ughhh! i guess here is where i must confess.

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ughhh! i guess here is where i must confess.

i dont know why i feel so drawn to this site when it comes to talking about my experiences and growth, well, i know i receive amazing advice from awesome people, and i misinterpret things at first due to excitement overwhelming me when things CLICK and finally piece themselves together. im blinded by the light i guess i would say these days, ahahaha =p  but "they" always make sure i straighten myself out and understand where i am mislead fromt he joy lol. its embarassing but its funny, im sure yall know what im talking about =p  

anyways. im here to confess something, im pretty aware but these times get pretty rough. its weird how "rough" has taken on a whole new meaning these days, but anyways, i have noticed i do these cycles, i go thru periods of time that i refer to as full circle periods except, i visualize it spiraling upwards and getting bigger and wider as each full circle cycle completes for me.  

every time one of these cycles happen, i go thru probly a week or two of intense spiritual experinces, visuals appear instantly when i close my eyes, even blinking sometimes can be distracting when driving, im always seeing things in that blink and sometimes its tempting to hold my eyes closed a lil bit longer. besides the instant meditative awareness states induced just by closing my eyes, i get intense goosebumps at most random times, and i always feels something is around me somewhere. i will watch inspirational videos of ufo's, learn about different alien races (i hate using the word "alien", but its all i could come up with for this lol) research into strange things but at the time is perfect, not strange, if that makes sense. i will also have very vivid dreams that feel real in a unique way, they r not repetitive, but in the same settings with the same people, sometimes i die in those dreams, but i dont die in real life of course. its like checking out by observing in my dreams, but feeling like im living somewhere else! multiple laces! also, sometimes supernatural things materialze which i have also posted about on here. the most intense its gotten i think, in a physical manifestation i mean, is probably when i went to a church (which is a personal obstacle to overcome for me) and sat thru a sermon or whatever they are called and dealt with the annoting stand up and sing about being a slave to religion crap. and i did it all just to say a prayer, which had me crying more than i ever did in my life, in front of everybody not even caring since they were all strangers anyways, and sitting after ther service to talk with an usher who i feel may have been a guardian angel for a few reasons, who said a prayer with me, and invited me to add my own prayer when he finished. he hardly talked at all, he only listened to my outpout of emotions and why i felt i was lead there by my heart and in my prayer i brought the light to that church, its surrounded and grounded by archangel michael, uriel, jeshua, gaia herself, jesus, mary, magdalene, and if orgot who else i called on in that prayer. i dont know how to pray so i dunno how i did lol. anyways... the rest of my confession now. before i lose your interest =x


so the next part of the cycle, i always end up in a void feeling. i dont care to research at all into the things i was sooo interested in for a couple weeks prior, i will try sometimes but realize i gotta be in a certain mood to actually take in and absorb what im supposed 2 learn when watching and reading things.  i always think bout this stuff tho, my family, who is watching me particularly, like who is my main voice inside, i look at the skies even when im driving more than the roads lol, i cant stop thinking, but all i can do is wonder and think im answering things myself. its like as if i was given the tools over those couple weeks, given the experiences i needed to wonder about, and now is my period of time to use what i learned and apply it to my ascension process..? i feel this way and wonder if its accurate bc of my vision i get when i feel im just spiraling upwards full circle becoming more and more aware and balanced. 

does anyone else go thru this? has anybody else been thru it? am i dead on with my suspiscions or am i a lil off or way off or what? any advice? i have learned so much... i feel connected to so much more of my surroundings, this is obviously what im here to do, go thru this spiraling process. thats how this all feels to me! i hope i am not alone. 


other stuff:
for those who know what this stuff im about to say means, feel free to help me understand more thoroughly. they r things i have heard from some of yall on here, but havent figured out yet and always wonder about. 

im a golden christed being? not any info availble barely at all for this =\ 
my color i felt most connected to all my life is green, the heart chakra is where i am most active and was drawn to when learning how to meditate. 

my twin flame has been "sparked", the IAM presence literally took me over and physically showed me that green, its a type of turquoise, blue/green spiraling in unison with white kinda fogging from the center. and before that i was "saved" in my first astral projection dream experence i did not induce myself and was frightened in.. 

my (or light being's)name/ship? creon/drivon
i have a rock i have had since i was a lil kid that that i picked out and feel instantly in love with before my parents bought it for me, its the same exact color of that green variant. its been with me all my life, im 25. its a month until my 26 bday =D 


im no n00d as far as experiences go no matter how much my age screams it, so dont hold back feel free, actually, i invite you to go as deep as you want if you have anything you wanna say. 


i appreciate you reading this, love and light! 


p.s. this full circle cycle is the entire reason i havent had anything to post about on here lately. i might be a stranger all over again, so many new people have joined! =p 



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im sorry for this yall

im sorry for this post yall, im just realizing i didnt really get anything done typing this out, i left out my confession for the most part, nothing i wanted 2 said was said, and today, im even MORE scatterbrained like...

i dunno.

