Water of Love

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Good Day and Love to All -

   The energy rising within us seeks an outlet in the rational mind - finds solace in the loving heart.  Science and Spirituality connect together in the form of consciousness - our water enables us to achieve a state of balance - based on distribution of energy via the alignment of the water molecules.  Once intent is introduced, our water can connect to water everywhere and introduce an outcome that creates our 5D world.

   Water is one of those substances that we know all about, and yet know very little about.  3D science has some very concrete rules for how water works and how it doesn't work - these rules are not anything that the water molecules pay any attention to - they just vibrate when they feel the love in our heart.

   Water is the universal solvent - it dissolves salts and carries blood though our bodies.  Water molecules align with each other to form networks of communication, to instantly transfer thought to action.  The waters of biochemistry are individual molecules that are connected to proteins and enzymes, and yet disconnected from the bulk of solvent water;  they take shape by holding on to oxygen and nitrogen atoms by strong polar interaction.  Once in place, a bio-water molecule merges into the ultimate being.  Water is a fractal form of life itself, on every scale.

   As a scientist, I am always amazed at the versatility of water.  I drink a glass or two each day - not as tea or coffee, but as clear, cool water.  Pure water with nothing in it - distilled, deionized water - is not a good thing to drink.  The molecules tend to be scattered and not aligned to anything - rotating and translating on an individual basis, much like current 3D humanity.  By having ions in solution, the water can attract itself - positive on the hydrogen side, negative on the oxygen side, in a world where opposited attract.  Thus spring or well water, with no chemical additions is the optimum beverage choice.

   Charge density orients the water molecule initially and this aligned water positions the molecule in a ready to use state.  The biochemistry recognizes aligned water and prefers the calm stability and readiness as opposed to the excited state.  By calm intention, our water drives us to higher and higher capacity - the entry way to 5D.  The lattice can diffuse charge - calm intention can bring us anything that we can conceive as possible.

   As a chemist, i have learned to make Ormus Gold - a compund that aligns water.  Ormes are orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements and gold is a large atom compared to small water molecules.  Using silica to keep the gold from clustering, I have created a healthy elixer that enables rapid healing of the 3D body.  My thoughts are that the water itself has thoughts and the gold atom helps convey the marching orders that relieves an individual water molecule from dealing with a chaos filled environment. 

   Today - I travel the globe informing folks that all is well, even though the 3D whirled is detached from my personal reality.  The 5D world is coming online and the energy of love resonates throughout our connected individual water to the collective water, often dissolved in the solvent called air, that rains and snows and circulates life.  Be kind to water and it will be kind to you.  Life depends on water:

Water of love deep in the ground
No water here to be found
Some day baby when the river runs free
It'll carry that water of love to me

   And i will be waiting with love to return.  Namaste'... from lemme



Thanks for the energy. 

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Thanks for the energy.  hehehee


Love I AM NaGeeTa