Where Is That Big Spritual Community?

33Nicolas's picture

For the past few years, I've been wondering where our spiritual community is.

With COVID-19 putting the brakes on our destructive ways, it's the perfect time to seek out like-minded folks and our elders who can teach us to move up the proverbial spiritual spiral case. But where are they? Where is that spiritual community?

The Galactic Free Press is an amazing place with many jewels I come to read every day. I look forward to The Creator Writing every day, as well as Trinity Esoterics. But I'd love to see much more and see what others feel, see and do, without convincing or try to sway others. I'd like to see how everyone is moving on without a teacher spin to it. Just simple human beings exchanging what they're witnessing, what they're going through, and what they are feeling.

I feel we're very close to being able to do that without pushing an agenda or letting our egos get the best of us. Does anyone want to try? We can build a room here and give it a spin. If we fail, too bad. If it works, we all benefit.