my apoligies tho if u werent satisfied after reading this. i dont blame you. i guess i just need somebody.  my heart and my brain are fighting and NOBODY I KNOW feels like i do, and talking about it makes ppl less drawn to inviting me to do anything or wanting to hang with me. i have nobody i can talk to without offending. i feel these urges to speak out but, ive done so much of that already for years and years, that its gotten me here and when i bring this stuff up, ppl completely misunderstand me, if they understand at all, and its hard me keeping it inside like this. i feel my vibes r being held back while i have this strong urge to move on.

maybe thats how i really feel anyways

i dont really KNOW much of anything right now. im alone. im in this void part of my cycles i go thru. and its conflicting my vibrations. 

oye =\ love yall 

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you're so kind :)

you are amazing thank you :)  i accept all your love and energy with open... heart.. valves.. lol =p FLOWWWW IN MEEEE

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happy to hear this

you call this one kind lol... in the words of groucho marx "kind of what i'll never know..." lol

thank you light biscuits

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intrigued like always

i think that one is gunna have to elaborate for this one. lol is there something i should know?

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No problem

Never mind about Groucho Marx...he was an old comedian a long time ago. This one forgot that you are younger in earth years....

Esshna (not verified)
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Steve you are ok

The GAIA Earth Chakras and the The Merkaba surrounding earth has been in a constant and increasing flow of LIght energy form the GrandCentralSun, and all of the Archangel, Archaie energies flowing with the Christed energy Balanced with the divine Feminine is flowing onto a  into GAIA for purification and helped to send this Purification Light Knowledge direct to each and everyones Soul Spark even if they don't remember anything this is to help everyone. THe energies help to purge old dead meaningless energies.  Be aware of this and think to release those old though patterns in to the Violet 3 Fold Flame . Ruby  .sea foam green, as St. Gemaine to help you.



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thank you very, VERY MUCH from the bottom of my heart-side! =) that makes total sense and i actually have had some of these energies turning out to be quite okay, the day before yesterday was the toughest, not only the election, i had been concerned with why i felt the way i did ALL DAY, but then the next day i woke up dull, and then it all turned around when i found that dolphin video. now today the synchronicity is taking place. and is being very obvious with the signs this time, its as if im back in that groove, but i feel released from the cycles. if that makes sense? i also know i am defly not alone anymore in this boat, my friends have texted me "remember u said november was gunna be weird and intense? well today was the weirdest day of my life steve...." and i am right there with them! and if i try to help them, i am also learning myself. its amazing how much faster my brain seems to work all of a sudden! and pppl are listening now! 


thnk you again for your comment! love and light! 


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Ignorance is not bliss Your

Ignorance is not bliss

Your thoughts are faster than you can write them, everything is happening for a reason look for the simpler things in life. Use your intuition and look seek teachers out. The circle or spiral leads you on a learning curve meaning your circling an objective of spiritual, think of a video game you pick up smaller clues on the outer circle and they project to the Centre "ideal" that unlocks something within you, as your being guided thats best for you. You can stand in the Centre and have the objectives come to you, faster.

sometimes there pictorials pieces, smaller picture puzzles that form a larger picture that helps you understand realize. Intuition helps you find locate the pieces. Intuition is a quantum tool helps in locating quantum energy signatures, that are usually teachers that you instinctive feel out, once they teach there gone, no need to take them home with you,

leave them to teach others. teachers come in anything under the sun. Get a feeling act on it, there is no coindences.


You can can go at any speed in this type of hunting. Lots of spiritual work. Your dealing with the ignorance inside of you thats ignorantly blocking you from yourself, your true self. There is no ignoring your path, unless you enjoy pain and suffering, resistance is futile.

I did for 18 years, I'm a true aries and it broke me. thats my fate and destiny, theres always an easier way lol I had tons of material experience for my journey so when I started and found my way it became a force unleashed.

Writing down "stuff" helps in unravelling the puzzles within you as you relect on and in.

Instructions are not included.

The other faster way is surrendering your self to "it" the alien intelligence of infinity. Surrendering requires you become a complete blank slate of nothing, you ask it to show you who you truly are, by writing on your blank slate this where destiny and fate take you on one hell of ride, its relentless in showing you, one you start there's no turning back, because you asked for "it". Simple to ask for, hardest to do, you have to want it, driven to it. Thats why they say careful what you ask for.

Careful when you poke quantum with a stick, it may poke you back.


I'm not you, or your path, you must choose and do the work.

You get what you need when you need it, not before or after you need it.

Your path will always be right where you left it, just jump back on move forward

Ask and you shall recieve.

The questions are only good as the anwers from the questions you asked, takes experience to ask questions and to hear the answers, a good question leads to more questions from the answers.

You might experience oddness in your reality, a shattering of the concept of reality 

You may "laspe" out from reality as you download a "Pictorial story" like a broken fractured  dream that does not make sense, it's in chaos of quantum. for you 10 seconds past, others will see you laspe out for 10 minutes. The pictorial story is for later in life an event, it's like dajavoo when it happens. you know ahead of whats going to happen and why, then do you realize the meaning the knowledge, involved, it expands you into new directions, new hunts, expandness in many directions, the more you unravel the more you change. It becomes a cycle of patterns and a pattern of cycles.  

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