Your… steps will be determined by the being you construct from what you learn and become. – Channeled by Ron Head

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Ron Head  -  January 18, 2014 in 


Michael and the Council of Higher Selves

Today, as we have just discussed with this channel, we will begin an entirely new type of communication.


It is our intent, with his agreement, to begin an ongoing conversation concerning whatever topics are of the utmost concern to those of you who follow our message.  It is true that each of you is unique and on a journey unlike any other in many ways.  But it is also true that there are many very close similarities among you.  There are many concerns, therefore, that you hold in common.


So we will, from today, begin a conversation with you that is ongoing and not divided into self-contained bite-sized pieces.  You will no doubt have noticed that ‘the message’, if you think of it in that way, has been merging into a oneness of purpose, across the globe, no matter the channel we are using to express it.  Differences in topic and wording do not keep the message from neatly dovetailing together into a wholeness.  This is by design.


It is true, after all, that you are all on a path to the same destination.  And although you all have to start from wherever you stand, many of the obstacles, and indeed victories, are the same for many, if not all of you.  The planetary environment in which you find yourself is the same for all, even as the individual one is separate and unique.  And the planned steps to be taken by the majority are often very much alike, as the energy envelope you are in and the current states of your consciousness are similar.


There is now developing, for instance, a growing awareness of the change in light quality, color, and energy around you.  You are being urged, by us, to become aware of other facets of yourselves than you have ever given much thought to.  Increasing numbers of you are having what seems like vast expansions of awareness and consciousness which are fleeting but never to be forgotten.  They leave you amazed and changed.


All of these things are there for you to explore.  They are all stepping stones on your pathway.  And please realize that your pathway, as we are discussing it, is internal.  We are not going to be discussing what outer, meaning physical, steps you might take in your lives.


We fully understand that those are important to you.  Your current life is the current focus of your being, and rightly so.  But it is not the focus of our guidance, and will not be.  Your outward steps will be determined by the being you construct from what you learn and become.  And that is as it should be, as well.


We urge you now to give some consideration to the great and powerful steps you have taken in your recent past, as you see it.  You need now to give yourselves credit for the people that you have become so that you will feel more of your ability to become those you will be after this amazing year you are entering.


There is a lot spoken of regarding the fields of light and energy through which you are passing, we have done a lot of that here, but we have spoken little of the fact that it would not be so had you not attracted it, and its intensity, with your amazing progress.


There is not one atom in your physical body which has not been affected by this.  There is not one thought that has not been, in some way, modified.  The possibilities and probabilities of your coming time have, and continue to be changed.  And you are learning that the guidance system best available to you, both collectively and individually, is your imagination and intent.


These are things which have always been true, but which most of you are only now becoming reacquainted with.  So there will be quite a lot of things for us to expand upon.  We will determine the course of our conversation by observing your course and progress.  We will give you things to consider as we go.  And we will let you determine what is most appropriate to you at those times.


But we urge you not to throw anything away out of hand.  Perhaps build a may-need-this-later shelf in your mental attic.


We will not use our normal way of ending these messages today.  Instead we will say, “Till next time.”


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Lets not pussyfoot around

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Lets not pussyfoot around here.  YOU Know the number 1 concern on all our minds is:

How soon is the cabal going to be arrested and done away with.  When will the new monetary currency be available.  When will we have disclosure and new governance.  No more delays!  This is total bullshit filler channeled crap.  I'm sick of it.  Give me dates and times.  You know we cannot do this without outside help.  Get it done and stop blowing smoke up our collective asses.

So long as people believe a

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So long as people believe a new political or economic system is going to fix their problems, they're going to be waiting.

You nailed it whitewolf...

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I know I feel the same way and probably many other avid readers of this site! The filler channelled messages of fluff and patience are a tired act and a reason why I've stopped coming here as much. It's not just Sheldan Nidle's messages, it's many others that preach patience yet seem to be broken promises that the crop circle warned us against believing in. I'm beginning to think the cabal is controlling the flow of some of these messages. I'm also beginning to think that maybe there will be no currency reset, disclosure or new governance. The police state is rolling out tanks that were used in wars in our cities now, big banks and their shareholders aren't going anywhere, and the UFO phenomenon continues to just get mocked even though the sightings are ramping up! It feels like martial law is closer than we realize, and we're all subconsciously preparing for the next false flag. I feel that we need our galactic family to assist us with this process, but hey, maybe we're actually on our own for this whole deal. Whatever the case I am prepared to fight for my freedom and sovereignty so my children can grow up in a world where they have rights and are not swallowed up by pollution and a horrid economy. I trust myself, I trust my instincts, I TRUST MY FELLOW HUMANS WHO HAVE GOOD HEARTS. If anything this site has taught me to trust my discernment and not trust every channel I read, because guess what, practically none of it has happened as promised and I don't have patience for continuous messages of "soon...soon...soon....soon....".......I trust my creator and my intuition and that's IT.