Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings- Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 2 of 2

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Law of One Released from Karma and Activated and of in Presents for New World.


SaRa Key used to amplify to Cleans Humanities DNA/RNA as well as Activates Parasympathetic Nervous system and light bodies. Included Gaia, God Creations.


Raised vibration to the highest possible vibration that each being, gods creations, Gaia could be raised to at this time.


All Blue Ray Beings were Activated, Key Codes awaken,  and Called to there divine Purpose.


Acturian Key Codes were used to awaken, activated to beings completed 12-12-12.

this activations will assists in moving beings on to there path, purpose.


The GateKeepers, Lightsavers and code Catchers were fully Awaken and fully Activated.


Activation and Call fourth of Soul Families to come together at this time for planetary work coming New Earth set in Motion.


Violet Fire Invoked for All of Humnity, Gaia, All of Gods Creations

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Violet Fire Invoked for:


Freedom, Love Humanity: Of all 4 bodies, illumines, consciousness, full mastery.


Global infinite perfection of God, Release of frequency's less then harmony and balance of God.


Humanity- Joy of forgiveness,  expanded to and for all nations, races, cultures, creeds, religions in every country of the world. Through every person's homes, place of occupation and over all environmental until the perfection of the New Earth.


Sacred Fire will flood the planet to transmute every electron of precious life energy that conflicts with the perfection of the New Earth.


New Used of 5TH Dimensional Frequency of Violet Flame programs and patterns were placed into the Grid to be activated on 12-12-12 for all of Humanity, Gods Creations, Gaia.


Sacred Fire invoked with Goddess of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, Victory, Silent Waters, Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings to assisting Humanity for New Earth.


Sacred Fire cleansing of Humanity, ( Emotional, Mental Etheric, Physical Bodies) Gaia, Gods Creations.


All Sealed in the Violet Fire, Protected with Love and Light, Peace, Illumination, Healing, Freedom, Victory and the will of God made manifest through all electrons belonging to this planet and her ascension.





I got a double wide purple washer machine spinning over my head

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For several weeks I had this notion about how can I keep negative thoughts and stuff away from my growing "field." I was doing my daily walk when the idea of a giant washer machine popped into my head. Hence the title. It made me happy to see a giant purple washer spinning clock wise sometimes and other times counter clock wise over my head.


I made it purple so that it is my giant Transmuter of all thoughts actions etc. There is a stream of energy from the top of my head and the energy goes into the machine and then it shoots out the top of the machine all clean straight up and back into energy.


I asked Adamus St. Germaine if I could called it the Adamus Eleketra888 model. He and I actually laughed about it and he said I could call it that if I wrote about it. He has been bugging me for several weeks now.  So here it is. Anyone can use it and you don't need quarters or laundry soap. Just your intentions to transmute negativity into love.  That is all it takes. I leave it on constantly and if something major happens I intentionally put it on extra large load and let it rip.....Breathe.


I have opened my new bag of majick tricks and I am getting comfortable in my new skin and my washer and I are busy every day.


May this day bring more Joy, Peace, Fun, Love and Happiness your Way.


In Love,



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