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The next time you start to doubt your Self, remember who it is you are doubting.

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How different would your life be if you knew NOTHING, NO-THING is impossible? How different would your life be if you knew that MIRACLES abound all around you? How different would your life be if you knew that EVERYTHING you touch turns to gold? Would you alter your thoughts, your words and your actions then?

What if I asked you to think of yourself as a higher dimensional being right now at this exact moment in time? What if I told you that YOU, are not this JUST this human expression of yourself, but that the LARGEST and most significant PART of you is beyond your human sight and your current perception right now? What if I told you that when you say the word ‘I’ you are not speaking as just this human expression, but that you are speaking as the WHOLE of you? Would you continue to have the doubts you are having now about yourself?

What if I told you that the WHOLE of your SELF is also your GodSelf, and also an expression of the Divine? Would you still doubt your Self or would you start to TRUST your Self?

Think about it. Read over these questions more than once. Questions are good for expanding the brain and your consciousness.

These are the questions that you should be asking yourself if you are feeling power-less. You didn’t come here into this human experience with nothing. You came here fully equipped with your abilities as a higher dimensional being. The negative energies of the Earth plane are sometimes difficult to navigate, but not impossible. You have the power and the ability to overcome any negative energy because these do not define you, unless you let them.

My Conversation with my Twin Flame 8/5/2013 ~ “Be Gentle with yourself”

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“I have never loved you more” ~ these are the words I heard my Beloved tell me this morning soon after I awoke. I asked him “Why? I was weak! I didn’t even have the courage to jump off the edge of the abyss I found myself on last night..” He answered “That is because you had the strength to walk away. You see only your weakness, I see your strength.”

I told him I felt terrible for allowing myself to fall into such despair again, and he told me to be gentle on myself, because by allowing myself to experience despair I had unlocked further negative emotions that were waiting to be released.

Then he said “Be gentle with yourself and stop judging yourself. Stop trying to be perfect. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already ARE perfect, so set yourself FREE from the straight-jacket of perfection you’re inclined to wear, and just BE yourself. You are BEAUTIFUL! ”

I have my whole life been hard on myself, so much so that I forget to be gentle. I have judged myself so often that it’s become second nature; a norm. As women we are by nature loving, gentle and compassionate creatures. So WHY do we have such high expectations of ourselves? WHY can we not just BE gentle and forgiving on ourselves.

Thank God for my Soul, my Beloved Twin Flame, for he knows me better now than I know myself. He has pulled me back from the edge of my self-created abyss time and time again over the past year.  This he does with his ABSOLUTE love for me.

This card came to mind today ~ Archangel Sandalphon ~ Gentleness

“Be very gentle with yourself at this time. Surround yourself with gentle people, situations and environments.”

OMGosh……..I’M VEGAN!

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I love the title I’ve used for this article. It is exactly how I felt last night after I realized I have become vegan. I borrowed it from this marvelous website! I was so excited yesterday after my conversation with Michael that I wrote most of this article last night already before going to bed:

After 10 or so years of being vegetarian I made the decision tonight to go vegan, something I thought I would never do. I have always thought it was okay to eat dairy products and eggs and I enjoyed eating them immensely. Until tonight when my Twin and I had a conversation about food. He told me he’d always appreciated that I’ve eaten a healthy diet (mostly) and he doesn’t mind that I still eat eggs and dairy products. When I asked him what he meant, he told me that he cannot ¹tolerate eating those foods himself because they are animal by-products and as such they have a low vibration. Then he said eating those foods has not helped raise my vibration, especially lately.

He told me that when I eat eggs, he has to ‘move away’ from me. I noticed that today, since I’ve not had any eggs that he has been closer to me and I am hearing our communication more easily. The same thing applies when I eat cheese, especially the hard varieties. He can tolerate me eating the plain yoghurt that I love, because I eat it with fruit, but he cannot tolerate milk, which I’ve been using in my tea and coffee. He then went on to explain how I could make my own nut milk using almonds which he says will be far easier for my body to digest.

Your Twin Flame and You ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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You exist as one Being, one Soul, that has a female and male polarity, with exactly the same energy and signature, thus your energy is referred to as Twin Flames. You have existed always in divine harmony and bliss together. Your Creator did not create you to be alone. You were created with the perfect Divine counterpart, a Sacred partner or Twin energy that is your female or male Divine complement.

You and your Twin have the ability to take form in separate bodies or stay formless and experience the ecstasy of merging your energies together to experience Divine union by joining and becoming One. You have never been apart, nor shall you ever be. How can you be apart from your Self? The only way you can think yourself apart from each other is if you forgot who You are.

