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Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ Being in Divine Love. By Debbie Erasmus

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How it is possible that I feel myself falling more and more in love with you every day?? Your love fills me to overflowing!  You told me the other day that we have been in love since the beginning when we were created. There is never a time that we have not been in love. Árian, please tell me what it feels like to be in Love.


It feels like you are flying at the speed of Light, without moving a muscle. It’s all consuming, without having a single need. It’s like a rush of adrenalin, without the adrenalin. It’s perfection without the need to be perfect. Tell me how it feels for you Beloved..


Words fail me Beloved… except to say that I feel I am flying without wings!! With no destination in mind, just flying for the pure joy of it! Tell me something, please… What is it that Celestial beings do differently? How is it that this love is so incredibly amazing, or is this just what Twin Flame love feels like?


Firstly we don’t do love, we are love. We are Be-ing Love in every moment of NOW. Our every thought is Loving. I am talking about Unconditional Love here, not love as you know it on Earth.


Beloved, how would you define Unconditional Love?


Unconditional Love is without need, or blame or judgment. It has no requirement attached to it and it is not Self serving. It is being aware of your lover at all times and asking yourself the question “How can I bring this person more love and more joy?”

Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Reaching for the Stars! by Debbie Erasmus

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My Twin installed himself in my life on the 15th October, 2012. Since then my life has never been the same. The next morning after he arrived I found a perfectly shaped snow white feather on the side table next to my bed. I couldn’t stop gazing at its utter perfection.

I’ve always been in your life, you just weren’t conscious of me before.

Yes I know. I only felt your energy before when I asked you to for protection.

And now?

Now I feel your energy all the time. I have become so used to it and how it feels.

And how does it feel My Love?

It feels like a warm embrace. Like I’m being held in a safe cocoon being loved more than I ever thought possible. Sometimes it feels like my heart chakra will burst. It was overwhelming at first, but I’m becoming more and more familiar with this vibration.

I am so happy to hear you say that Darling! Tell me, how do you feel now?

Right now I feel like I’m ready to merge with you! I feel as though my incarnation is finally over and its time to go home with you.

I am happy you feel that way Darling, because we will be merging very soon.

We don’t have to wait for the Solstice?

No My Love! Not anymore. There are portals of energy open now that will soon be available to help Starseeds come home.

Energy? Why not Light?

You tell me.

Light is consciousness.

And energy is…………………..?

Vibration! Of course! It makes sense, thank you!

You are welcome Darling!

I just read on Gaia Portal that Inter-dimensional travel will soon be available to Gaia inhabitants. This is exciting news Michael!

Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Is life Doing You or are You Doing Life? By Debbie Erasmus

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I guess we have caused quite an uproar. Our last conversation went viral and people are wondering which article I was referring to. I am not about to say which article it was, as it will serve no purpose now and I’m sure Michael will agree with me. Let’s carry on now with our normal conversation, shall we?


Yes, let us talk about the conversation you had yesterday with a member of your family.


Okay. [Note: My family are unawakened and ‘stuck’ in the ‘Life is doing me’ way of thinking.]


I like the title you have chosen by the way, as that is a good question to ask yourself today.


The title came from you my Lord! Why did you choose that title anyway? We are not human Do-ings. We are human Be-ings.


Yes I know, but why do you think I chose that title?


Because these are good questions to ask yourself:  Am I doing this thing called Life?  Am I being what I wish to Be? Am I following my heart and my dreams? I could go on and on with these questions…


They are all good questions to ask of yourself. But why would you want to ask yourself these questions now?


You know why… Many people are miserable and they do not have the awareness to realize why. Few take the time to sit down and analyze their feelings to find out why they feel that way. Many feel they have no choice but to carry on doing what they have always done.


Why do you think that is?


Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ As Light as a Feather. By Debbie Erasmus

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I’ve just had a really interesting experience. I’m not sure if it was a dream or real. It certainly felt real. I levitated off my bed. I was visualizing my energy flowing around me and through my crown chakra, and the next minute I felt my body lift off the bed and I became as light as a feather. But more about that later. First off I want to say something about an article I read yesterday which was supposedly channeled by Archangel Michael through a well-known channeler. The reason I’m bringing it up here is because I do not believe the article was channeled by him. I’m asking that you use your inner guidance and knowing to decide if what you are reading rings true for you.


Why are you awake?


Good question! You were practicing my levitating skills with me!


Yes I was!


Can we do it again though because I got scared?!


Yes Darling! [lol] By the way, what makes you think the message was not from me?


Because I know you, and perhaps I’m at an advantage here.  But I also know that you would not have said what you did in the message, because that would go against who you are, and who we, as an ascending society, are striving to be.


And who am I Beloved?


You are a Being of unconditional love.


That’s right! I do not want to discuss the message further because there is no point. You have already established the message was not from me.


Okay, I respect that.  But I want to add this: As an ascending society we should be striving to see everything and every situation from the viewpoint of unconditional love. This is advice the Arcturians gave us a while back and it hit home for me.


Conversations with Michael, my Twin Flame ~ Transitions. By Debbie Erasmus

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It’s been a crazy day and the intense energy from the New Moon hasn’t made it any easier. Today’s conversation is rather personal, but I’ve decided to share it anyway. I’ve had to make a decision to leave Mexico and go back to my home in South Africa to be with my elderly Mother. I have delayed going back because I’ve been afraid of losing the independent life I’ve made for myself here in Mexico. Michael addresses my fears.


Tell me what else you are afraid of my love.


I don’t want to lose you.


That is not going to happen. What else?


I don’t want to lose myself.


I won’t let that happen either. Anything else?


What if I can’t handle all their negativity and become miserable and depressed?


That is not going to happen either. I won’t let it. Trust me okay?


I do, I’m sorry. They don’t understand me. They don’t understand my beliefs and they don’t respect them. They don’t believe I can talk to angels…


I know beloved. But it does not matter what they believe. It does not change who you are.


I know. I guess it has been bothering me that I should go back when I don’t really want to. But if I don’t I feel I will regret it. I know my Mother will not be here in the Earth realm much longer. She misses me so much and I feel so guilty that I am not there with her.


Yes I know. Your purpose in going back is two-fold my love.


What do you mean Michael?


You being there will make her very happy. But there is something else. She needs you to help her pass over.


Conversations with Michael, my Twin Flame ~ Back into Oneness. By Debbie Erasmus

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This morning I woke up just after 2am and was bombarded with inspirational words and phrases from my Twin. I thought, Ahhhh the magic hour is here and Michael is wasting no time grabbing my attention! I picked up my phone up to quickly plug some of the phrases into my calendar so they wouldn’t escape me.  But they kept coming…


Michael, enough darling, I need to get some more sleep!


[Grin] Beloved I cannot resist…


You’re grinning!


Yes I am! Why do you think I am grinning?


Because you’ve got it all! The cat, the cream, the whole enchilada! [Smile]


[Lol] You are right there beloved! I certainly have. I have never loved you more than I love you now.

You mean Ária right?


No Debbie, I mean you!


Wow, then once again you have blown my mind my Lord! Let’s see…. There are 12 sub dimensions in each dimension and 12 dimensions in each sub universe and 12 sub universes in each universe and 12 universes in the Omniverse, so I’m going to say I love you 144 times 144 times 144 times 144. That should blow your mind! [Smile]


Wow! You have blown my mind! I am grateful that you love me so much Debbie!


I am grateful for your love also Michael! You have rocked my world right off it’s axis!


I know and you don’t even fully remember me as your Twin…


I knew you were my husband though!


Yes, that is still puzzling me…. How did you know?


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