Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting - 001. June 2nd 2013

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Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting - 001. June 2nd 2013 

Paradigm Shift Central - A global collective of youth initiated communities to encourage open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. 

Paradigm Shift Communities are emerging across the globe! As part of this evolution - Paradigm Shift Central will be hosting broadcasted footage of the official Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meetings.

Food is Free: The Story of the Food is Free Project

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The Food is Free Project is creating a repeatable model of growing food and community. It is our vision and wish to empower you with the knowledge and know-how to transform your block and neighborhood step-by-step. Using salvaged materials we are building front yard community gardens for all to share. Imagine walking down a block lined with fresh produce ready for the picking. Neighbors not only growing food together, but becoming friends and supporting one another.


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Could someone send me the Sunday link? Im not sure if its here or not. As I said the housing meeting is about the same time. Pays the rent so I cant really complain.


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