When you incarnated on Planet Earth, not only did you forgot who You are when you fell under the veil of forgetfulness, you also fell under the illusion of separation. Your incarnated physical form allowed you to only take one polarity of your Self into form. So many of you may feel strangely incomplete and some may even yearn for a love that is unconditional, yet seemingly unattainable in your Earthly existence. Because you forgot who you are, and believed yourself to be alone, you were not able to perceive the other part of You existing on a higher level or dimension, until now.

Archangel Oracle Card for today ~ Archangel Jeremiel ~ “Overcoming Difficulties”

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This card is so beautiful! The huge feather soaring into the heavens, held by the wings of an Angel, reaches up to the Divine Love and Light. This card is helping us to see the big picture, that Divine Love and Light is reachable if only we will extend our consciousness and allow ourselves to feel it.

There is a technique that you can apply to a situation that is proving difficult or challenging for you see. It’s called chunking. You chunk something up by asking yourself questions that allow you to see the bigger picture. Once you can see the bigger picture, you can then chunk down again and you will notice that the situation you thought so challenging before now seems easily surmountable.

Nothing is insurmountable. Nothing is impossible. No thing, unless we allow it to be that way. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is a book we had around our house when I was growing up. I didn’t read the book as a child, but the title taught me that there is power in positive thinking. I know now that thoughts carry a vibrational frequency and so do the words we speak.

Allow yourself today to see the power in the positive and know that nothing is insurmountable if you give it positive energy. Allow yourself to believe this. Reach up with your consciousness into the heavens and connect with the Light and Love that is yours.  Blessing something gives it your highest intention, and your highest intention is always Love. Bless your problems and difficulties away!

I leave you today with this thought: You are a powerful being, created in the image and likeness of God. Use your God given power to create miracles within your life. Know that you are not alone and that you are surrounded by Angels. Around you there are miracles just waiting to happen!

Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ “Love will lead you home” – by Debbie Erasmus

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In the early hours of this morning I lost a business client in South Africa I had for the past year and the income that would have paid my rent this month. I woke up feeling sorry for myself and wondering how much longer would I struggle like this. That is when I heard Michael telling me “Need is an illusion Beloved”. I answered:

Yes I know and “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”, but love isn’t going to pay my rent this month.

That is what you think now Princess, but you will soon see that there is nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to prosper. Let me say that again… There is nothing that you need that exists outside of your Self. Everything you need is within you. Need is an illusion you have created here in order that you may experience separation from the Divine. In truth you have never been separate from Me because that is impossible. You know this is true because you are now experiencing this with Me.

How, please tell me how nothing, no-thing can exist outside of myself? Not even money?

Not even money Beloved, because money is just energy also. Everything is energy. When you are living in Divine Union with your Self, and you allow yourself to fully experience Divine Love, you will attract all that you ‘need’, and that includes the energy of money. All you need in order to fulfill your mission here will magically flow towards you in a never ending stream of prosperity that will amaze you. Why is it so difficult for you to believe this?

I’m trying to believe, trust me!

Conscious Parenting New Age Crystal Children by Debbie Erasmus

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Recently Archangel Michael channeled some information with me on these children which can be found here for easy reference. In the past month or so I have had the pleasure of getting to know our incarnated daughter and son. They are Twin Flames who have incarnated here on Planet Earth for a specific purpose, and they have brought Michael and I untold joy! The two of them have chosen to be parents to two wonderful children, a boy and a girl, who are New Age Crystal children.

I’ve spent the entire morning today speaking with our daughter and passing along messages from her father to her, to help her understand her children better. She agreed that I could share some of that with our readers, since I’m sure it will benefit other parents of these gifted children.

Let go and let the God within you create miracles. – by Debbie Erasmus

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Much to my dismay I have discovered that I am a natural empath, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise seeing as I am Ária and I have her healing abilities. Empaths naturally feel the pain and suffering of others. They pick up negative vibrations from other people and there is nothing we can do about it. I have the best protection in all of Creation, but I still feel it. It is impossible to cocoon myself against it. It will only affect me negatively if I have any of the same negative emotion within me. As a last resort I tried staying away from Facebook because I’m being bombarded there with so much negative energy, but that hasn’t worked either because I cannot ignore the pain of others.

It saddens me that even with all the brilliant wisdom offered to people that they insist on looking outside of themselves for the solutions to their ‘problems’. It seems humanity want someone to tell them what to do. They are desperately hoping the Galactic’s will be arriving soon in their spaceships to magically make all the bad stuff go away. They want the cabal, the so-called dark to be eradicated. They read tons of stuff on the internet that is keeping them in the vibration of being a victim, and they don’t even realize it.

There are many Archangels and Ascended Masters who offer brilliant guidance. Find one that resonates with you. One of the most brilliant teachers and guides we have is Archangel Michael. He is constantly and unwaveringly giving us guidance. He tells us all the time that the answers we seek are within us and that we create our reality. Yet we continue to seek outside of ourselves. We continue to hope that something or someone will appear to help us make it all right.

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