and my ears are ringing like a bell even more so than usual, I just checked Spaceweather.com to see what’s happened/happening. Here’s what I found:

gold hearts bar


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7 Natural Remedies for Bronchitis by Dr. Paul Hader


Many times with the flu, colds, and other health issues we may come down with bronchitis. Then we end up going to the doctor and taking antibiotics which get rid of the problem but kill all of our good bacteria in our gut at the same time…  thus depleting our immune system. There is a better way, natural herbal antibiotics can work well and even get rid of bronchitis completely much of the time… without killing our good bacteria.

Read more here http://omtimes.com/2014/01/7-natural-remedies-bronchitis/


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Sheldan Nidle ~ Update from the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy


PAOweb - January 7, 2014


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~Birthing DREAMS into the New Earth~



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Language of Light Activation with Jamye Price ~January 2014

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Published on Jan 4, 2014


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Metatronic Frequency Visual by Walid Khoury…….


Greetings All,

I wanted to share this visual representation of the Metatronic Frequency by Facebook friend Walid Kahoury of Walid Kahoury – Visual Arts.

I would like to thank him for his support and the loving energy he shares by following his Sacred Contractual Work to assist in our collective Spiritual Journey home.

Thank You Walid……. 



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Meet Mick Dodge – He lives in a tree, doesn't wear shoes, and brushes his teeth with a pinecone




Talk about living off the grid. About 25 years ago, Mick Dodge shed his shoes, grew his beard, and left modern civilization (and a family) to live alone in the Pacific Northwest’s Hoh rain forest. But he’s not a total isolationist; he’s dialed into a community of mountain dwellers and agreed (although it took convincing) to be the subject of National Geographic Channel’s series “The Legend of Mick Dodge,” which premieres with two consecutive episodes on Jan. 7.



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~ Star Wars Both Movies Now Playing in the 5d Room~ Join us Live



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Incense Smudging to Clear Away Negative and Stagnant Energy


With the beginning of a new year, many feel like they are given the chance to reset.

2014 started with a new moon, representing an opportunity to start the year with a clean slate and unearth what you find deep within yourself. To make space for new habits, experiences and relationships, you have to clean out what lingers within but no longer serves you.


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