Who is SanJAsKa?

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My dear friends, it has recently come to my attention that I have been channeling words from a being that nobody 'round here really knows much about. I am sure many have been wondering, who is this SanJAsKa person? I noticed a couple of web searches wondering exactly that. Well friends, I would like to tell you just who SanJAsKa is based on how much I already know about her*.

SanJAsKa is a soul from a planet in the Pleiadian star system. My guess would be that the planet she is from is Erra, as that is the Pleiadian planet I used to inhabit before my venture on Earth. SanJAsKa is represented within the Galactic Federation of Light, mainly the Pleiadian High Council of the GFL and the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I wish I could tell you that I knew the difference between those two Pleiadian councils, but sadly I do not. I am told that SanJAsKa is the representative of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, which is why I first connected with her energy when I began trying to reach my former Pleiadian allies.

SanJAsKa has been very much involved in Earth's history, recent or not, as have been quite a few members of the Pleiadian races. The Pleiadians are among the galactic species that look most like Earth humans, so much so that many on Earth would not be able to tell a Pleaidian apart from a human. Ellie Miser is a good example of this. (1)

SanJAsKa has been among the many extraterrestrials that continued contact with humanity after the fall of Atlantis. I am told that the most recent communication and decloaking of craft that SanJAsKa was involved in took place in the 50s, mainly 1953. It has been proven that extraterrestrials were in fact in regular contact with many humans on Earth up until recently. (2)

In astral travel and while dictating her messages, I have seen SanJAsKa briefly. From what I can remember, she has beautiful blue (yes, blue) hair that is quite long and flowing. She has very beautiful and kind eyes, and like all other ascended beings she gives off wonderful feelings of Joy, of Harmony and Bliss that wrap themselves around your entire being and make you feel as if you have no problems in the world. She is very wise, and she has much experience helping lower dimensional civilizations find the Light. She tells me that helping Earth has been her favorite challenge yet.

She, along with the rest of the Pleiadian race feel a very close bond with humanity. I am told the Pleiadian race is very closely genetically linked to the human race of Earth as a result of the closeness of the two races in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Keep in mind that during those times there were probably hundreds of races, human or not, inhabiting Earth as there were two Galacitc Societies upon Earth. (Atlantis and Lemuria) Even still, these two races share a common lineage, and it is my personal belief that the Pleiadians helped make genetic modifications to our bodies that would see us much more advanced than the versions of our bodies the Annunaki had created.

Anyway, back to SanJAsKa. From what I have briefly seen, she is quite tall, about ten or so feet. I have perceived her with blue skin before, and I have also perceived her with nut-brown skin. Which one it really is I'm not sure, but in the end skin color is not the most important matter. One could liken her to the Blue Angel in the Graham Hancock book Entangled. She has a very wise energy about her, and one second of communication with her will make clear she is a very learned and experienced ascended being.

I have been asked to relay to you all that SanJAsKa would like us all to communicate with her, not just me. She is glad that she was able to reach somebody on Earth who could scribe her messages, but now that more know of her she wishes to reconnect with all of us. I personally would Love to see a SanJAsKa channeling from a source other than myself, as would she. We have reached the point on this planet energetically that the majority of us awakened are able to receive messages from our long lost ascended friends.  SanJAsKa is a very gentle and nice being, and one second with her will forge a new friendship and relationship of caring and Love. I am humbled and glad to be able to contact her and scribe her messages, as she is certainly an ascended being worth chatting with.

Much Love, Wes Annac :)

*While SanJAsKa is generally referred to as a female, she is an ascended being who transcends physical gender. Ascended beings are merged with both their feminine and masculine selves as we are all extensions of the One Mother/Father God.

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