The Psychological Dark Side of Gmail

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Alternet - 12/29/13, Yasha Levine

Google is using its popular Gmail service to build profiles on the hundreds of millions of people who use it.


Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley recently announced that they had gotten together to form a new forward-thinking organization dedicated to promoting  government surveillance reform in the name of “free expression” and “privacy.”

The charade should have been laughed at and mocked — after all, these same companies feed on privacy for profit, and unfettered surveillance is their stock and trade. Instead, it was met with cheers and fanfare from reporters and privacy and tech experts alike. “Finally!” people cried, Silicon Valley has grown up and matured enough to help society tackle the biggest problem of our age: the runaway power of the modern surveillance state.

Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut

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Investment Watch - 12/30/13, Michael Snyder

Breaking Point

And the mainstream media will continue to tell all of us that “leaders” like Obama, Clinton, Reid, Boehner, McConnell and Pelosi can be trusted to get us out of this mess.

The American people need to stop having blind faith in the relentless propaganda that is being spewed at them through their televisions screens.  The pretty faces that you see “reporting the news” do not care about you and they are not watching out for your best interests.  Thecorporate-controlled news is highly scripted and it is pretty much the same whatever channel you turn to.  If you have any doubt that “the news” is scripted, just check out this video

Video and more: investmentwatchblog.com


Latvia reluctantly joins euro after shock therapy, but controversy rages on

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The Telegraph - 12/31/13, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The country has endured a 1930s-style depression and a drastic experiment in EU shock therapy with stoicism, abiding strictly to the terms of an EU-IMF bail-out

The tiny Baltic nation of Latvia is to join the euro on New Year's Day against the wishes of its own people, becoming the eighteenth and poorest member of monetary union five years after its economy crashed in flames.

The country has endured a 1930s-style depression and a drastic experiment in EU shock therapy with stoicism, abiding strictly to the terms of an EU-IMF bail-out.

More: telegraph.co.uk


Lost hooves, dead cattle before Merck halted Zilmax sales

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Reuters - 12/30/13, P.J. Huffstutter and Tom Polansek

Fog shrouds the Tyson slaughterhouse in Burbank, Washington December 26, 2013. REUTERS-Ross Courtney

Fog shrouds the Tyson slaughterhouse in Burbank, Washington December 26, 2013. Credit: REUTERS/Ross Courtney


(Reuters) - The U.S. beef industry's dependence on the muscle-building drug Zilmax began unraveling here, on a sweltering summer day, in the dusty cattle pens outside a Tyson Foods Inc slaughterhouse in southeastern Washington state.

The 17 animals had a factor in common, according to an examination of U.S. government documents and interviews with people who had direct knowledge of the events. In the weeks before the cattle were shipped to Tyson's slaughterhouse, outside the city limits of Pasco, all had been fed Merck & Co Inc's profit-enhancing animal feed additive, Zilmax.

Open Letter to Whistleblower Bradley Manning

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Source: karinllightworker.com - 12/01/13, Karin Lacy


Dear Bradley Manning;

My name is Karin Lacy; I am a Lightworker for America.

As part of my work I write Open Letters in which I document my life experience as a Lightworker. Each letter has a theme. I post my Open Letters on my website and also put them as chapters in my books.

Even though I don’t follow the mainstream media I did read the Reuters article on 8-21-13 with the headline: “U.S. Soldier Bradley Manning was sentenced on Wednesday to 35 years in a military prison for turning over more than 700,000 classified files to WikiLeaks in the biggest breach of secret data in the nation’s history.”

I had heard your story before but I didn’t know that you are already held in prison for three years.

Time to Learn About the Vaccine Hocus Pocus We All Should Be Privy To

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Natural Society, By: Christina Sarich, 12/30/2013

Getting acquainted with the smoke and mirrors strategy of Big Pharma and government can lead one down a very convoluted rabbit hole, but sometimes we have to take our heads out of the chemtrail clouds (that are actually being sprayed on us, literally,) and look at the evidence that mounts right under our noses. Though more individuals are seeing the downside to pharmaceutical solutions, raising awareness is ever more pressing with forced vaccinations coming our way.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com


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