Transmutation and Releasing Grief

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An Archangel Michael Channeled Message:
February 6, 2014
via Olena-IndigoCrystalCoach™

Dear Ones, There is huge energetic wave movement happening on your planet at this time, especially in the last 24 hours of your time. Those of you who are tuned in energy and are very sensitive to the nuances of this will feel this as an intense emotional experience. There is a lot of grief especially that is being shifted and released by many, whether its a direct experience of people leaving their physical bodies and returning Home to reclaim their Spirit selves, or indirectly by experiencing these feelings of grief and sadness for unknown reasons. Those of you who are the Lightworkers are not only clearing these lower frequencies in and around you, but are working on a global scale to assist in transmuting these lower vibrations from the planet as a whole. During this time period, you may experience intense physical symptoms throughout your body, such as anxiety in the chest, pain and achiness in your joints, heavy body, headaches, overall fatigue or perhaps wanting to sleep more than usual, or even a seemingly random upwelling of emotion for no obvious reason. This is all due to the fact that as Lightworkers there are many of you who have chosen to undertake the difficult task of helping shift lower vibration on a large scale, and in doing so that means you will essentially 'take on' the task of releasing this on behalf of another. When chose this as part of your Soul agreements, the result was that you also get to experience the vibrational frequency of release. Remember, there are many still here choosing to run this lower vibrational energy. There are many who are not operating from a higher Light space and who, while sitting in their view of 'Truth', do not sit in Truth of higher vibrating Light energy. This also may appear to you in different forms such as being 'attacked' energetically, people taking personal offense on the most innocuous of words or statements, adopting the 'it's all about me' behaviour or even lashing out through your various communications channels such as your computers or televisions. Being energetically sensitive and aware as many of you are, its all to easy to get caught in the energetic net of this fluctuating vibration, and have equally affect your emotional and physical selves as a result. Know that as Lightworkers your role here is to help transmute and shift vibration from lower to one of higher frequency. In the process of this, it will be necessary to briefly experience the physical symptoms of these frequencies as they pass through your physical and emotional bodies. However, we do say that it is equally imperative that you protect your energies and know to draw your boundaries around you so as to not get caught up in this bombarding energetic wave. You are always in control of your energetic field at any given moment, see yourself surrounded by a white light bubble that you control what moves through in either direction. Remember, these vacillations that you experience with others really has nothing to do with you. Their energy is their own, and yours is yours, however you always have choice on whether to accept into your energetic field. Know that these intense times of transmutations are temporary - they will pass through you quickly and if you allow it to be - gracefully as well. Finally, we say to you all - breathe deep, drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated, and keep your feet on the ground of the Mother that you all inhabit.

As always, we the Angelic Hierarchy are here to assist you at all times as you undertake this difficult process. We are proud at the incredible work that you have done to date. Well done! We love you so, I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL./*


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I don't know about anyone else, but I've been going through the ringer on releasing grief the past few days.  pretty intense stuff, but we have to release it All... At least we are in this together and know what is up.  There are people out there who are clueless.  Could you imagine what they are going through right now?