The Trinity of Blessings™ Attunement

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Attunement to Divine Love, Peace and Joy


The Trinity of Blessings™ is an attunement to a higher frequency of vibration which, when received from the Archangel Michael, promotes Love, Joy and Peace within each person and therefore the world. The embrace the Trinity of Blessings is to embrace Universal abundance, prosperity and wellbeing through the sharing of Love, Joy and Peace.


By accepting the Trinity of Blessings™ Attunement you will open yourself to receive this new frequency of vibration and the awareness of the amazing gift of manifestation that lies within each and every one of us. Archangel Michael offers this key to unlocking the energies and powers within us to manifest your most deepest desire. He is extending his hand to all who wish to manifest their desire into their reality and to co-create a world of Peace in this Golden Age beginning with the Love, Joy and Peace within each individual who receives this attunement.


The Trinity of Blessings™, like Archangel Michael, makes no distinctions regarding religious beliefs, it is totally non-denominational. We embrace and promote Unity among all faiths and beliefs whether you are Buddist, Catholic, Wiccan, Jewish, Native American or any Earth-based Spiritual belief…All are welcome to work with these energies!


There is only one level of attunement in The Trinity of Blessings. It is Master Teacher. Once you receive and accept your attunement you will be a Master Teacher of The Trinity of Blessings. However, there are two stages. The first stage is a novitiate period of eight days during which time you must perform the meditation and the Blessing and Blessing treatment every day. After that time you are fully endowed as a Master Teacher and may attune others and sell the attunements as stated in the instruction manual provided.
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In Love, Joy and Peace be blessed!



Trinity of Blessings Attunement

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Hi, I wanted to tell everyone, that this attunement is well worth it. Many good things have happened since I've done it, and I feel a lot more loving and connected.