Undulated Waves of Energy

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The undulated waves of energy resembles the energetic attachments we all carry as a group of human beings on this Earth having wake and sleep patterns with active moments where we connect in the grids and other moments where we are having inner activity as other moments are outer and interchanging the inner and outer activity we concurrently have to create and manifest.

What seems important for us to understand from this energetic wave is that it carries a lot of potential for us to ameliorate the situation on planet Earth.

Simple measures can be taken to shift the accords we have with many different individuals and interconnect realities and other proponents of our live conduit to enable a manifestation of that undulated wave of energy. It seems that the time it takes for us to understand the correct proponents of that undulated wave can seem endless in its active form while on many occasions we have subdued facts about its inner workings (Mechanics*1) as it is conscious energy working around the planet as we are a group of souls interconnected physically and energetically making… Doing many things which keeps us active throughout the day. As we contribute to our daily activities by giving some time into the grids we can then see better results of experiences which may seem to work with conscious systems that have been put inside of us while we were born on this Earth.

The standardization of energy can be seen as the many attributable effects in causations of what we come to know as reality on this Earth in many different places carrying Morphogenetic fields which disposes the type of beings we get to be.

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