Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Is life Doing You or are You Doing Life? By Debbie Erasmus

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I guess we have caused quite an uproar. Our last conversation went viral and people are wondering which article I was referring to. I am not about to say which article it was, as it will serve no purpose now and I’m sure Michael will agree with me. Let’s carry on now with our normal conversation, shall we?


Yes, let us talk about the conversation you had yesterday with a member of your family.


Okay. [Note: My family are unawakened and ‘stuck’ in the ‘Life is doing me’ way of thinking.]


I like the title you have chosen by the way, as that is a good question to ask yourself today.


The title came from you my Lord! Why did you choose that title anyway? We are not human Do-ings. We are human Be-ings.


Yes I know, but why do you think I chose that title?


Because these are good questions to ask yourself:  Am I doing this thing called Life?  Am I being what I wish to Be? Am I following my heart and my dreams? I could go on and on with these questions…


They are all good questions to ask of yourself. But why would you want to ask yourself these questions now?


You know why… Many people are miserable and they do not have the awareness to realize why. Few take the time to sit down and analyze their feelings to find out why they feel that way. Many feel they have no choice but to carry on doing what they have always done.


Why do you think that is?


I think they have started awakening which is inevitable with the incoming energies, but they do not know what this means. They do not even know a shift has occurred. In fact, if your recall my conversation yesterday, my family have the belief that the world is getting worse and that it will all come to a terrifying end.


Yes you are right.


What can we do about it?




Nothing? Are you serious? There is nothing we can do?


Nothing my love. There is nothing you can do except BE Love.


BE Love? I can’t say anything?


No, you tried that yesterday did you not?


Yes I did, you are right. I told my family that things are different now and we cannot carry on doing what we have always done. I told them the world is changing.


And did they believe you?


No, they did not. They see only the bad stuff. They don’t realize their attitude and the vibration of their thoughts is attracting more of that to them.


I know this makes you sad.


It does. I wish there was something I could do, like wave a magic wand or something.


I know my love. All you can do is be yourself.


You mean be an example to them?


Not just them, but to everyone around you. Be the Light and the darkness shall be no more. Be Love and your increased vibration will help to lift the vibration of those around you.


Anything else?


Don’t let yourself be dragged into their way of thinking. Protect yourself at all times. Ask me to help you do this.


Thank you my love.


You are welcome darling.


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